Syria and Libya before, between direct and subcontracted imperialist invasion

Syria and Libya before, between direct and subcontracted imperialist invasion

By  Juanjo Sanz Vigo

The latest developments show that the long and exhausting-imperialist invasion outsourced outsourced, you can follow a direct invasion imminent promoters, NATO + Israel.

Our starting point is generally known and widely discussed by analysts, military historians, journalists, politicians, self-attack after September 11, U.S. all its allies, NATO’s new strategic line drawn forward to the next ten years and beyond:

Coincidentally three countries rather secular tradition, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. Iraq and Libya and balkanized destroyed, reduced to rubble and sent directly to the Middle Ages with sharia included with rancid puppet government of the empire, most of Al Qaeda than anything else. Every empire needs to expand “enemies” real or fictitious.

 The Middle Ages also want to send Gaza, the  war criminal and Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai and gain 40 years of tranquility and peace for Israel.

 Although Sharon’s son, Gilad, the son of his father … Ariel, proposes a better idea, “A decisive Conclusion is Necessary” Final Solution?

“We need to flatten Entire Neighbourhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans did not stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese surrendering Were not fast enough, So They hit Nagasaki, too. “

“Crush all Gaza”  as the Americans did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Neither crematorium or hosts. Great funeral business and real estate would be! And unanswerable against new settlements.

Gilad is currently  free of charge-exaltation of genocide by the ICC.

Well … go on.

Millions of people took to the streets across the world against the “Bush Doctrine” in Iraq, but not in the case of Libya and now Syria. What happened?

The system has improved the techniques of domination, manipulation and control. The Empire, the highest expression of the system,   continues his crusade occupation and “evangelistic” abroad , while maintaining the highest possible social peace inside more repression, to ensure maximum benefits with cuts of all kinds. In Spain for example, in prison Alfon FIES prison – By the way, are true today, seven years after the assassination by anarchist prisoner Monarchy Xoxe Tarrío Gonzalez in FIES twelve years .  In memoriam – the regime measures, weighing the degree social peace bearable by the company to continue to adjust to the wild in 2013. The answer to this has to be strong to lift all Alfon from jail and put it where it belongs, to all who have forrao Botin at our expense, responsible for numerous suicide and poverty. Justice really will not come, we will bring!

 I already unleashed the “pamphlet” and “soflama” says one ..! If so, you have friends?

Everyone was mobilized, including Spain, against the Iraq war. Do we became friends directly with Saddam?. It is true that the “NO WAR” was quite heterogeneous, but millions of people in the streets under the slogan and pissed, can become a problem for the system, with unpredictable consequences if not redirects and controls.

And we fully on the question of handling similar means to different power centers Bilderberg, IMF not save on costs when it comes to distort reality, you know, by the 6th Principle of Doob LW Orchestration

“If a lie is repeated enough, eventually becomes truth.”

A lie repeated insistently can make a dent in decreased brain synapses, or interested. A single neuron peacefully sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the TV western, can do much harm to the general mobilization. We have seen in the case of Libya, and Syria now perceive.

 In this sense, it fulfils one year of the publication of the manifesto entitled ominous: “From Morocco to Bahrain claim is the same: a peaceful change and radical democracy for which establishes that covers social and economic rights of the majority ‘

Manifest header by SAR, and signed by many people from different areas, comrades could say, and even a friend. A year after that show, not worth entering verbatim crumble, facts are stubborn things, and the reality is imposed against wishes, at least some of the signatories, I know.

