Syrian Girl Forced Into Sex Jihad – Must Show The World – [English Subs]

Syrian Girl Forced Into Sex Jihad – Must Show The World – [English Subs]


Syrian Girl Forced Into Sex Jihad Testifies


A Syrian girl who escaped from being forced into ‘Sex jihad’ with rebel forces in Syria testifies about her horrific experience.


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  1. That’s so INCREDIBLY BRAVE for a devout Islamic girl to make any sort of public declaration about rape and Sex Jihad. It’s appalling that fathers and mothers in Syria are so culturally destabilized that they would tolerate such a powerful violation of social requirements for modesty. That’s proof “Jihad’ is destroying Islamic society at its most fundamental levels.

  2. ‘Sex Jihad’ and Other Lies: Assad’s Elaborate Disinformation Campaign.
    “In late September, 16-year-old Rawan Qadah appeared on Syrian TV and gave a detailed account of how she had to sexually satisfy a radical insurgent. After the Tunisian interior minister stated that young women from his country were traveling to Syria for sex jihad — and having sex with 20, 30 and even up to 100 rebels — the story started to make headlines in Germany, as well. In Germany, the websites of the mass circulation Bild newspaper and Focus magazine have titillated readers with articles about this supposed “bizarre practice.”
    One prime example is the legend of orgies with terrorists: The 16-year-old presented on state TV comes from a prominent oppositional family in Daraa. When the regime failed to capture her father, she was abducted by security forces on her way home from school in November 2012. During the same TV program, a second woman confessed that she had submitted to group sex with the fanatical Al-Nusra Front. According to her family, though, she was arrested at the University of Damascus while protesting against Assad. Both young women are still missing. Their families say that they were forced to make the televised statements — and that the allegation of sex jihad is a lie.

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