Libyan authorities admit security units penetrated by Qaddafi supporters

Libyan authorities admit security units penetrated by Qaddafi supporters

By Sami Zaptia.

SSC spokesperson Abdelmonen Al-Hur revealed that many security units were inflitrated by pro Qaddafi supporters and that a committee is looking into this.

Libyan security officials were forced late on Thursday to admit that many official security units are penetrated by supporters of the former regime.

In an astonishing admission at a press conference called late on Thursday, Abdelmenom Al-Hur the official spokesperson for the Supreme Security Committee (SSC) admitted that a whole barracks full of heavy armaments was under the control of pro Qaddafi cell.

He did not clarify whether all the security personnel at the barracks were pro Qaddafi or only the leaders.

After paying his condolences to the family of the killed SSC member Akram Kilany, Al-Hur revealed that the brigade that was based at the Sug il Ahad barracks was the Awfia Brigade but that it was known internally by its pro-Qaddafi cell as the ‘the Martyr Qaddafi’ brigade.

You will recall, and as reported by Libya Herald, this is the same Awfia brigade that had briefly occupied Tripoli International Airport back in June.

Al-Hur went on to list the heavy arms that were at the barracks and under the control of this pro Qaddafi cell including, Hawn rockets, 25 rocket launchers and astoundingly over 100 tanks. Members of the press present were so taken aback by this figure that they asked Al-Hur to confirm it. Al-Hur confirmed the number of tanks as being over 100.

When asked by the media about the whereabouts of the SSC whilst the Sug il Ahad barracks was being infiltrated, Al-Hur admitted that there were many ‘climbers’ who had joined the 17th February Revolution on false pretenses.

Al-Hur revealed that the SSC had set up a committee to review all the security apparatus in light of last week’s events.



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  1. What’s extraordinary is that the security forces could identify ONE “martyr” who is NOT pro-Gadhaffi! How could any Libyan support Colonialism??? How could they support bombing raids on their own cities???? Obviously they don’t.

    The young men who did this should be SO VERY ASHAMED!!! Gadhaffi gave them everything, spoiled them rotten. If they don’t know already, they’re going to discover the difficulty of providing for the Libyan people at the same high standard that Gadhaffi’s government taught them to expect.

    • I am waiting for that day! I hope its soon! Yes Qaddafi did spoil them rotten! that was the biggest problem! I think if he had put them to work instead of waiting for their salary to collect maybe things would be different!

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