Statement of the Council of the Great Werfalla Tribe of Bani Walid

Statement of the Council of the Great Werfalla Tribe of Bani Walid

by JoanneM


As the official spoke person for the Great Tribes of Libya, I am proud the confirm the following:

Yesterday the council of the Werfalla tribe met and issued a formal statement:

” The Great Werfalla tribe claims allegiance to no government in Libya at this time. The Great Werfalla Tribe recognizes that the country of Libya is currently under military control and there will be no government until there is a government that is inclusive of all the Libyan people.”

The largest tribe in Libya is the Great Werfalla tribe. The Werfalla Tribe makes it’s home in the city of Bani Walid southeast of Tripoli.

It should be noted that the Werfalla tribe has never been under the rule of the NATO rats nor has it ever been under the control of the radical Islamic mercenaries (foreigners) illegally occupying Libya. That list includes, Libya Dawn militias, Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the corrupt mafia called the GNC (General National Congress), ISIS or any other invader of their country.

The Werfalla tribe like 96% of all Libyans are against radical Islamists, they have never allowed these psychopaths into their beautiful valley. The city of Bani Walid sits in a deep valley and is protected by a group of mountains. Even in 2012, when the criminals from Misurata came and attacked their city with illegal weapons and gas, they did not surrender.

God bless the Great Werfalla tribe and I thank them for making clear the real situation of Libya for all Libyans and the world.

The Libyan army and the military council of the Libyan tribes is underway cleaning their country as I write this. The country of Libya does not need or want the UN or the US interfering in their country. It was the US and the UN who brought this tragedy to Libya, they would never trust them to negotiate or help bring peace, they are the enemies of their beloved country.