Human Rights Watch found that the CIA conceals torture in Libya

Torture, degradation and death: Journey to hell refugees in Libyan prisons

Human Rights Watch found that the CIA conceals torture in Libya

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has revealed new evidence of a US torture cover-up, showing the West snatched Gaddafi’s opponents from African and Asian countries, then tortured them at secret CIA prisons as part of post-9/11 Bush-era policies.

HRW’s new 156-page report titled “Delivered into Enemy Hands: US-Led Abuse and Rendition of Opponents to Gaddafi’s Libya” argues that the US government covered up the extent to which waterboarding was used as torture.

The report consists of 14 interviews with former US detainees who were sent back to Gaddafi’s security police around 2004, mostly members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

LIFG had been attempting to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime for the past 20 years and now have joined the ranks of the new Libyan administration.


The new report used as source documents seized after the fall of the Gaddafi regime in the Libyan intelligence headquarters.  reveal previously unknown cases of CIA water-boarding that took place nine years ago in Afghanistan.  Original documents and correspondence are attached to the report and cooperation between the U.S. organized show, Britain and other Western countries with the Gaddafi regime.

“The documents are important because they shed light on the CIA rendition program still opaque, former detainees identified by name, and provide evidence to support … most notably confirm the participation of the U.S., the UK and other governments, “  the report said.

The documents  “show a high level of cooperation between the United States, the United Kingdom and the government of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the transfer of opponents of Gaddafi in Libya custody.”

Supposedly, this cooperation was formed after Gadhafi renounced nuclear ambitions and agreed to help fight against Islamist terrorism, The New York Times.

‘Chained to the bare walls, diapers, food excellent, and denied sleep’

HRW describes the serious abuses committed by the CIA for almost a decade, which included  “being chained to the bare walls – sometimes to wear diapers [sic] – in pitch dark cells without windows, for weeks or months at a time, be subjects in painful stress positions for long periods of time, are forced into tight spaces; being beaten and slammed into the walls, which are kept inside for nearly five months without the opportunity to swim, was denied food and denied the dream of continuous music, Western deafeningly loud “,  the report found.

Positions held in prison (photo taken from HRW report)
Positions held in prison (photo taken from HRW report)

This report undermines earlier claims made by CIA officials and former only three suspected terrorists were water-boarded  neither Libya, while being held in U.S. custody.

It also questions the three-year criminal investigation program of CIA interrogations, which concluded last week by the U.S. Department of Justice without any charges being filed.

HRW researchers used names to track the documents discovered last detainees transferred to U.S. custody in Libya and met with them.  This revealed new information about a U.S. detention center in Afghanistan, interrogation methods and delivery operations.

Many of those detained and to live freely in Libya and occupy new positions in government.

Khalid al-Sharif (photo taken from HRW report)
Khalid al-Sharif (photo taken from HRW report)

For example, one respondent in the report, Khalid al-Sharif, is now the head of Libya’s National Guard.

He described being held in the detention center of the CIA in Afghanistan for two years and then handed to Gaddafi in 2005.

“I spent three months getting interrogated intensively during the first period [in U.S. custody] and gave me another kind of torture every day. Sometimes water is used, sometimes not,”  HRW quoted as saying.

“Sometimes they put a hood over his head and went to bed and started putting water in my mouth … the water is poured over the mouth and nose, so I felt like I was drowning … I felt like I’m drowning. “

A sketch of Mohammed Shoroeiya represents a wooden board to which he was tied up and in which his interrogators put when subjected to abuse with water (photo taken from HRW report)

A sketch of Mohammed Shoroeiya represents a wooden board to which he was tied up and in which his interrogators put when subjected to abuse with water (photo taken from HRW report)

U.S. claims that the submarine was used only for 20 to 40 seconds at a time to three suspected terrorists are also compromised by Mohammed Shoroeiya interview.  was arrested in Pakistan in 2003, moved to Afghanistan, while in U.S. custody . UU., and then handed over to the Libyan authorities.

