There is so much information in the media about death, bombings, terrorism,…every moment of the day  people listen and watch  it as it would be a film from Hollywood and they cannot realize the suffering of these people.
I believe that people need to know, meet, understand our country Libya, The culture, the sights, history, little personal stories, tribes,…to feel near and locate Libya in a part that will touch everybody’s heart.

We have already started this work through conferences, articles in medias, blogs, etc. and we have got answers from many people explaining how all this information opens their eyes and help them to understand the truth about what is really happening.

Our goal is to work in this line. We would like to make a net and work all together to write books about:

1. Customs law (tribal law) working together with Libyan Law. Listening to all the stories about how tribal law has been so useful in Libya to finish Sahara tribal fighting in theJ amahiriyah. I have already told some of these stories. We would like to write a book about how it has been working and explaining as many stories as we can because it’s the best way people can understand how it works.
2. Old Libyan tales: Old people used to tell stories to their children so as they could learn what is good and what is wrong through poetic or symbols stories.
3. Places cultural heritage of humanity: We have already done little books about Leptis Magna, Sabrata, Old Ghadames, Cyrene (Shahat) and Akakos old paintings. We would like to write as much as possible about Libyan old sights and their story.
4. Libyan tribe organization makes a very good social net that western countries want to delete because of our strength. People don’t know or understand the real meaning of Libyan tribes. We would like to talk about the history and stories of every tribe, also differences in wedding process or any other behavior specific.
5. We want to explain to the world through a book, that the last four years seen by normal Libyans, the history, feeling and situations they have been living. There will be many stories to talk about that will touch the heart of every human being.
6. Libyan cooking
We ask all Libyans who share our idea, to send us as much information as they can or links where we can get it.
We are looking for the tales that old people can tell us, the recipes of real Libyan food from north, south, east or west of Libya, from Basin to fish on the fire, old people stories about their own tribe, how anyone of you remember that a difficult law situation have been resolved through the old people of the tribes involved in the problem.
Anybody who help we will write his or her name on the book.
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  1. Extremely important work in four areas, (not necessariy in this order):
    1. Important for people outside to be able to touch the living, breathing humanity of Libyan people, the diversity of the culture, and especially the tribes. (Through the long-term demonisation of Gaddafi, unfortunately, a terrible brain-washing took place that allowed people to “disconnect” from their and their fellow human-beings humanity and, (by imposition of psychopathic mindset) passively consent to atrocities otherwise unthinkable This would surely help to re-establish the human to human connection of in positive ways – bypassing the psychopathic agenda.

    2. The tribal systems I believe would be OF GREAT INTEREST to many who are NOW seeking functional systems of self-governance – particularly as the West is I believe on the precipice of a colossal financial and social meltdown which will bring an end to the systems of governance we have known so far………….. where we go after this is uncharted territory. We had better figure it out quickly as “they” have their own NWO plans, and its nothing that will benefit any of us. A bit of humility is in order here – we need to LEARN from the tribes who have been doing this for a very long time.

    3. As huge numbers of Libyans are fleeing as refugees…….and will, of necessity, have to adapt to the cultures of host countries, it is inevitable that the cultural cohesion and will be eroded. This fact is not lost on the invaders, since it is one of their goals. The vital energy of a nation is in its shared culture and history, by weakening the culture they dissipate its strength, like a parasite that sucks the vitality out of a host organism. The movement you suggest would maintain and strengthen that unique vitality, cohesiveness and integrity of Libyan culture in all its beauty and diversity.

    4. This work must be passed on to the children of Libya, and through it, they will be able to retrieve, cherish and value the cultural legacy that was their original birthright before the “rat-culture” appeared.

    Sorry for the very long post. Wonderful project! Looking forward!!

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    This is a very good idea, and there are many people in the west who would like to know about these things. We do not agree with Sharia law, however. You have been deceived by a very evil man, and he has admitted that himself. You have all misjudged the west, for we too are fighting for our freedom from the same ones that oppress you. Many of us are Christians, who seek and treasure all truth and treasure the rights of all people to be free and have their own nations and live their own lives. Our Lord Jesus said: “You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free.” These are the words I live by. The murder of Qadaffi was a terrible evil. I did not like or agree with much he did–but the evil done to him was unforgivable and showed a far greater evil than any exhibited by Mommar Qaddafi.

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