SO HASSI THE TAXI DRIVER FROM THE USA & LATER CIA ASSET WAS FIRED!!! Head of Islamist Tripoli government fired

SO HASSI THE TAXI DRIVER FROM THE USA & LATER CIA ASSET WAS FIRED!!! Head of Islamist Tripoli government fired

I am so sad, crying my eyes out for this great loss. How could the Islamist assholes fire the false prime minister Hassi at the age of 66 what will he do now? Does anyone know who the blip Hassi is? Let me inform you before I post the article from BBC a significant article while they were his backers for a long time. So Mr. Hassi claims that he was a political science lecturer at the University of Benghazi but does not explain when was that, when he was in exile for over 25 years in the United States and working as a TAXI DRIVER it seems his education wasn’t good enough to work in a University in the United States… So this NOTORIUS so-called Islamist who drinks alcohol decided along with Abdulhakem Belhaj, another “world renowned” terrorist and Al Qaeda leader, were the founders of the Islamic Armed Movement in 1993, better known as H.M.S.  This man Al Hassi is a known terrorist and yet the western allies and the US continue to speak with him like he deserves some kind of respect. You can see that from all western newspapers acknowledging him as a Prime Minister of Tripoli, really!!! How grand is that?

This man together with Belhaj are responsible for all the disasters that have happened in Tripoli since August 2014, they are holding hostage the capital of Libya just because the can and its done with the blessings of the UN/USA and the American Safira Deborah Jones.

So here is what I think has happened, Obama, Leon, Cameron and Hollande are exhausted in waiting for him to control the whole of Libya and especially the oil fields… most probably they have realized that the MB and its fraction does not have the power to take over and control the tribes like the Late Qaddafi. Europe is in a distress call over the Isis/Daesh gang taking a more important role in Libya which means that it is very easy to slip into Europe something England and France do not want although together with their counterpart Obama have financed it. So while reading all the articles about the sacking of Hassi the conclusion was that the islamic salvation shit came under pressure to fire Hassi and they presented with “the allegations he misled parliament about government finances.” This is not an allegation it is a known fact, all these so-called islamists have become multimillionaires all their money has been transferred abroad. Actually Abdulhakim Belhaj is the richest of them all he owns an airport, a small island, owns a liar jet, has his own security, finances a few militias these are the few things I can remember for this terrorist who is also in the Islamic salvation shit and has brought Libya on to its knees….. The allies(colonizers) are seeing that their dream is going up on flames and they are nowhere near their goal so they have to shuffle the cards and put new puppets who have the balls to extinguish every single Libyan citizen to their graves so that they can control an empty country. Enough with my ranting, despair of the loss of such a great man and on with the article.

Omar al-Hassi speaks during the funeral for slain Fajr Libya leader Saleh Al-Baraki at Martyrs" Square in Tripoli , Libya, 22 March 2015.

Omar al-Hassi was appointed head of Libya’s alternative government in August


The leader of one of Libya’s rival governments – backed by Islamists and based in Tripoli – has been sacked by its parliament, officials say.

Omar al-Hassi was appointed in August to lead an alternative government after Islamist militia seized the capital.

MPs voted to oust him on Tuesday following allegations he misled parliament about government finances.

Libya has been in turmoil since the Nato-backed removal of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The country has had two governments and parliaments since Islamist militia seized Tripoli in August and established the General National Congress (GNC) that was led by Mr al-Hassi. (At one point it say’s the recognized government and then goes on blabbing about 2 governments)

The seizure of Tripoli forced Libya’s existing and internationally recognised government to flee to the eastern city of Tobruk.

The rival parliaments have been holding UN-sponsored talks in Morocco in an attempt to end a period of lawlessness which many fear could strengthen militants allied to Islamic State.

GNC spokesman Omar Humeidan told reporters Mr al-Hassi was removed after an investigation revealed he had exaggerated the government’s revenues, amid complaints it could not afford to pay salaries.

“The head of the government was dismissed by the parliament in a vote on Tuesday that was backed by the rest of the ministers,” a member of the parliament told AFP.

One of his Mr al-Hassi’s aides, Khalifa Ghweil, has reportedly taken over as interim leader.


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