Shoroeiya described the torture techniques used on him, including putting a hood over his head, strapping him to a wooden board and pouring water over his face for what  “felt like three minutes.”

HRW writes about doctors be present during interrogations that control the amount of torture inflicted.  captive They monitored body temperature and when it got too low, called hot water is added to cold.

A sketch of Mohammed is his cell Shoroeiya (photo taken from HRW report)

A sketch of Mohammed is his cell Shoroeiya (photo taken from HRW report)

Conclusions HRW

“The allegations are serious doubts about the above statements of officials of the U.S. government that only three people were waterboarded in U.S. custody,”  HRW said.  “They also reflect how little the public knows yet what happened in the secret detention program in the U.S. “.

In addition, HRW argues that this report highlights the failure of the George Bush to differentiate between Islamists behind 9/11 attacks and those involved in a struggle against their respective regimes opposition.

“This failure risks align the United States with brutal dictators and with the help of their efforts to dismiss all political opponents as terrorists,”  the report concluded.

Ala Abu Salim prison in Libya, where detainees Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi died after being kidnapped and interrogated by the CIA in Afghanistan (photo taken from HRW report)

Wing of the prison of Abu Salim in Libya, where detainees Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi died after being kidnapped and interrogated by the CIA in Afghanistan (photo taken from HRW report).

CIA response

The CIA has strongly denied the accusations about widespread abuse of prisoners.

“The agency has been on record that there are three documented cases in which detainees were subjected to water-boarding,”  said Jennifer Youngblood, a CIA spokesman.

“While I can not comment on these allegations, the Justice Department has extensively revised the treatment of more than 100 detainees in the post-9/11 period – including allegations involving authorized interrogation techniques – and the prosecution dropped each case, ”  she added .

Young Libyan was bound and tortured by the beasts”rebels” in Misurata. He was accused of treason for refusing to join the terrorist groups and the NTC traitors.

Torture of a Libyan civil “democracy” imposed by NATO in Libya

The fear and abandonment of black Libyans, whose fate will be the only martyrdom for defending their country and their leader Moammar Al Gaddafi 

Cruel death of a civil Libyan  order of the CIA and executed by his servants Al Qaeda and traitors to the Libyans

Libyans cruelly humiliated as a circus democratic imperialism, forced to eat green color fabric today they are unaccounted for …

Libyan civilians hostage in a jail in Misurata, were killed and taken as human remains into a mass grave by mercenaries in the service of the NTC Salafists-NATO

Libyan blacks after being tortured in a prison it is throat cut by the new government of NATO in Libya. The democratic farce of Imperialism

Dossier Habeshia (Agency for Cooperation and Development, HACD)

Journey to Hell refugees in Libyan prisons:

By: Emilio Drudi

Libyan tortured to death, no one defended. The government of NATO 
in Libya under conspiratorial silence gives impunity to the perpetrators ….

In Libyan prisons migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are still dying. Harassment, abuse, rape, fierce repression against any attempt to protest are outlawed practices that commit the government of NATO-NTC in Libya. Prisoners die even when it’s cold. These acts of violation of the Human Rights revealed by the agency in a documented record Habeshia.

The indifference of the international community. Europe and Italy in particular. For Italy, which has been renewed and kept alive with the revolutionary government, the agreements reached in the past by Berlusconi and Gaddafi killed Moammar Leader. The “friendship treaty” was signed by Prime Minister General Mario Monti on January 20 last year, on the understanding of specific chapters develop some special problems, such as migration control. It ignores all resources, as historian Angelo Del Boca and humanitarian organizations, that this new found “friendship” and cooperation to ensure respect for human rights in the country.

