1. Yesterday it was announced that we are getting a new British Ambassador replacing Michael Aron who did not do such a good job, Mr. Aron believed that Badi (Libyan Dawn)the Gargour killer, Belhaj (Issis/Daesh/LIFG)MI6 asset and Haftar (Libya Dignity) CIA asset were good people and fighting for DEMOCRACY, Aaron forgot to mention that these good people are responsible for thousands of civilians deaths, thousands imprisoned, thousands tortured, rapped and finally killed or decapitated so their families could not collect them. Anyone who did not agree with their ruling were against their militia and they were labeled as criminals. Mr. Aron is being again degraded and is being sent to Sudan to do an even worse job than he did in Libya, good luck to the Sudanese people.  So now we are going to have a new ambassador, I am sure that Cameron has explained to the new ambassador that he has to insist to have the Muslim Brotherhood in the new government otherwise he will have failed like his predecessor. The unfortunate thing is that the UK do not understand it’s not up to the ambassador or their country in meddling into Libyan affairs and if they do not take the time to talk to the Honorable Tribes there is never going to be PEACE IN LIBYA. So lets congratulate the new ambassador don’t let his looks fool you he is ruthless, worked in Doha, Brussels, Greece, Cyprus and Jordan and now his being transferred to Libya. This is what he had to say: Commenting on his appointment as ambassador to Libya, Ambassador Millett said that the current crisis in Libya occupies great importance to the United Kingdom and Europe, and I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to international efforts to bring stability and security and the renewal opportunities prosperity to the Libyan people. He added that the presence of extremists and terrorists in Libya and continued fighting in which means the need to reach a political solution and the early formation of a national unity government to unite all Libyans behind one goal.

This to happen he has first to respect the will of the Libyan people talk to the Honorable Tribes and to assist the legal government to kick out the terrorists which his predecessor thought were good people, then we can discuss for unity.

He said the British ambassador that he hopes to re-open the British Embassy in Tripoli during the period of his service, and to address the issue of the reconstruction of the country in the future.

I am wondering does he mean that his country will pay the damages they did in Libya? Just asking?

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2. Negotiations between the tribe and the elders and notables Rishvana Janzur area, under the auspices of the Elders of the city Asbi’a and the presence of members of civil society organizations from the two regions and the imams and the Director of the Directorate of Security Janzur and Red Crescent Societies in Asbi’a. The two sides reached an agreement for the exchange of prisoners and the return of the bodies, adding that during the meeting to sign an agreement between the parties to the dispute by the elders and wise men of the two regions under the auspices of the Red Crescent Asbi’a. The city will  release detainees tomorrow Saturday morning, after the completion of the discussion of all details agreement for the safety of detainees from both sides.

“The Nomad” that the points of agreement reached states:

1. The release of all detainees between the parties
2. improve household transaction between two parties
3. The failure to arrest the absolute identity
4. Non-Aggression of property between public and private parties
He thanked “the Bedouin, and the delegations of the wise Basabah and Zintan and the Elders and Rishvana and Janzur, to their efforts to stop the bloodshed.


3. The common security room Tarhuna raise social cover all belong to what is known as the organization of the state (Daash) or al-Qaeda of the sons of Tarhuna or arrivals.

They said in the room during a meeting of the Municipal Council and the Council of Elders Tarhuna and the Shura Council and civil society institutions that they have agreed to the fight against the terrorist organizations and named them guilty of extremism and thought excommunicating.

They stressed the joint security room on the need to intensify efforts to bring security and stability in the city of Tarhuna and cooperation between state institutions to ensure the safety of citizens.

Saw Tarhuna city during the last few days terrorist operations, Militias belonging to “the dawn of Libya” kills 5 members of the Abyssinian family Petrhona and killed five of his family members in Alraya Twenty of last month, by the militias “Libyan Dawn” extremist belonging to the process blew Libya. You remember when Safira Deborah was complementing Libyan Dawn and that the 5 members who were killed in Tarhuna it was done by the Libyan army! yes that is how Safira Deborah sees things…

And ran out of the militia dawn, several assassination targeting leaders from the city of Tarhuna operations in the city of Tripoli, and on the back of their affiliation and support for the process and the dignity of the Libyan Parliament elected in the city of Tobruk.

The final statement of the meeting room for the first contrastive joint security operations Tarhuna Municipal Council
The final statement of the meeting room for the first contrastive joint security operations Tarhuna Municipal Council

4.General Commander of the Armed Forces Jamahiriya, the team’s first  completing preparations for the Libyan army militarily and on the ground to liberate the city of Benghazi announced.

In view of the current situation in Benghazi, has issued the Libyan Armed Forces General Command, a decree appointing Colonel Mohammad Abdali commanding military area of ​​Benghazi, as a prelude to ending the fighting in the city, announced by the House of Representatives stricken city.

The Libyan army forces regained control of the military police camp in Benghazi, located in the area of ​​al-Hawari, a few days after the control of the militias known as the council of Benghazi extreme on the security headquarters.

Furthermore, the Benghazi local council, called the members of the House of Representatives of the city, to hold a joint meeting as soon as possible, given the current situation through which the Benghazi, and witnessed the events still negative impact based on the level of services provided to its residents at all levels.

The city’s local council and asked the deputies to use their authority supreme authority of the interim government put in front of their responsibility to mitigate the crisis and the suffering of the population.




  1. …..”address the issue of rebuilding the country”…….
    translation: award big contracts to British companies to “rebuild” the country, once they get their hands on the oil revenues presumably.

    One shouldn’t judge by appearances I know but……sorry, there’s something not right about that face.

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