Immigration: Europe’s Dirty Business

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By: Katarzyna Nazarewicz

Refugees risking their lives to reach Europe

Enough with the romanticism already…

Dying to Get Here

Europe is the fastest aging region of the world badly needing to attract skilled immigrants from beyond its borders in order to boost the economy and overcome the growing opposition from the rise of right-wing populist political parties.

The top three powerhouses – Germany, Spain and Poland – will witness the crumbling of their economy inflicted by the ever so declining population. According to Eurostat, Germany’s 82 million citizens will drop down to 75 million by 2050, and unless Germany decides to invest in its immigrants, the country will undoubtedly face serious labour constraints.  Nevertheless, many of the European countries still picking up from the recession are driven by false conceptions about demographic realities influenced by anti-immigration political pomposity. The likes of Nigel Farage in Britain or Marine Le Pen in…

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