Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (24/01/2014): Popular Insurrection across Libya and NATO, U.S. commit another genocide using Sarin gas against the defenseless population

Popular Insurrection across Libya and NATO, U.S. commit another genocide using Sarin gas against the defenseless population

Message from the people of the South and the masses of the Libyan people:

Honest nation as a whole, from East to West, in the center and south. 

During those glory days , when the awakening of the nation to regain the right to honor and dignity, which were stolen by evil and aggression by clique of traitors and puppets honor and conscience. We, as promised, we are blood sacrifice for the sake of victory over the invading colonialist tyranny
We would like to assure the overall security in southern areas established in Sabha – Shati – Ubari – Murzuq – Gath 

We have expressed their opposition to subjugation, marginalization and deprivation of rights and we will not contact with new theft and have already confirmed several previous calls and often young people of these areas have formed a movement that rejects all, it was a daily practice at the time of trouble, in 17February, and disclaim their marginalization, murder and robbery honest people and hate their view on the basis of the difference in the color of our black skin  racist -.

We will not be slaves, and we will fight to the last breath, and will fight any force that tries to make us, especially in those cities where the puppets still use power, will be the relentless war for those who have tempted to the southern population to go to the bow again and again to experience the slavery practices of its puppet government in occupied cities, as the destruction of Bani Walid, which was through [two sieges]. Now killing children in Al Adzhelate and Vershavyana and Western cities.

Sabha this injustice practiced systematically in other areas declared war, as they deserve, and soon, and has already seen .. You have been warned.

The victory is near, but patience than one hour …

* Resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs “Libya” in protest against the new genocide and what is happening in the country with bloodshed and civilians with bombs. He is accompanied by 5 other ministers fearful of being eliminated as traitors dogs to the motherland also waive, 4 day ago the Minister of Industry was settled by traitor in Sirte.

* Reporting new genocide in Libya: criminal gangs ruling in serving Libya NATO and the U.S. are using mustard gas in its bombing in the south and east of Tripoli, come the report from Al Zahra hospital doctors certifying the infestation of innocent civilians

* The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy to surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.

* Intelligence reports arrive from the Green Resistance that reveal that NATO through its de facto government in Libya are  paying 12 thousand dinars per Mercenaries and Traitors to fight against the Resistance.

Jamihiriya Forces release within Sabha airbase they captured quantities of military holdings and armored vehicles which today are used in the defense of liberated areas.

* Commands Tuareg entrance to the city of Sabha to participate in editing and secured

* Children and civilians from the Warfalla tribe were murdered by mercenaries and militias during the bombing from NATO  and the U.S. by air and land.

Murders of civilians, of the children and women in Rishvana carried out by the militias shields

Dr. Shakir talks about the latest developments from southern Libya

– Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel, talks about the progress of the Green Resistance

– Syria – Libya: Demonstration of solidarity with the Libyan resistance against the UN headquarters in Syria.

– Derna:  a tank was destroyed by the Resistance and many armored vehicles were captured rats “rebels” who refused to surrender were put to the sword

The Battle for liberation of Libya

– Sabha:  rats serving NATO and the U.S. settled for joy of these miserable Libyan people who no longer will cause more pain and destruction in Libya.

– Tripoli: It’s reported of two loud explosions that have rocked the capital after intense clashes so far at least 50 dead, over 185 injured in fighting east of Tripoli.

– Derj: On the border southwest of Tripoli 11 deaths allegedly between Zintan militias and tribesmen Garamna.

– The face of criminal “the de facto Government from NATO in Libya”

Can anyone imagine that  people voluntarily choose to be with a man who has a different nationality to their own country? Especially a person of one of the countries that are bombing them, attacking, destroying, killing …

I think seeing your passport is further proof of lies under which we live in the West regarding the “humanitarian aid” to Libya. He is a dirty liar with unscrupulous job.

This man does not work for the Libyans, it would be his duty as if it were actually the Libyan Prime Minister, works for the aggressor countries, to ensure the signing of contracts, the entry of Western troops, and yet always with the help of Al Qaeda, Islamic extremists and mercenaries to do the dirty work.

Many will say that the world has always been so. Well, it is true that there has always been bad people, psychopathic murderers and such, but it is also true that many cultures have developed and grown without torture, steal and kill. 

How is it possible that with so many international laws, many humanitarian organizations and theoretically reconciling theory however this is the bad people you have in your hands to follow his interests above the lives of millions of people?

Universities licensed to thousands of journalists each year and yet the truth has so few who are able to say it.

How can you despise the wisdom of the elders and placed in our inept governments who have no language skills to be able to relate internationally, as it is required?.

From my view at this time it seems the world learns how to kill more, like to cheat more, as more and are not used to manipulate the experience, history, scientific knowledge for a better world. NO ONE would live MUCH BETTER BUT ALSO WOULD BE MUCH CHEAPER AND EASY.

* The commander of the Italian Air Force died in a helicopter crash, participated in the bombing of innocent people in Libya in 2011.