Libya – The rebels/chickenrats continue to destroy shrines (1 September 2012)


The rebels/chickenrats continue to destroy shrines


Libya - The rebels continue to destroy shrines (1 September 2012)




ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama to Zouila,  the rebels(/chickenRats) the killing continues, destroyed mausoleums. They targeted the mausoleum Zouili ​​Mansour.


Libyan students in Australia have a demonstration calling for the NTC to give them their grants  were terminated when the NTC took control of the country. This is the result of betrayal. When they fought against Kadhafi. (***Now they are crying to get their grants! Well I am sure from where ever Qaddafi is he saying TOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)



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  1. Do not you even know that Muammar al-Qathafi was on PAL/TALK with other leaders of the Resistance the night of 30 August 2011? He gave out a statement of NO REVENGE:


    Katia Kabra on “Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky”
    explains the meeting of 30 August 2012 at 23:50 to us:

    In the name of God the Merciful
    and peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers beloved Muhammad and his family and companions .. But after all Libyans Liberals and members of Facebook supporters of the legitimacy of the Libyan-inspired leader Muammar Gaddafi .. Downright heard a statement legitimate resistance, which was broadcast on Paltalk rooms and noticed that the first thing spoke with him is a free morals in religion and at the time of the Holy Prophet thousand prayers and peace .. And this Manohna p

    NH also a few days ago that said that your task of leader Muammar Gaddafi wants you to control yourselves as long as not transgress attacked you from rats on the fall of Tripoli, but raised in your face arms Liberation Day .. And قائدكم rejects any revenge whatever the size of the damage, but under the law.
    downright where people rejecting Halvl and I with it and I is permitted in my heart the fire burn Libya and where rats and want revenge on all of the income of my house and scared my family and left my family but Nsil ourselves question the fire that inflamed will not leave only ashes? .. If I retaliated and you retaliated and others avenged himself and his weapon and he did the same deeds what the outcome will be???
    brutal civil war Akharog but complete destruction of Libya and create conflicts Kabyle that will not expire but to kill us all and destruction of our people and the destruction of our country .. We love Libya evidence we have not Nwala infidels did not go out on the Crown hurry because we know that behind these outsiders destruction and loss of landmarks our beloved country.
    Almighty God said:
    In the name of God the Merciful
    (O ye who believe books you retribution free hot and slave slave and Female بالانثي it pardoned him from his brother something followers of Virtue and performance him charitably that relieve you from your Lord and mercy who transgress thereafter, he may painful punishment (178) and you in retribution life O men of understanding, Fountain of Faith)
    great truth of God
    Almighty God has enjoined justice in retribution free hot and slave slave but said It pardoned him from his brother Hia .. Here God urged us to pardon because he morals and Shim men .. Then he said, and you in retribution life means is not permitted to take revenge but must Guardian be punished under the law of his country and make retribution life and addressed the bright minds and asked the piety of the slaves.
    do not want to linger, but I want every Libyan free lover of the land of Libya to think that beyond revenge Lahrba eligibility to none them .. We are the sons of Libya did not sell and will not relinquish one inch of them .. We morals made us elite humans because we are not out on the guardian did not Nwala NATO and his followers .. We fought under Soreichhm we believe that we are to heaven going .. We ask the afterlife they flock to the pleasures of life .. We morals islamic they horde of no religion .. We patience in order to help us God are ظلمونا so after his victory revenge or Nafoa!!.,
    I do not ask you to be angels or saints, but appeal to Allah and His Messenger, that you judge your minds Liberation Day and you will pardon men at the estimated .. Kill kill but hey either in the battlefield or in the execution chamber and the law .. It stole cut off his hand and held it to reduce the law .. It has to perform any act outrageously Snhakmh in front of everyone and the law .. But انكون hyper in our punishment .. But you want to see Libya as beautiful as before.
    why we give a chance to our enemies to kill us with our own hands .. We are the best of them Anazb our prisoners do not kill our children and Annthec sanctity of our homes and our daughters Ngtsb not Ntquaoy wounded nor smelling A woman or a man .. We are a generation hills Muammar Gaddafi to be men in positions.
    you from قائدكم best peace Iaabina Muammar Gaddafi and prepared for the life of victory that will be wonderful like Ruatkm. Capt.

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