I need your assistance concerning my blog

I need your assistance concerning my blog

Dear Readers and Friends,

For the last four years I have asked nothing from you, I was happy to post everything concerning Libya and the illegal war, adding more news from Occupied Libya plus the Middle East crisis. I truly believed that Libya’s conflict would have ended maximum in two years but I miscalculated the situation and it has gone on for four years. By being  put in this situation unfortunately I can not anymore financially support my blog. I have been told if I get over 400 email subscribers that would help me with advertisers posting advertising spots on my blog and I will be getting paid if this could be accomplished I would not need to shut down my blog.

I have refused to make you a paying member as I believe that the articles should be free for everybody to read. I can fully understand that all of us are financially troubled but I am not asking you for money only email subscription so that you can have an alternative media. Thanking you in advance for hearing me out and if you do subscribe thank you again as you will be helping a fellow human being to bring to you an alternative media.


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  1. Dear Blogger, you need to add a link to this excellent article showing how to subscribe…. Think I’m on your subscription list, but not sure…

    • If you go to the right column from the blog you will find “follow blog via email” neither am i sure if you have subscribed…

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