Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (10 to 23/08/2013): Anarchy and looting of the “democrats” imperialists justifies the actions of the Green Resistance

Anarchy and looting of the “democrats” imperialists justifies the actions of the Green Resistance

Tripoli : Kilani Finance Minister Abdul Karim said that this month will be a budget deficit due to low oil production almost 70% 1,300 million dinars, which will affect wages and various sectors of the country.

* A powerful explosion rang out on the road to the airport in the capital Tripoli, according to witnesses, it was a truck carrying fuel.

* Ambassador of Mali suffers an assassination attempt failed a few hours ago in front of his residence in the capital of Tripoli .. The sources said the Mali ambassador suffered an assassination attempt by unknown caused the right leg injury and was taken to a hospital in Abu Salim, accidents, and did not allow the Agency to ensure health news from reliable sources in the capital Tripoli.

* For unknown reasons the accesses to the capital of Tripoli was closed with burning tires by the inhabitants of the region, unsure what is happening so far.

* The Congo Embassy in Tripoli, the staff suffered an assault and robbery attempt they were beaten, which resulted in their injury and brought to hospital in Janzour accidents.

* An important judge was killed early Monday in the city of Benghazi by unidentified armed group. Eyewitnesses reported that an armed group fired bullets after leaving the dawn prayer.

It denounces the violation of the human rights of Libyan civilians that are subjected to sodomy and torture by dogs of NATO and the CIA

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on Green on 19/08/2013

* The house of a member of the National Conference from the city Ifrane  named Solomon Akjm, suffering of an explosion in Tripoli on Thursday morning without causing damage or casualties. Akjm said he saw two cars in front of the house when the explosion occurred through the camera.  Calling to Akjm, “that your house is one of the eight houses empty of people, he said, adding that he had  informed the militias about the bombing in order to to provide security and to investigate.

* A convoy of European Union officials who left the Hotel Corinthia were  assaulted at gunpoint, the EU delegation has issued a formal complaint against Libyan government.

* The Lawyer of Saif Gaddafi, reports that Saif al-Islam has lost three teeth and fingers, and called on European countries to stop investments in Libya if Saif is not delivered to the International Criminal Court.

* The NATO mercenaries killed 4 civilians after a family scolded them for their crimes.

* Hotel Rixos in Tripoli is attacked by mercenaries.

* An armed attack on Al-Razi Hospital of diseases psychiatric and neurology by NATO bandits.

* The Libyan National Congress were subject to eviction in the midst of complete anarchy.

* The Libyan Interior Minister, Sheikh Mohammed said on Monday August 12 that 14,000 prisoners escaped immediately from the Libyan prisons since the “revolution” in 2011 and could not be arrested so far.

* The body of a young man named John, born in 1985. In Al-Andalus, Tripoli. His body showed signs of torture.

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on Green Channel

– Italy – Libya: The Foreign Ministry of  Italy asks its citizens to avoid traveling to Libya and who remain in the country are being asked to abandon the Libyan territory or avoid meetings or leave  their houses.

– Sirte: two mercenaries were liquidated after a fierce attack on the camp of Ansar Al-Sharia.

– Zintan: peace treaty was signed between Al-Ryan and Zintan. That ends the war between the two neighboring towns in the western mountains, allowing Ar-Rayyan residents to return home after two years in exile. Most of them left the city after it was captured in mid-May 2011.

*Al-Ryan largely support of Gaddafi during [against] the revolution and assistance against Zintan. The situation is seen as comparable to Misurata and Tuareg. Change is expected to occur at the start of the new school year next month.

– Janzour: A court prosecutor was kidnapped on 15/08/2013 in the Janzour area today and was found dead under a bridge.

* The University of Janzour was taken by NATO criminals  as a command center for their crimes against youth and locals.

– Sabha:  Libya, U.S. reconnaissance aircraft spotted flying over the city, Witnesses said. It is noteworthy that many of the Libyan cities are witnessing the flights of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft and this is a violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan state,

* Armed attack on the so-called “headquarters” WKB Judicial Police Battalion, led by Asfat Madaui Mansour and released one of the detainees in prison and seized weapons and heavy weapons, and it was broad daylight.

* The Elders are very concerned  and met to assess the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, they fear it could take effect in Libya.

– Benghazi: An attempt to assassinate the traitor Jalal a senior colonel of the mercenary who were in Benghazi.

* A genuflexa traitor who serves as chief of the channel “Libya Free” NATO bandits, escaped an attempt to be liquidated.

* In the evening  a colonel Mustafa was killed of the Libyan mercenaries army, after Friday prayers, in Benghazi, east of the country, after leaving a mosque Bo Talha Ansari, it is presumed that the criminals perpetrators are  Ansar al-Sharia.

* A foreign oil tanker is besieged and attacked by the mercenaries army  in Benghazi, which shows insecurity and chaos in the country.

