Libya – News from Occupied Libya (28 August 2012)


News from Occupied Libya 

Source: algeria isp

Libya - News from Libya occupied (28 August 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, the commander of the NTC  Liwae Thani, Mahmoud Bourjouma was targeted by gunfire near his home in the region Kareyounes. He is currently at the hospital.

War planes flying at low altitude region of Sheikh in Zliten.

Libyan mercenary killed by Syrian Arab army in Aleppo, Syria.

Several rebels were buried in the cemetery yesterday. They are rebels who attacked a sleeper cell of the Resistance in Tripoli.

A documentary confirming that the conflict between Libya was a plot, not a revolution.

A tribute to the Libyan leader and the Libyan Arab