Terrorist Salah al Burki Dead in Tripoli

Terrorist Salah al Burki Dead in Tripoli



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Salah al Burki – killed yesterday by the Libyan army and the Great Tribes of Libya. Mark one up for the good guys!

Salah al Burki- whose real name is Saleh Omran al Burki and was head of the military council for the area of Abu Salim and its suburbs – from the city of Tripoli. He actual command for most of the Brigades – militias. In Tripoli so-called militia gangs, receive guidance from the Salah al Burki, a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group(LIFG), A radical Islamic group started by the now famous al Qaeda leader, Abdulhakem Belhaj. Al Burki was a prisoner at Guantanamo and Abu Salim. He was a well known fighter in Afghanistan and was known there as Alqunba – He had a brother had died in Abu Salim prison in 1996 – named Abdul Hakim al Burki who fought in Afghanistan and also had a nickname there, Abu Ayyub. He was arrested upon his return to Libya coming from Afghanistan in the year 1989.

The UN is beside itself and so is the US Ambassador, how could the Libyan army go into Tripoli and start to remove the illegal mercenaries and terrorists placed there by THEM?

Shocking and not acceptable for the Libyan people to have a say how their country is run and who runs it, why this is just not acceptable!

The Zionist UN representative is beside himself. Well, let me say this for the Libyan Tribes: Bernadino Leon can go back where he came from – SPAIN. He does not speak for the Libyan people, he knows nothing about Libyan culture or what the Libyan people want. What he does know about is the Muslim Brotherhood to which he is a member.

So, scratch him and his talking head. Deborah Jones is a stupid woman who is actively supporting radicals in Libya. She is so far away from understanding anything about Libya she might as well be on the moon, scratch her talking head too.

Omar al Hassi the self proclaimed leader of Tripoli, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islamist, and terrorist, only is allowed to stay in Tripoli by the force of the criminal gangs that he controls with stolen money.

He is a room temperature IQ would be taxi driver who made his way into Libyan politics by force. 95% of all Libyans hate radical Islamists and refer to them as rubbish.

So Mr. “Taxi Driver” rubbish you do NOT represent the Libyan people, you are a criminal and you are in place by force of mafia, soon you will find yourself in the dustbin of history along with all your radical Zionist buddies.

It should be noted that Omar al Hassi (ex-taxi Driver and self appointed leader in Tripoli), Bernadino Leon (UN Rep) and Deborah Jones (US Ambassador to Libya) are all part of the Zionist criminal cabal that destroyed Libya (illegally) and wants to keep Libya completely destabilized and under their control.

They are all liars and manipulators. They do not speak for the Libyan people who know exactly who those people are and what they want.

The Libyan people and the great tribes of Libya can speak for themselves, they are not children and they do not need the help of any outside group.

The Libyans own an 8000 year old culture, they understand how their country works, they know who their enemies are and they could care less what the UN or the US or some ex-taxi driver “Muslim Brotherhood” terrorist thinks!

God Speed the Libyan army and the Great Tribes of Libya as they clean the evil from their country.

Video: The Libyan citizens welcoming the Libyan army into Tripoli, taken by a Libyan citizen



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