$1 million of secret CIA cash intended for Afghanistan ended up with Al-Qaeda – report

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Osama bin-Laden.(Reuters / Stringer) Osama bin-Laden.(Reuters / Stringer)

Around $1 million of CIA money given to Afghanistan via a secret fund was reportedly used in 2010 to pay the ransom for an Afghan diplomat held by Al-Qaeda.

Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in 2008 while he was the Afghan consul general in Peshawar, Pakistan, just weeks before he was due to begin his new post as Kabul’s ambassador in Pakistan, the New York Times reported. He was eventually handed to Al-Qaeda.

His release came two years later once Afghanistan paid Al-Qaeda $5 million in ransom. A fifth of that ransom came from a monthly-cash fund set up by the CIA, NYT reported.

At the time of the ransom payment, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden worried that the CIA money had a tracking device implanted in it, or it was poisoned or irradiated, according to NYT. He asked for the money be converted to…

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