NATO has succeeded in controlling criminal gangs in Libya with total impunity.

NATO has succeeded in controlling criminal gangs in Libya with total impunity.

Near Tripoli one civilian was victim of an assault at his home already three times by armed bands until the teeth, early this morning at about  4 am one group of criminals has entered at his farm to rob lambs. On hearing the noise one of the laborers has come out to see what happened and was machine gunned directly wounding him in the face and leg.

They wanted to steal lambs, however went armed with machine guns and shot to kill without thinking for a second.

The armed gangs that are controlling Libya they are worse than animals and so the aggressors manage to control the country whereas the Libyans must defend their homes.

There is no police to turn to because these criminals are the ones who have all the rights to change the Libyans and are directly executed or imprisoned and tortured.

This is democracy and humanitarian aid that the U.S. is giving the UN permission to Libya.

 Could that be why they give the Nobel Prize? What irony! Macabre. 

Misurata: three people were killed and two injured in an explosion Sunday at a Coptic Christian church near the city of Misurata, 200 km east of Tripoli, said an Egyptian diplomat.  

Shortly before bandits exercising one security officer in Misurata announced balance 3 dead and three wounded, all Egyptians, by the explosion in the church.

 According to locals, the blast occurred in mid-afternoon on a Coptic church in Dafniyah, a city located on the Mediterranean coast 30 km west of Misurata.

* Perform Misurata criminals smuggling and reckless act has killed 18 Somali immigrants. Somalia’s ambassador in Libya reported that 18 Somali migrants were killed and over 20 were injured when the truck they were traveling overturned near the city of Misurata.

The ambassador, Mohamed Abdikani Waeys, told the BBC that the truck, which was also carrying cement, carrying about 120 people to the coast in order to enter them smuggled to Europe.

Al Ajaylat: Heavy clashes outside the Al ajaylat, was unleashed after the mercenary “rebels” NATO torched the house of a villager and unjustifiably murdered, then the neighbors were enraged and attacked the bandits and made ​​them flee.

– Sabha: The main hydraulic complex collapsed. Apparently it was a sabotage of the mercenaries themselves “rebels” large tracts of farmland have been flooded, have been lost sheep and dozens of local employment.

Zliten: Teachers and students of the University conducted demonstrations and sit-ins and do not attend classes, protest continued attacks by mercenaries and terrorists that are exposed. They call for students in the city of Zliten to unite against NATO bands that have killed and injured several students.

Gharyan: Local Council head Gharyan resigned because he betrayed his accomplices of embezzling money and enrich themselves with stolen money Wanis Imhadhab, head of the council, was the subject of the censure motion, after he allegedly approved measures and decisions taken without the consent of all board members. He was replaced by his deputy, Jamal Al-Amin, who will fill the role temporarily, until the Council may hold elections for a new boss.

– Obari: Officers of the forces of Libya Shield 251 Brigade took part in the fighting in Shegega a Obari district in southern Libya, leading to a series of injuries and the death of at least two members of the brigade yesterday.

Jalu and Kufra: Army prepares new checkpoint between Jalu and Kufra, the traitor general who acts as the National Congress of NATO, said parts of southern Libya a  “closed military zone”  , on December 16, and announced that the borders with Algeria, Sudan, Chad and Niger temporarily shuts down in an effort to combat the problems of illegal immigration and smuggling in the region, and to strengthen security in the south.

– Tripoli: A health center in the periphery was attacked by an armed group opened fire on one of the mercenaries who played guard at the door of the center, was severely injured. The attackers managed to escape unharmed.

* Judges and Prosecutors have stopped their work for fear and insecurity, know they are working for the enemies of Libya know that NATO and its puppets are not able to provide security. They are exerting denunican death threats to them and their families ….

* We reported a confrontation in the streets of Tripoli

 – Zawiya: The mercenaries and traitors meet targets are unknown, according to the intelligence of the Green strength, all the bandits have been identified

 – Benghazi: mercenaries in Benghazi now many Qataris, many Western cars, are heard daily NATO planes fly constantly breaking the sound barrier.

* The weapons are traded on the streets and in many stores. Everyone knows that.

* Libyans selling expired food, which is already leading to serious infections and death.

* 40 children have died from food poisoning. Frightening increasing number of cardiovascular diseases among young people.

* All wealthy family have fled to other cities only the poor have stayed. Even the fat rats do not maintain their families in Libya, they have been sent abroad.

