I WILL NOT REST TILL I SEE H.CLINTON BEHIND BARS HERE IS AN UPDATE: Gowdy demands Clinton face questions on emails by May 1

I WILL NOT REST TILL I SEE H.CLINTON BEHIND BARS HERE IS AN UPDATE: Gowdy demands Clinton face questions on emails by May 1

Personally I hold responsible Hillary cutthroat Clinton responsible for the illegal invasion in 2011 and for ordering the murder of the US Ambassador Stevens and three other American citizens. I don’t know if the Americans citizens know her past and the countless bodies she has left behind so that she could arrive eventually to the highest position of becoming the President of the United States. But this woman not only she is evil she has blood on her hands if we take in account of the time her hubby was the president we have Yugoslavia million of people killed, displaced and then balkanized just to steal the resources and divide the nations so they will not endanger the American species of Capitalism. Then you have Libya which Hillary pushed and shoved had tantrums in front of Obama, got in bed with J. Brennan who was the chief adviser of Obama and now is the Head of the CIA joining forces and explaining to the idiot president of the United States its time to get rid of Qaddafi as he does not serve our purposes and mainly he is not MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD how dare he to put MB’s in Jail how dare he to defy America’s orders? We have to get rid of him so we can balkanize Libya into three pieces so that the three super powers will get their piece. This Qaddafi person is a fox has outfoxed us many of times so we have to kill him and his family otherwise he will come and hunt us down. We will install the MB which is on our favor and they are so weak, thirsty for power and easily manipulated which serves our cause. I may have put all this in simple wording but that is how the scenario went about. The Late Stevens was a thorn to Brennan and Clinton’s eyes – he had a lot of evidence that could sent both to the firing squad for treason. They planned his murder and then the blamed it to the group of Al Shariah not that the group is innocent but it is under the payroll of the CIA… so they called their old friend Abdulhakim Belhaj and put everything into motion… its amazing that Hillbilly Clinton has erased all of her emails so nobody can charge her for treason but BENGHAZIGATE WILL BE HER DEATH… on with the article:

– The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Benghazi investigative committee on Tuesday formally requested that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton give a transcribed interview detailing her decision-making in determining which emails she turned over to the government and why she wiped her email server clean.

Chairman Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, made the request as the State Department began to divulge some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that she hid for years. One of the early messages contradicts her claim that she wanted to use a single electronic device for email.

Mr. Gowdy said Mrs. Clinton’s “unique arrangement with herself” — in which she claimed complete control of government business email — needs to be explained, and nobody other than Mrs. Clinton can do that.

The interview would be behind closed doors but would be part of the committee investigation’s record. A public hearing would be held once the select investigative committee has gathered all of the documents it believes it needs, Mr. Gowdy said in a letter to Mrs. Clinton’s attorney.

“We continue to believe Secretary Clinton’s email arrangement with herself is highly unusual, if not unprecedented,” he said. “The decision to delete these records during the pendency of a congressional investigation only exacerbates our need to better understand what the secretary did, when she did it, and why she did it. While she has cited a variety of justifications for this arrangement, many questions and details about the arrangement remain unanswered.”

Mr. Gowdy said the questions include why Mrs. Clinton refused a government-issued account and set up her own account and server; why she kept the emails herself rather than turning them over to the State Department when she left office in early 2013; and how she decided which of the 62,000 emails from her time in office she would delete, and which she would turn over.

The chairman also pointedly made clear that since the emails are under committee investigation, any action to destroy them would be illegal. He said that is why Mrs. Clinton must turn over her server to a neutral third party — a request Mrs. Clinton’s team has rejected, saying she already has complied with the law.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said Mrs. Clinton looks forward to a public hearing, but he didn’t address Mr. Gowdy’s request for a transcribed interview.

“Secretary Clinton already told the committee months ago that she was ready to appear at a public hearing. It is by their choice that hasn’t happened,” Mr. Merrill said. “To be clear, she remains ready to appear at a hearing open to the American public.”

The White House, which has tried to keep the Clinton email situation at arm’s length, waved off questions about the Benghazi committee’s request, saying it is up to Mrs. Clinton, who spokesman Josh Earnest made clear is no longer part of the Obama administration.

“If the committee makes a request and Secretary Clinton, in her capacity as a private citizen, decides that she wants to — once again — go above and beyond in terms of trying to provide them information and access, then that will be a decision for her to make,” Mr. Earnest said.

Mrs. Clinton said she used an email server she set up at her home in New York, and issued herself her own email address, because she wanted to use a single device and account for both personal and private mail. She has said she determined that about 30,000 of her 62,000 emails from her time in office were government-related, and in December — nearly two years after she left office — she turned those over to the State Department amid prodding by the Benghazi committee.

The emails she turned over amounted to 55,000 pages. The State Department said this week that it will take several months to process those emails because it needs to scan the pages to create digital files and then needs to run them by authorities to determine what can be released publicly.

In a court filing this week, the Obama administration said it wants to rush production of all of those emails online and rejected a request from a conservative legal group, Judicial Watch, for a quick turnaround on an open-records request.

The State Department didn’t apply that to all requests. The Associated Press reported Tuesday morning that the department had released four of Mrs. Clinton’s emails to the news organization — including one that showed Mrs. Clinton used an iPad in addition to her mobile phone for sending emails.

That contradicts one of Mrs. Clinton’s justifications for having a single account. The former first lady and potential Democratic presidential candidate told reporters in early March that she didn’t want to carry multiple devices.

Judicial Watch has multiple outstanding requests for Clinton emails. Its president, Tom Fitton, said the State Department has searched Mrs. Clinton’s emails in one of those requests and will divulge the results to the group Thursday.

“It is not a matter of playing favorites; it is a matter of further harming [through delay] our right to know under the Freedom of Information Act, which the agency has trashed,” Mr. Fitton said.


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  1. It’s exactly as we all suspected from the first: Stevens was assassinated because he knew too much. Just like 9/11, just like the Kennedy assassination, just like the African Genocide, just like all their other foul deeds, when these scumbags drag their feed and start hiding the zee papers, you know they are guilty as sin. Go ahead and hang them all., but hand this frigging piece of shit over to the Libyans to do with as they will, along with every piece of vile refuse responsible for all that happened to Qaddafi and Libya. Maybe they will be treated with similar respect as they treated him under their promises of safe passage.

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