Busting Ukraine Fakes (#2) – ‘Russian Elite Troops’ in the Ukrainian Army and Rob Pulse

The Truth Speaker

By Graham Phillips

Fullscreen capture 29032015 230350.bmpThere will be more to come on Rob Pulse, actually there’s enough for an entire series on Ukraine’s hapless, yet relentless propagandist – on Twitter since December 2010, with near 32,000 Tweets putting him as a 20+ a day Tweeter, yet since troubles in Ukraine, and Donbass began, much more active and even often double that a day now.

The first question about Rob would be, naturally, who is he? ‘Rob Pulse’, an invented named, used for his tag, his name ‘Silver Surfer’ taken from the Fantastic Four series of films. Rob thinks he’s an ‘investigate journalist’, yet the only record of his ‘investigate journalism’ – credit in a couple of hit-job pieces by notorious pro-Ukraine propaganda outlet The Interpreter.

Скриншот 25.03.2015 223404He’s actually called Rob Schultz, where he’s from is unknown – he lists his locations on Twitter as Miami and London, yet it’s unclear…

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