No change of course, even after that, on February 23, the European Court of Justice condemned Italy for the policy of indiscriminate expulsions at sea against migrants, commissioned by the Northern League, Roberto Maroni, Minister of Government Berlusconi. Indeed, on April 3, the new interior minister, Anna Maria Cancellieri, has signed a new agreement on immigration that was initially semi-secret, proved almost a copy of the “League” of rejections and subsequent delivery of refugees to Libyan jails. Parliament has not discussed and the press does not mention it, but in the meantime, on March 29, received a second conviction for Italy, this time by the Council of Europe, for the deaths of 63 asylum seekers adrift in a raft in the Strait of Sicily. To discover the content was Amnesty International, July 12 launched a campaign to demand the resignation. A few days earlier, on June 29, had arisen specifically the impact of this renewed agreement with the blockade at sea by Italian warships and Libyans, a boat carrying 76 asylum seekers from Eritrea and Somalia, and then delivered to the border police and transferred to the detention center Mentega Sabrata Delila, on the outskirts of Tripoli. Among them, including two pregnant women and children under one year.

On July 4, the newspaper La Repubblica, a dozen testimonies collected in the field, true “voices of hell,” he told what the living conditions of refugees in camps in Libya. Mentega Sabrata Delila is no exception.The record Habeshia now confirms and extends the “voices of hell”, which describes the plight of hundreds of refugees enslaved, tortured, killed. And what is more, at the risk of deportation: Libyan authorities want to return to the countries they fled to escape persecution and war, even though it is well known that in many cases – for Eritreans, for example – try again after traveling abroad clandestine means being sentenced to long prison terms or even death, especially when it comes to the military or military-age youth, however.

The case considers three detention centers in Homs, Tuewsha and Benghazi. The situation is almost identical in the three prisons: a hell of deprivation and abuse, violence continues, the denial of rights.“You have imprisoned the young, women and children ‘guilty’ only have fled in search of freedom and a better life, is a huge abuse – Don Mussie Zerai complaints, President of Habeshia – But still not respected even his human dignity are not carried out, are slaves in the hands of torturers who have it as they wish. ” The incidents reported by prison prison speak for themselves.

Homs. About 200 detainees. “These days – reveals Habeshia – Libyan soldiers are forcing refugees to be registered with the embassies of the countries of origin. It’s the prelude to expulsion: the return to the State pursued to the point of forcing them to flee . This is a very serious, in which refugees are forced to the fury of violence and conflict between international humanitarian law. Libya is violating openly, in particular the African Union Convention that protects the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. Between 150 and 200 men and women are raped every day human dignity. suffer discrimination on religious grounds, and especially men are beaten continuously. Women who are sick or pregnant, they need medical checks, denied any kind of help. Any hint of protest is punished. In recent weeks, four young men were killed: three Eritreans and Somalis. A boy was beaten Eritrea cold with a knife by the military while he slept, perhaps to “punishment”. This series of abuses against women, which also prevented by washing, staged a hunger strike. The protest was violently repressed. Soldiers if taken with a guy as a scapegoat have stepped barrel first and then shot him for no reason . Seeing this horrible scene, many women began to scream and the military, to silence them, beat them and fired several shots fired. “

Tuewsha. More than 600 refugees. “It ‘s one of the most crowded detention centers – detects Habeshia – did not stop to 550 men (500 Somalis and Eritreans fifty) and sixty women: 50 Somalis and Eritreans ten. Three Eritrean youth are pregnant: has passed the eighth month. Everyone, including pregnant women, suffer from lack of food and water. Water for personal hygiene, but even drinking water, to be able to at least cooling. lot of them have been there for more than six months, six months of continued abuse. Who tried to escape and was captured, suffered severe beatings by the military guard: one lost an eye to blows, others complain of permanent physical disability. “

