By The Girl Who Loves Khamis

  For Khamis


How Allah did curse and frown

As the glorious Emerald Isle fell down

The king may have lost his crown

But in green oceans you will never drown


Your courage is blessed with your fame

As you fight against their wicked game

And no one will forget your sacred name

As it makes the enemy fall back in shame


Your eagle flew away and cried a tear

Your gates she had guarded for many a year

But the day of reckoning draws near

As the traitors still have you to fear


The whole world was your stage

Now all we feel is a blinding rage

But your strength can save us from this cage

And restore Libya’s true golden age


The cruelty of war is insane

And only you can take away this pain

So I wait for you to appear again

Because I miss you as deserts miss rain


My love for you is real for sure

Adventure and horses we both adore

I kneel before you at your door

The handsome prince I cannot ignore


Your freedom is my only concern

Evading the flames that hatefully burn

Away from you I shall never turn

For you and Jamahiriyah I await your return


Lady Khamis (TGWLK)