Whatever be the Supreme Security Committee in Qatar and Libya


Whatever be the Supreme Security Committee in Qatar and Libya 

 Witnessing several Libyan cities these days, the Libyan bombings and the kidnapping and killing of systematized organization without the knowledge of such acts as usual government agents to wear such acts by NATO to Honorable Almahjhreinn from Libya or than they call them “as far as the former regime” in order to put pressure on the Government of Egypt and Tunisia, Niger and other Governments of the need to deliver these to be liquidated as well as to cover up their failure Aldiria in all segments of the son-in-law and their mercenaries who walks Carrying the agenda and ideas and currents could come together under the umbrella of a single State and both wanted to impose his vision on the other, and perhaps the abduction failed client Mohammed Lafi in the city of Benghazi a few days ago Atbtaat including the Aida room for doubt and after investigation with offenders involved so-called Supreme Security Committee in this process, but the issue kept hushed media is terrible and followed this process several bombings in Benghazi and Tripoli and accused the usual “former regime” has been arrested dozens of youth and some women innocent charges are innocent of innocence wolf vilified peace be upon him and today in broad daylight someone blew up a car Assistant Egyptian consul in the city of Benghazi after track and arrest him shows that he is self-styled patrol Committee Supreme Security costly Pal (third line) of the area in Ocean bombing and found him tariffs and personal weapons and claims (Mohammed Bouchaalh Misrati) Is it the former regime?