Libyan government warns West of cowardice in the Libyan army support

Libyan government warns West of cowardice in the Libyan army support

الحكومة الليبية تحذر الغرب من التخاذل في دعم الجيش الليبي

The interim Libyan government asked the international community to lift the arms embargo on its army and its support in the war against terrorism.

And denounced the government, in a statement released by Wednesday, what is described as “feeble attitude” to the international community about the suffering of the Libyan people who “resist valiantly terrorist groups, outlaw ethical and human values,” according to the statement.

The statement warned the governments of Europe and the world of “the consequences of inaction in the army and its support to support the elimination of extremist organizations by providing weapons.”

The government’s statement came after Libya’s delegate to the Arab League, Juma Borchad statements, on Tuesday, on the opposition of some state on the Arab draft resolution on lifting the arms embargo on the Libyan government emanating from the House of Representatives forces so that they can perform their tasks in the face of terrorism.

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