Libya .. rupture geography and a power struggle

Libya .. rupture geography and a power struggle

Was launched at the Conference Palace in the Moroccan city of Skhirat parties Libyans meetings to discuss a cease-fire, disarmament and that three years after the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

Libya .. a new raid on the Mitiga airport in Tripoli

After about three years, the so-called spring Libya and the spread of regional and tribal conflicts, which opened the civil wars threatened the collapse of the state and its institutions parties Libyans went to Marrakech to trace solution and fingers are still on the trigger. The battles continue in parallel with the dialogue table and continue to murder and power struggles, oil and land.

Specialists know that the art of negotiation of controlled on the ground more, has the strongest papers to negotiate where is the substrate geopolitical Libyan interlocutors?

Can be divided into the key players of the Libyan Parliament internationally recognized strike force of his troops, retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, but a second party represented the National Conference of the Libyan General (which is the outgoing parliament).

First team controlled large areas because of political influence and weight of parliament is in Tobruk, and a brigade of lightning, and civil Qaqaa of the city of Zintan.

The federal and Cyrenaica, led Aljdharan army commander, who demanded that the territory be gently federal troops has control over the oil fields and export ports to force the National Congress on what they say is a fair distribution of wealth and sovereignty.

Mahmoud Jibril and established the former head of the Executive Office of the Council of the Transitional National Forces Alliance during the Revolution and the coalition includes 58 parties.

Tribes have announced Rishvana and Tarhuna and Zintan and Oravlh as well as the city of Zliten in western Libya full support for Haftar.

The other party fitted nice variety of strengths such as General National Congress and the transitional government in Tripoli moderate Islamist armed battalions, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the cities of Mount group private Amazigh areas Nafusa, in addition to the city of Misratah and possesses a huge military capability and battalions each of the “Ruff God Alshaty” and “seventeenth of February,” and “Omar Mukhtar” and “Martyrs of Free Libya” and “supporters of urticaria

This scene Almichzi to Ibiavhm must return to the history of the seventeenth of March 2010 when the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1973, the judge imposed several sanctions on Gaddafi’s government, the most important of a no-fly zone over Libya and organizing armed attacks against its air force to obstruct their movement and prevent them from flying in Agua

Here completed the disaster opened Libya page and the ensuing My Iraq and Afghanistan. Most probably, the promises of democracy fade with the first strike fighter Ojneph penetrate sovereign airspace for homelands.

Morocco talks: last chance before the Libyans

With the intensification of the field battles between the parties and the Libyans on their land, politicians are busy in their dialogue Moroccan city of Skhirat, in an effort to get out by ending the crisis.

Outline of the dialogue under the auspices of UN, between representatives of the General National Congress, the Council held in Tobruk House of Representatives, to develop a comprehensive agreement, looking at:

– The security file

– Ceasefire

– The creation of mechanisms to regulate the army

Broad trends of the ongoing dialogue under the auspices of UN in Tobruk

While the question of forming a national unity government remains seesaw issue between progress and regression, while said about the agreement on the creation, spin differences on the names to be formed in.

Criteria for selection of chairman and members of the government

According to media reports from sources close to the dialogue that the two sides may discuss the formulation of a written agreement defines the criteria for selecting the chairman and members of the government, which was nominated, including the following:

– The nomination of the names of the parties to take ministerial portfolios dialogue

– Can not afford a candidate personalities another nationality to the Libyan side

– Not belonging to any political movement

– Not to be the candidate of the members of the House of Representatives or the National Congress

It also entrusted the discussions as well, to determine the form of consensual government, duration and validity and the number of ministerial her luggage.

Retired Major General Khalifa Haftar

The most sensitive point, perhaps she will play the role that retired Major General Khalifa Haftar.

Representatives of the General National Congress

Libyan delegation will return to Marjaitema to consult on what it negotiated in Skhirat, before whichever is again travel to Morocco in the event of disagreement Hsmanma.

UN envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon

Emerged in the hope of a breakthrough to end the Libyan conflict, has emerged clearly in an interview with the UN envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon, when he preached that Morocco talks were making progress in the file cabinet and security arrangements.

Supreme coordinated foreign policy of the European Union Federica Mogerena

While European support was evident in the upper coordinated foreign policy of the European Union’s remarks Federica Mogerena, which has not ruled out sending a team to Libya to monitor the ceasefire or infrastructure protection that succeeded Skheirat talks.

As there are in Libya, there is the view that the borrowed field, to coincide with the ongoing dialogue, aims to achieve the imposition of the facts become the spoils of the dialogue can not be brought.

Libya .. Czech and Austrian among the missing in an attack on an oil field

Alganaalent field and the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saturday, March 7 / March that the Czech Republic is among several foreigners missing after an armed attack on the Ghanaian oil field in Libya.

The ministry said in a statement that the fate of the Czech citizen is unknown since the attack on Friday, and an Austrian among the missing.

The statement said the crisis committee was formed comprised Czech Prime Minister Boslav Sobotka and intelligence agencies met to discuss the issue and delegates representing the Foreign Ministry will arrive in the region at the earliest.

This confirmed the Libyan oil installations guard device to restore control of the field after the attack, which killed seven guards.