– Libyans are afraid of confrontation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the forces of the “opposition “.

Tripoli is preparing for an armed confrontation, there is a “threat of revolution”, thefts are mobilized across the country, there is a blocking key oil port.

Chris Stephen Tripoli

The growing concern in Libya about the Egyptian version of the battle between the Muslim Brotherhood, the power and strength of the “opposition”, theft lock key oil port and the capital Tripoli, prepared for an armed confrontation.

Sheikhs Cyrenaica and Fezzan provinces are considering a deviation from the center and mobilize nationwide theft.

With the fall of 70% of the government’s oil exports threatens to use force to capture the oil terminals held by armed conflict “protesters”, which will increases the risk of civil war.

The Capital is living  in tension with night shootings. The diplomats, along with many Libyans observe voluntary blackout until dawn and the end of the curfew. OWC President Nouri Abu Sahmayn calls brothers of robberies in the city, deployed all over the city, to prevent what they say leaders “coup threat.”

This emergency measure led to the resignation main party of the “opposition”, the “Alliance of National Forces” center-right of Congress and then left a number of smaller ethnic parties. The frat party “Justice and Development” led by the government remaining with the regime crumbles. “Congress basically collapsed,” – said one of the diplomats in Tripoli.

On Sunday, the Interior Minister Mohammed Khalifa Al-Sheikh, resigned and accused Prime Minister Ali Zeidan in the “inability to support it.” (!) His resignation, after the Deputy Prime Minister Awad al Baras, leading to a further weakening of the authority “of the government.”

Zeidan has taken a hard-line against protesters, threatening to storm two major oil ports by force and the prevention of international oil companies that their ships will be attacked if they buy oil theft. “Ships that do not have a contract with the National Oil Company that are close to the terminals, were bombed from the air and sea,” – he said.

Thefts that have blocked the ports of the eastern province of Cyrenaica, where the main power of oil exports from Libya, say they will fight if attacked. But threats to bomb tankers “forced international shipping shudder.” John Hamilton, an analyst in London, said: “This is an alarming sign for businesses [International], this is a problem.”

Civil conflict is derived from the demand for autonomy PS Cyrenaica, led by a relative of the former king of Libya, Sheikh Ahmed al-Senussi. The deputies had left the capital of the province. Libya faces the prospect of remaining sources of oil embargo after the southern province of Fezzan sheikhs met and expressed “solidarity with Cyrenaica.”

Ethnic Berbers in the western mountains last week blocked one of the three lines in the North and the sheikhs of Fezzan now claim that “they are sitting on a starvation diet” without central government funds, considering a total shutdown of the oil production.

“I want nothing to do with the government, which now is the Muslim Brotherhood,” – said the representative of the Tuba tribe  at the meeting of the Shura of Fez, who spoke on condition of anonymity: “We are forming an alliance with Cyrenaica, we have something in common with them – we have nothing. “

The critics of the party “Justice and Development Party”, accusing them of creating a “cold shield” – force, “parallel”, “army”.

Most of Libya is opposed to the “law of exclusion”, which aims to cut the time Gaddafi officers from the army, police and government, amid allegations that “officials of the Muslim Brotherhood will be replaced. “Even the loyalty of a “small army” of Libya in question: its leaders are unlikely to “take” the dismissal. In the context of this growing tension in civil uncontrollable, now that the government of the port city of Misurata, 100 kilometers further west.

When rolling over Tripoli shootings during the night the residents along irritation fatigue.

Duncan Bullivant, chief executive of “London security consulting Henderson risk,” he said. “Civil society is weak, dictatorships do not encourage Therefore, it is necessary to find mechanisms of interaction with the public, it is difficult to manage the company.”

The current crisis is on the second anniversary of the end of the [against] the revolution of 2011, when the fall of the armed forces of Tripoli by NATO bombings. (And the Anglo-French assault and betrayal payment -. Per.) During the last 24 months have consistently refused the government’s attempts to address the “militia” violence in Libya, the stagnation of the economy and Jihadist attacks on foreign embassies.

Rising unemployment, frustration across the country, primarily because the Muslim Brotherhood and the Alliance of National Forces have not been able to work together effectively.The promises of the Constitution did not materialize (as in RFii – no document “Constitution” and “Bialowieza agreement”) Amid disputes regions (Kremlin factions). On the power and the role of Islamic law (“fiscal rule”).

– The main oil-producing province of the country divided between the Islamists and smugglers

In Libya, the government crisis broke. The Interior Minister Mohammed Khalifa Al-Sheikh resigned, accusing the prime minister Ali Zeidan unwillingness to combat oil theft have accepted catastrophic proportions. This is not the first resignation resonance Libyan security forces in June had left his post as defense minister and chief of staff. Experts fear that the division of the elites could cause chaos in the country and the subsequent disintegration: the eastern province of Cyrenaica, which produces up to 80% of Libya’s oil, so there is almost subject to the central authorities.

