Why the US Declared War on Russia

Out Of The Brambles

The reasons why the US declared war on Russia, via Ukraine, are very simple to explain…

…Because the ‘reasons’ stem from very simple minded – nay ignorant – predator mindsets:
The US is desperate to try and counteract the rising power of China, the BRICS and the economic coalition the BRICS are building with the rest of the world.
( F2L  Note:  The rise of the BRICS Organization of States Coalition was a move of self-preservation in itself. A move that had to be accomplished to counteract the ever present, and very real threat of predatory Western Global Expansionism, led by predatory Corporate US Military whores taking orders from Kissinger, Brzezinski and the CFR  )
Attacking Russia and replacing Putin via regime change in a color revolution was seen as a far easier option than attacking China’s increasing power directly.
The US has been pissed at Putin ever since he…

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