Benghazi. Four prisoners. “This center – read the file – in theory it is managed by the ‘Crescent’, but actually command the armed militia of the Revolution, who come when they want and have the prisoners at will. Several women were raped and least 140 men were brought to work as slaves. Even kids younger children, do not escape the beatings and torture. According to witnesses, on the contrary, the military have invented a game using only horrible these children: a kind shoot at human targets. would avoid hitting, but still, if true, is a form of torture awful. sadistic For pure fun. “

In view of all this, Don Mussie Zerai appeal again to the international community. A European Union to intervene in the Libyan government. All’Italia gives a voice, meanwhile suspending the effectiveness of the treaties signed shortly. Agencies of the United Nations to all refugees detained are released as soon as possible and taken to facilities run by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “On the one hand” democratic “Libya – Don Zerai protest – we expected a greater respect for human rights and a serious struggle against racism against Africans: a tough fight against all forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnic, racial . It is not in any way understand that anger against refugees. seems absurd, the deafening silence of the international community. “

UN: Gaddafi supporters tortured in Libya Several prisoners were supporters of Muammar Gaddafi were tortured to death

Several prisoners were supporters of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were tortured to death, reports the UN special envoy to Libya, Ian Martin. Their human rights organization had already aired beforehand that Gaddafi’s supporters were tortured in the new Libya. To which Martin said: “The abuse and torture of detainees continue. The UN mission in Libya expresses its deep concern at the deaths of three people in the detention center in Misurata “.

This center is under the authority of the Ministry of Interior. “The deaths occurred on April 13 and we have reliable information that were the direct result of torture, and other reports that at least seven others have been tortured in the center.” These data reveal that the National Council Transition, which promised to end these practices applied during times of Gaddafi and respect human rights of the population, has failed.

Martin also said there were signs of torture in other parts of Libya, including in Tripoli, Zawiya and Zintan.“Remove these practices should be the highest priority of the government to reach a new culture of human rights and a new law in the post-revolutionary Libya,” the envoy.

Libya: The tragedy of hundreds of refugees in Prisons

Hums: More than 150 men and women in degrading conditions of their human dignity, living also suffer religious discrimination, especially boys, or are continually being hit in recent weeks, four refugees were killed, three nationalities of Eritrea and Somalia . One child from Eritrea was beaten with a knife in the back by the military while he slept. Today women are experiencing serious discounts avoided for up to wash because they are Christians. One of the Eritrean women’s military warned accused Outside, the drama that was consumed Friday, while a boy was killed by military in Eritrea, so three military testamentary abused her and then have cast into the wilderness , in the middle of the night. Now she is in Tripoli, except by a miracle thanks to a Libyan woman and a Sudanese man who helped her.

Tuewsha: There are 10 women from Eritrea, which 3 women pregnant, eight months and half of the other two fifth month in the last four months, and then there are about 50 Somali and Eritrean women, 32 Somali men 500 men, all suffer from the lack food, water and personal hygiene. Especially the mistreatment of men. Three weeks women, among men who also was 5-6 months in the detention center, still there, those who tried to escape then captured by the military have been severely beaten even the loss of an eye, in other carry a permanent disability cases in the physical.

Benghazi: There are about 400 people detained in a center run by the theory of “Luna Rossa”, but in fact, the command of the armed men of the revolution about to afford to enter the center, molesting women, to take 140 men to make them work as slaves. In Benghazi children are not safe from beatings and torture that enjoy military shooter with children as an object to play.

Libya from a “democratic” we expected more respect for human rights and a serious struggle against racism against Africans, a tough fight against all forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity and race. Do not understand why all this anger against African refugees? Why so much violence and slaughter of dozens of refugees who died under the blows of weapons of soldiers and militiamen.

I appeal to all humanitarian organizations, including UN agencies to make every effort to obtain the respect of human rights and the rights of refugees. More soon his release from prison are housed in refugee camps managed by UNHCR.

Fr Mussie Zerai


Hundreds of black Libyans and African immigrants killed while trying to escape
persecution of stray dogs “rebels” in the service of NATO, U.S. and Al Qaeda





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