Statement of the People’s National Movement Libyan dialogue about the Geneva meeting.

Statement of the People’s National Movement Libyan dialogue about the Geneva meeting.

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About the Geneva dialogue session held from / 16 / to / 17. 01.2015

Statement Libyan people’s National Movement


Libyan National Popular Movement around a dialogue session held in Geneva from 16 to /17.01.2015, Congress see recommendations of a dialogue session held in Geneva from 16 to / 17. 01.2015, which included a prominent Libyan members of Parliament whom he enrolled him in whom it has sections, as well as some members of the so-called Transitional Council and former members of a group (94) expired National Congress as well as some other characters from militias that represent the dawn of Libya.

Some of the issues addressed in this statement is the urgent human rights and humanitarian issues such as prisoners and hostages and prisoners in secret prisons and that cannot be addressed by only concern or urge the media, but the need to call for an urgent investigation and referral of the accused to domestic and international criminal investigation and the immediate release of all those arrested and detained. In the absence of intentional parties the task of representing the broad spectrum of the Libyan people of direct relevance to the problem of political, security and human rights of the political organizations of the opponents of the regime and the tribes and cities of Libyan opposition to this regime, which has been completely excluded from the political system may have been in the absence of the national army leaders a clear role and in the fight against terrorism, extremism, militias. It also shows the observer’s field position to the armed conflict between the armed forces and security forces and the militias of armed operations named Dawn, Sunrise, and Qaswarah Libya. Libya at the time of the national army is excluded, we find that from this dialogue between parties who are active leaders of the outlawed militias or linked with a direct link, and the aim float these groups and armed militias, money laundering crimes in killing the Libyans and the burning and destruction of the country’s infrastructure of airports and universities to oil installations and urban displacement. And they already are aiming through this moves to, as instrument and forgiveness gives this forum to impunity and extreme privation in the political process through dialogue, and Wade civil political action via the coupling between democratic elections and terrorize and take care of the representative of the United Nations and some Western ambassadors in an attempt to revive the project of political Islam in the region, even at the cost of blood and at the expense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity and social and civil reconciliation, and at the expense of the security and stability of the States of Neighbour’s borders and other regions, plus more importantly, to foil the armed forces and security services efforts in the fight against terrorism, so that it is through these steps to save these gangs facing defeats successive siege in several regions, and will give them this work a new opportunity to manoeuvre and recover our breath and realize the moral gains by converting defeat in front of the armed forces and security services to another form of adjustments and provides a safe exit and save them from the accountability and help  them to impunity under new names, such as naming a substitute for naming armour Brotherhood, notorious pariah popularly National Guard ..

 These data confirm the people’s national movement on the following:

– First: in order to achieve the Geneva dialogue goals and ambitions that are looking masses of the Libyan people have the freedom and stability and rebuild state institutions and law, it requires the presence of all the political parties and social and tribal forces and human rights organizations and humanitarian different backgrounds and visions political movement have noticed the absence of the opposition components of February, and which as mentioned above constitute the majority of the Libyan people and that can not be to the success of this dialogue, the absence of significant political parties, which are limited to: – 

  1. Political organizations opposed to February and the resulting.

  2. Representatives of the Libyan tribes and cities.

  3. Humanitarian organizations and civil society organizations concerned with the displaced and displaced people and prisoners and missing persons.

  4. Independent national figures known for their patriotism and neutrality, which we consider participation in this dialogue, a key factor to make it a success.

– Secondly: We found this statement has no basis and no clear mechanisms for it, but merely that this dialogue will go in accordance with the principles of the so-called system of the revolution February 17, and if the principles and mechanisms of Feb.17 made us to arrive to the now, which requires consensus first on the foundations of the interlocutors and mechanisms for dialogue enables interlocutors from drawing a road map leading to the restoration of security and stability and the rebuilding of State institutions and defeat terrorism widespread throughout Libya, this command is Very important the interlocutors agreed before engaging in this dialogue. The basis for the dialogue is Libya, independence and the right of the people of Libya in security, stability and self-determination, and to choose the political system freely chosen.

– Third: Before thinking about any operational or political mechanisms, this dialogue should come for radical solutions lead to a ceasefire and the withdrawal of weapons and the withdrawal of the militants and bring an end to all armed actions in the country because no effective political process succeed as long as the weapons is not the management and control of the formal institutions of the country.

– Fourth: To be by consensus and any operational mechanisms and address the problem of militias and avoids any actions leading to float and impunity for the crimes against the nation and its citizens that impunity would undermine security and stability in any future opportunity.

– Five: Considering that the Libyan Parliament elected from the fraction of the Libyan people, is the authority entrusted with the legislation and the formation of the Government and all State institutions, judicial and Executive should repeal all legislation by community which led to congestion and imposed by force of arms on National Conference expired, such as the law of political isolation and the law and the law of custody.

– Six: Can not create a positive political atmosphere in the presence of tens of thousands of detainees held in secret and public prisons outside the authority of the state of the missing and the martyrs and the thousands who did not know their loved ones from them all, the urgent need for interlocutors to take urgent decisions to liquidate this legacy and the release of all detainees, and when the judiciary to comply with them by mistake in the right home to accounting and of all parties.

– Seven: The culmination of all these procedures after a confidence-building between the parties by consensus among all parties in the House of Representatives to form a national unity Government of all parties in a balanced manner, the initial functions and substantially implement the dialog during the time outputs agreed upon the return of stability to the country proceeds with the specific tasks which the compliance management among all parties on the Constitution that meets the aspirations of the Libyan people in freedom and democracy, justice and equality as the Government installed the pillars of security and stability. By reorganizing and restructuring the military and security bodies and institutions the police, broadcast and handle all grievances and reparations on a broad cross-section of citizens over the years and dealing with economic problems and issues of basic services to the citizen and crowning it all to launch the political process by deciding a permanent or national charter.

– Eight: Notice of motion to the head of the United Nations Mission for vision aims to urgently form a national unity Government without the national climate as mentioned earlier with confined conflicting dialogue in February and alerted the United Nations mission head movement that continue to this methodology will lead to aggravate things and possibly sliding into chaos and all-out civil war could be avoided, if the response to the motion methodology in this statement which primarily include dialogue to all political factions and gradually Implementing a dialog output steadily and gradient in the implementation of the dialogue output is steady steps and careful.

Glory to the martyrs and freedom for the homeland

PNM Libya

Date: 27 Spring first


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