“The truth, as Giambattista Vico wrote, is in fact, not in words (verum factum est)”, “send events” stated Jean Cassou rightly. Can we find the truth, or at least an approximation to reality in organizations, individuals, or related media funded by different sectors of imperial power? Is NATO suddenly and leftist revolutionary? . And the fundamental question … Does anyone has gone mad?. The ideologists of that manifesto certainly not.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in London, El Pais, El Mundo, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera etc. can not be even remotely checked sources. Neither can be, and have shown, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, among many other supposedly humanitarian organizations and human rights, and other organizations so-called “Marxist” or “socialist” because they obey the voice of his master, who the finances. All are on the side of NATO and slaughter. Cynically throw seemingly empty slogans ether type or naive, “before the international inaction ..” “passivity and silence of the international community” no-fly zone in Libya as perhaps …? “Lack of support for the rebel Syrian people fighting for freedom …” of NATO? Or directly as false Marxists defend the Empire ancillary “to the left”;

“You have to arm the Libyan rebels …” he said, and that of, “NATO bombed shortly”

These “socialist” before mentioned millions of lackeys and the PSOE, even Mr. SAR argued in retrospect that the “Libyan revolution was betrayed” lack only defend, looping the loop that the “rebels” are like BRIGADES INTERNATIONAL who came to Spain to fight against fascism, freedom and revolution ..

It takes a lot of chutzpah, but hey, at this point we can not rule anything ..! anyway manifests as the above, I see quite distant today.

So much else comes handling and lack of rigour that, my friends and colleagues in multiple daily battles even today, also said then that he was first and foremost in Libya with Gaddafi end ..! Got the face and the left by the way, when bravely demonstrated against the war in Iraq .. 

There is no substantive difference between Iraq, with the case of Libya and now Syria. What evil virus is affecting certain brain synaptic systems?

The best antivirus, TRAINING, rigour, butt INFORMATION internet powerful weapon, much sport and exercise and alkaline diet. 

Much damage is doing the “Obama Doctrine”, why is there installed by Power. Ha “won two wars,” he told Romney, with a diploma from Nobel Peace Prize hanging on the walls of his Oval Office of the White House …, excuse me!

On the other hand we can expect nothing logically a Security Council of the UN, dominated by all the imperialist powers of the world.

Yes, I know that for more than ten years, the World Government planned and programmed crush Iraq, then Libya and now Syria .. Why all at this point calls “popular revolutions” in those countries?“Revolution Betrayed” after HRH would say in the case of Libya, once reduced to rubble. The “Arab Spring” “15-M” and the various colour revolutions” in different countries are simply gigantic design operations engendered by the centres of power to try to redirect the just aspirations of democratic and revolutionary, especially young . In some countries, these “aesthetic revolution” have served to align in the hinterland rival empire, taking advantage of a growing social discontent of the population.

In the manifest above aims we confuse ourselves the situation in Syria, as in Libya before, as part of the “Arab Spring”, ie, the Syrian people supposedly rebelling against the tyranny being savagely repressed … Remember “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”

On with the huge FALSE MEDIA handling.

What of “media” and it sounds ridiculous, must speak clearly and “propaganda war” in the service of war and barbarism in Syria, as it once was with Libya. You do not need an “embedded journalism” classic accompanying regular armies. War propaganda rather embedded in dispatches experts in communication and image Security Agency blockbuster films and sad memories.

The reality always overcomes fiction, but is good enough “smokescreen” of B. Levinson

In Syria as in Libya, the war, the invasion in the first phase has been outsourced. Armies of thousands of mercenaries from over 20 nationalities have passed and go through terrorizing Syria. Iraqis, Jordanians, Libyans, Egyptians, Turks, Palestinians,  Spanish … and Syrians but also a minority. Worst of society or clueless absolute authentic empire hired murderers are massacring most of the Syrian population, with authentic viciously eliminate entire families in the most atrocious, shot, tortured, beheaded the Salafi way?? etc. Crimes that after all the propaganda of empire takes care of giving the other party, even sometimes in the most awkward.

No matter proven falsehood, what matters is the first and primary effect on brain anaesthetized and accommodated. The veracity and objectivity of contrasting sources is replaced by the first thing that comes into the neuron. The official media are true “weapons of mass manipulation”

The system privatizes all companies or their management privatized, outsourced services or outsource certain tasks or jobs and tasks to the beast. With armies, invasions and aggressions, wars and does the same. It’s more profitable not think economically, but social policy and public opinion level of a private army Blackwater type on occasion than a Regular uniformed bearer teaches base with stars and stripes.