Khalifa Mohammed Al-Sheikh admitted he could not destroy the mafia and corrupt system in which most of the oil produced in Cyrenaica, stolen. Traffic involved in the local formation of captives who had fought against Muammar Gaddafi in the civil war in 2011, the Islamist groups, firmly planted on the east and the Coast Guard units from ports where there are terminals Oil: Ras Lanuf, Brega, and Eze-Zueytina Sidra.

Go through them, and then disappear in an unknown direction most of the Libyan oil. According to official statistics, in the country today its production capacity is 500 thousand barrels per day, and by the end of July, up by 330 thousand barrels. Meanwhile, in September last year, the government managed to bring oil production up to the level of 1.6 million barrels, which is comparable to the pre-revolutionary figures.

But then Cyrenaica traffickers took the situation under control and energy flows changed. For them it was not difficult: the Eastern Province, where in February 2011 uprising against Gaddafi, and virtually controlled by the central authorities. His true owners – local tribal formation and radical Islamist groups.

Mr. Al-Sheikh appointed interior minister three months ago, tried to remedy the situation, but could not. “I feel I have been able to carry out the necessary reforms,” ​​- said the Minister after the resignation. And he complained that the Parliament and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. He interfered with the head of the government as ash-Sheikh was the resignation of the third speaker in recent times – previously abandoned their posts Defense Minister Mohammed al-Bargati and Chief of Staff Yousef al-Mangush. All this gives analysts a reason to talk about the next game of the ruling elites, the threat of a power vacuum and further disintegration of the country.

As for the illegal export of oil, Mr. Zeidan proposed deal with it radically. He warned that the country’s navy opens fire on any vessel of oil, even under a foreign flag, whether it is going to Libyan territorial waters without a formal contract with the oil company. However, experts have called this statement a gesture of despair, and do not believe that the threat premiere stop smugglers.

– Tobruk: Air Force bombed several places in central  and southern  parts of northern and eastern Libya are believed to be mercenaries training camps.

* The port is closed as a RESULT of oil smuggling, the output since the oil port of Tobruk Harika without completing the paper work and the port is closed until investigated by sending a tanker, the procedure and those that sold the petroleum where it can and shall be recorded the transaction.

– Misurata: a warehouse full of weapons in the custody of bandits of NATO was targeted by an attack, loud explosions and chaos reigns among the rats.

– Sirte: Sirte city still offers a pure life martyrs of their children to Libya الشماء the colt was the day of the assassination of the leader “from Swedish Rajab Salem Saad Gaddafi”, just before Sirte accepted by God Almighty martyrs and soul rest in peace .

– Ras Lanuf: the oil port has closed its doors for lack of payment to the customs and the insecurity created by NATO bandits.

– Bayda: clashes between the so-called “national” security, NATO and several robberies in the city of Bayda on the ring road and injured two rats of “security”.

– Udzhila – Ajdabiya: Unidentified gunmen attacked this morning at the premises of the PFG guard Jala, in the oasis Udzhila this, looted and destroyed some tents.
About 250 kilometers south of Ajdabiya, Udzhila area in recent years has become a mecca for “the protection of oil.”
According to reports, the assailants searched the premises in which [counter] revolution housed the Turkish company workers, weapons and equipment seized and vehicles belonging to members of the PFG. When one of workers tried to call for help, he was shot, but was not injured. No one was injured in the incident, but a guard dog was killed. The attackers set fire to the building, before disappearing quickly.

It is believed that the attack could be linked to rivalry between groups who want to take the oil fields of business protection.

– Zawiya : Zawiya Hospital emergency room is closed due to the fourth day of the strike because doctors were beaten by a group of CIA mercenaries and NATO and the hospital is the subject of robberies in the recovery room.

* Hero martyr Ayman Abdel Karim Fassi was tortured to death in Tripoli, was taken to Benghazi.

* This child was accompanying his father that walked near a checkpoint of mercenaries innocently singing God Mohamar Gaddafi and Libya, the cowardly mercenaries immediately snatched him from his father and savagely beat him, his father unconscious after a severe beating.

– The media “in Libyan prisons concluded 300 Nigerian girls who are raped every day”

The President, the Nigerian NGO, busy educating young people about migration and development, said in Libyan prisons “are languishing 300 Nigerian girls who are raped every day”, says Nigerian Vanguard. Okoduva Solomon, who had to flee Libya during the war of 2011 of the “rebels” of racist, asked the Nigerian government to use a bilateral agreement with the Libyan government to secure their release.

According to him, “for girls who are raped every day, there are 700 others in Nigerian prisons in Tripoli, the other in prison Sabha and Gharyan” 




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