Libya – Attack against Mahmoud Jibril (25 August 2012)


Attack against Mahmoud Jibril 


Libya - Attack against Mahmoud Jibril (25 August 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama Friday, an attack against Mahmoud Jibril on the road near the checkpoint Nafoussa Jebel Hira in Ghariyane. His car came under fire of shots fired from armed men. It appears that these men belong to the party Jabha Wataniya.

Photo shots of Libyans mercenaries  killed by the bullets of the Syrian Arab army. (*** I hope they rot in hell, may Allah forgive me for what I am saying but these goons have killed a lot of my relatives and friends they had no business to go to Syria and to kill innocent people!)

The death of Libyan mercenary Mohaned Asemie Souiii under the bullets of the Syrian Arab army. He is originally from the area Islami city Tripoli. He was killed 29 days of Ramadan in Aleppo.

The storming of the TV station Kanat Assima and the arrest of its director. The rebels are looking for the journalist Fathi Ben Aissa in relation to what he wrote on his Facebook page about the destruction of the mausoleum.