Media Blackout after US ally becomes leader of ISIS in Libya

Media Blackout after US ally becomes leader of ISIS in Libya

by Kyle Rogers

belhaj_mccain_libya_terrorists_John McCain and Lindsey Graham with the leader of the Libyan branch of isis.


Abdelhakim Belhadj is an ex-Taliban commander, who trained Arab volunteers to fight Americans, that became a US sponsored Jihadist leader during America’s 2011 war against Libya. Despite his background, John McCain and Lindsey Graham publicly endorsed him.

After the fall of Gaddafi, he became the leader of the Tripoli Military Council. With US support he was slated to be the head of the future Libyan military.

By 2013, he was leader an coalition of Jihadist fighters in seizing control of urban areas and imposing sharia law. His coalition includes the group that publicly lynched the former US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi.

Now, credible sources in the intelligence community say Abdelhakim Belhadj has been formerly made the leader of isis in Libya.

The Washington Times ran a story on it. Fox News and Glen Beck’s The Blaze has run little blurbs. RT is the only media outlet I have seen that actually reported on it and showed the photo of McCain and Graham with Belhadj.

In the Arab world it is a major news story.

There is a media blackout. The United States played a direct and pivotal role in the creation of isis in Libya.

Libya under Gaddafi before US sponsored Jihad:

1) Number one economy in the entire continent of Africa
2) Highest average standard of living in the entire continent of Africa
3) Growing job market across multiple sectors
4) Recently normalized relations with many European countries
5) Italy was subsidizing new interstates in exchange for Libyan support in curbing illegal immigration into Europe
6) Libya was actively providing foreign aid to several of the poorest countries in Africa.
7) Government actively at war with Sunni Jihadists since September 2001.

Libya after US sponsored Jihad:

1) Failed states with a half dozen factions actively at war with each other
2) Tribal, ethnic, and racial warfare
3) Collapse of the economy
4) Massive arsenal of looted weaponry used to jump-start Jihad in Mali and Nigeria.
5) Thousand of US sponsored fighters now members of ISIS
6) Major cities now occupied by radical Jihadists and under harsh sharia law.


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