* If you suspect someone is accused of being gadafista – anytime destroy your house, kidnap, torture and kill.

 * Each house is full of weapons.

 * The University is more closed than open, have a total mismanagement, abuse, vandalism … All teachers suspected “are green”, were dismissed from their jobs.

* At the hospital, and only heard “fight, fight,” a disaster, is suddenly an armed group in the ICU, to kill someone, and go in silence, not even hidden.

Some doctors are killing patients so they are “green”. They can refuse to treat patients of Bani Walid and Sirte. 

Even patients who need dialysis are not served if they are from  Bani Walid and Sirte. Many doctors would agree to help, but are afraid of informants not want to be killed.

 * Today Sharia supporters who gathered in an office were attacked by the Resistance.

* The bandit and corrupt cleric issued a fatwa forbidding Ghariani all mobilization and protest in Benghazi, but people continued defiance and protest

– Laws enacted that violate human rights: The National Transitional Council (NTC) passed laws that violate human rights, contrary to international conventions, treaties and protocols, which Libya is a party, including the International Covenant on Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Provisional Constitutional Declaration of NTC. These laws are:

1. Law No. 17 (2012) on the National Conciliation Rules and Transitional Justice. This law limits the actions of reconciliation for processing human rights violations and injustices committed by the previous regime, ie, only the period from 01.09.1969 to date that the law comes into force. Therefore, the law does not include violations committed by the authorities of the Council and the government. On the other hand, provides for the exclusion of members of the revolutionary committees in the composition of national reconciliation commissions.

2. Law No. 26 (2012) on the High Commission for the Standards of Integrity and Transparency. This law establishes the criteria that exclude two-thirds of the Libyan population related to the functions of any public office for public officials in the legal doctrine regarding the ideological, political opinion and freedom of expression. Function is governed by 16 categories, including members of the people’s congresses and people’s committees at all levels, from the Declaration of the People’s Authority in 1977, ie over 35 years, members of the Popular Social Address , members of the Committees of Transparency, the Revolutionary Guards, the Popular Guard, revolutionary action teams, members of the Revolutionary Committees, Student Union Member “glorified individuals never ideology of the Green Paper in the media or through direct contact with the public, the people who carried out a study in the thought of Muammar Gaddafi, the Green Paper, all business partners with the leaders of the legitimate system and who received grants of the same.
3. The law identifies 18 types of people in jobs in those categories are prohibited from holding at different levels of management such Council offices and the Government, embassies and diplomatic missions, leaders and members of local authorities, governors, mayors and municipal councils, public enterprises, organizations and institutions, the first and second levels of security, military and immigration services, and financial controllers. The remaining types of jobs presidency bars include universities, institutes and university departments; running schools, colleges and all educational and research institutions, which assume roles as leaders and members of trade unions, professional associations, labor unions and student, and to be a candidate for the election of a chairman or a member of the National Assembly, and that no task is assigned by the Council and the Government.
4. Law No. 35 (2012) on amnesty for all crimes committed by the militias of the Council and the Government of the prosecution of all criminal and civil offenses committed in the process of ensuring the success of the revolution and its protection.
5. Law No. 37 (2012) on the criminalization of the glorification of the “Tyrant”, which criminalizes any praise for Muammar Gaddafi, his sons, his regime and his ideas. Praise includes glorify these people and show them in the guise of kindness or heroism and devotion to the country, or do any publicity for the system and its people in any way. The law provides penalties for these actions ranging from 3 years to life in prison.
6. Law No. 38 (2012), concerning certain transition period established procedures for implementation of Law No. 35 (2012) as follows:
• Article 4 states that “no punishment for what has been necessary for the revolution of February 17, military action, civil or security held by the rebels in order to ensure the success of the revolution or protection “;
• Article 5 eliminates the right of victims to bring civil or criminal court those responsible to stop or take him into custody;
• Article 6 grants from the Ministries of Defense and Interior to take measures that restrict the freedom of some people including:
–  Forcing attend a specified security center.
–  prohibit certain places;
–  Prevent them from staying in a particular place or area;
–  Put them under surveillance;
–  prohibit exit a specific area;
–  I can not travel;
Deportation  –  (for foreigners).

• Article 10 extends the powers of the Ministries of Defense and Interior to detain without permission of any party.

source: by Mirko Senda-



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