2nd UPDATE (IMPORTANT!!! INFO from Alfred) !!!!! Belgian MP Literally Says “F*ck You” To NWO In Stunning Parliamentary Speech MUST SEE VIDEO

Please publish this and distribute widely!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

2nd UPDATE:  

Jean Hi! The aftermath of this speech is such that Laurent Louis and his party Debous les Belges DLB were so targeted by the Rothschild-Zionist-pedophile-Belgian monarchy-NSA that he was put on illegal trial in violation of his Parliamentary immunity in a sealed court in the middle of Brussels and in star chamber sentenced to 20 years (suspended sentence) and 50,000 EURO fine. Laurent and his young wife and infant child were targeted ruthlessly by the Belgian/NWO apparatus and Laurent is presently in political exile in France with Debous Les Belges in shambles.

Melanie Vritschan who ran for the Belgian Parliament on the DLB ticket with Laurent is now facing imminent assassination 

Please can your readers help expose this and support Melanie as well?

Please publish this and distribute widely! 

UPDATE: This interview exposes the Transhumanist Agenda (implanting mothers to steal their children) connection to the pedophile and…

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