Libya – News from Occupied Libya (26 August 2012)

News from Occupied Libya


Libya - News from Libya occupied (26 August 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, the rebels are positioned in different parts of Sabha.

City Marzag in the south is surrounded by Libyan rebel gangs. They shut down the banks since last Thursday. They do not allow anyone enter or leave the city. They cut the telecommunications network.

The rebels attacked the house of a Libyan pro Jamahiriya in the Bouslim Ali Mahmoud Taouir. The latter did not want to deliver then he was trapped in a hand grenade exploded seriously injuring two rebels.

In Kufra, clashes have broken between tribes Toubou fighters and rebels.

Tajoura the rebels have exploded and destroyed the mausoleum Chaabe Dahmani in the region of Tripoli.

The Mufti of NTC launched a fatwa to destroy all shrines of Libya. (**** You can see the evil in his eyes and mouth! Looks like a vampire! He is no Mufti he has declared himself Mufti! Nobody knows him!)


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