In Syria, the empire, through Qatar and Saudi Arabia, has subcontracted and outsourced the invasion and aggression through thousands of mercenaries as I said, come from outside. If you fall in Syria, not generated any excitement in their countries of origin, if they were American soldiers as depleted uranium affected when the Gulf War, I think. In addition, as a mercenary army in Syria can commit acts countless atrocities with impunity most of. By magic becomes country’s population, rebels and end, Alehop! We already have revolution.

So in the current situation

How does it behave any organization or person Democrat, fascist or revolutionary inside Syria?

From my point of view, combining all possible Syrian forces, organize armed resistance against imperialist mercenary invasion financed by NATO. No true Democrat Syrian and anti-fascist, revolutionary change can find progress and freedom behind NATO. In reality, after destruction of Libya, most of the Syrian people is very clear where they are and who your enemies.

 It is outside Syria and especially in our comfortable western is not sufficiently clear where the thing.

In my opinion, the points I consider therefore that the Syrians are fighting right now, would be:

Maximum internal union against invasion. Weapons for the entire population and infrastructure stubborn defence of schools, hospitals, homes and people etc. At stake is the basic right to life, against the destruction and devastation AGAINST preparing aviation NATO in Libya. Popular justice the murderers and fascists and collaborators come from outside Syrian Salafi or not, repressors of the Syrian people. Once defeated or neutralized imperial invasion, establishment by force of a new people’s power. Social revolution, secularism, economic and social justice, equality of rights between men and women outside machismo, independence of all imperialist bloc.

After months of wear, the situation with the so-called rebels, who have all the support in weapons, technology and NATO commanders on the ground that they provide all the information and training necessary, repeat the situation requires a more forceful intervention and direct the contracting powers, “no fly zone” massive bombardments, in short general destruction, “scorched earth” for total control.

The repeated massacres of the mercenaries of NATO + Israel attributed to the Syrian army, launching missiles from Syrian territory to Turkey and Israel by these and also a possible use of chemical weapons (false flag) prepare the excuse for imminent intervention and total on Syria. U.S. all allies and the UN have said clearly, “We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons against the rebels ..” More clear water!

Negotiations for the heights between the imperialist powers that are part of the UN Security Council resulted in approval on March 17, 2011 with ten votes in favour and five abstentions on resolution 1973, which allowed the “no fly zone” ie the beginning of the imperialist invasion of Libya DIRECT, rebel mercenaries by thousands coordinated by NATO air strikes effectively finished off the job. Result: 120,000 dead and 200,000 wounded. TOTAL DEVASTATION AND SLAVERY TO LIBYA.

Libyan resistance continues today in very difficult conditions against oppression and the sharia.

Negotiations between the major powers, do not amount to any agreement or resolution on Syria, at least publicly known. What we do know is that it continues the advance on total control.

The Spanish army, commanded by PSOE Zapatero, “errand boy” and “mamporrero” NATO is responsible for crimes against humanity to intervene directly in Libya. As a gift to this genocidal participation, to a consortium “Spanish” is awarded the  construction of the AVE, Mecca-Medina  known as “Haramain project.”  is “The Libyan blood money” to quote the Blanca Gonzalez Purification .

This situation in Libya and now in Syria are responsible not only those who have tightened and tightened the trigger directly, so are all those manifestos ideologues, called intellectuals, personalities, artists, political organizations, trade unions and social and human rights, false Marxists and socialists, whose myopic attitude consciously or worse, have contributed to the demobilization and general intoxication in our western countries. With his attitude INDEED BLESS atrocities committed before and now in Libya Syria NATO terrorists in uniform or not.

“BLESS” murders in some way, as did the Spanish Catholic church during mass shootings of Francoism.

I remind everyone, public figures and organizations as already stated on a previous occasion

“Let us not forget their faces-hard-, their justifications, their names and then pass the bill to the excesses of the empire, they estamparemos on their faces pictures of horror, of which they have been intellectuals-participants.”

ACTION against the imperialist war!



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