Homosexuals and bisexuals victims of the mercenaries at the service of NATO and U.S. in Libya

Homosexuals and bisexuals victims of the mercenaries at the service of NATO and U.S. in Libya!!!

Libya: Gay Men speak about kidnappings and beatings at the hands of the Islamist militia.

By Joseph Patrick McCormick

Gay men in Libya have spoken out about  the larger and more powerful  militia brigade, and assert that men have been detained and assaulted by them, just for being gay.

The Times reported that the brigade Nawasi, most of Tripoli Islamic militant group, were to blame for the kidnappings and beatings, and witnesses said that these detentions are a commonplace in the nation’s capital.

The largest and most powerful Brigade of the city officially its functions under the authority of the Ministry of Interior, and, according to witnesses they put Bystanders Away just for being gay.

Ahmed said he witnessed the recent events in which the Nawasi drove past a birthday party, saw a man wearing a wig and a dress, and beat him until he confessed he was gay, when he was taken. He said:

“We thought we were on a routine patrol when they heard the music,” said Ahmed of the militia. “They were sitting outside for almost an hour. Then they saw one of the guys wearing a wig and a dress, so I thought that it was a  party with children.

“When they came inside, everybody panicked and the man removed his gown and wig. They wanted to know where the girls were; so they beat them until one of them admitted he was gay that was when they were taken, “

After the men were taken away, a photo of the detainees of the party appeared on page Nawasi Facebook brigade, which had their hands above their heads, and with their heads against the wall, their backs to the camera. The text accompanying the image read “spank with force”, “ride them like camels” and “going to see the bullets flying.”

For the interview, Ahmed requested to meet in a Shisha cafeteria, which it was frequented by many of the Europeans. He said “they are less likely to come and take us away,” speaking with two other men.

The brigade Nawasi have denied that the lives of the men photographed were endangered, and said that the main reason for them being arrested was not that they were gay. He said:

“These guys are not straight, but that’s not the main reason why they where arrested,” he said. “The most important thing was the big noise they were making to the neighbors, as well of large amounts of alcohol and hashish was be found.”

The men arrested were released one week later having been taken in, with bruises on their back and legs, and with their heads shaved. Ahmed said that such arrests and beatings were common, and he himself had false teeth because his own were eliminated during an arrest by Nawasi in August 2012.

Ahmed says that one of the men who arrested him is harassing him still. He said:

“Now, one of them calls me every other day asking to have sex with me.  At other times, he threatens me that he will arrest me a second time, I’m not going to live.”

Continued by saying that the situation is worst now than under Gaddafi, he said: “At the time, the authorities they were afraid that if we were taken, they will tell  that the officials were gay.”

Ahmed Companion Anass, said that two weeks before he had been arrested by Nawasi Brigade for two days,  that he was released earlier because of a friend’s brother who was arrested with him was a militia member.

A lot of men like Ahmed and Anass just want to leave Libya because such treatment by the authorities as well as the alienation of their families.

“Later this year, we are planning to go to Egypt,” said Ahmed and his three companions. “But the place that all of us really want to go is the Netherlands. There, you can finally be who we are.”

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch


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