Libya – The Green Strength Signed its Presence on the day of Eid El Fitr (August 20, 2012)


The Green Strength Signed its Presence on the day of Eid El Fitr


Libya - The green strength sign his presence on the day of Eid El Fitr (August 20, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, on Saturday, two car bombs exploded near Omar Mukhtar street in Tripoli. They exploded outside the checkpoint of the military academy for women and another explosion at Meidene Gazala and the fourth at Ghot Chael followed by clashes between rebels and Green Resistance fighters. An assessment of several deaths and injuries

Taxi car bomb exploded outside the Ministry of Interior. A review of two rebels dead.

In Warchfana, warplanes flew over the city and explosions were heard.
The rebels had a sacred(***and unforgettable) Eid Fitr, several explosions targeting places highly sensitive for the NTC




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  1. Also, it is the GNC who is claiming that the Resistance is exploding the bombs in Tripoli this morning. This is another lie.

    NOT BEING REPORTED except on
    Source: Rusaifa news, and publish by: Dr. commander
    was seen 160 times, since the date of its publication in 20/08/2012

    20 AUGUST 2012….
    as I woke up morning Zliten people of the city to hear a large explosion shook with all parts of the city and terrified residents and turned out to be an explosion targeting a shrine to one saints there ..
    These bombings are the work of the Salifis and the Muslim Brotherhood; NOT the GREEN RESISTANCE–which the GNC is blaming it all on!

    My MAY 2012 article now seems very timely!

    and also here:

  2. AGAIN, I REPEAT, THE GREEN RESISTANCE has had no connection to the perverse bombings in Libya. That is NOT how the Green Resistance operates. Rather that is al-Qaeda, BelHadj and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    مرة أخرى أقول، كان المقاومة الأخضر لا علاقة لتفجيرات الضارة في ليبيا. هذا هو ليس كيف تعمل المقاومة الخضراء. بدلا من أن تنظيم القاعدة هو، بلحاج والإخوان مسلم.


    Muslims and the World Islamic Call Society: The Libyan Situation 2012
    Libyans look to God for help A man looks at a book in a library run by the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) in Algeria Square in Tripoli, 22 March 2012. C…

    After he delivered a greeting, asked Dr. of Liberal vouch for what he says is that Lt. volcano may contact but only once, in a language that Palestinians, and that systems for the resistance, and no more, they did not generate between him and the volcano any talk last.

    He said that the volcano did not tell me then at all, since four months, not speaking to me at all, and I do not know what it stands does not take responsibility for what he does whatever positively or negatively. And God is my witness that this man does not receive instructions from me, do not know me do, and I do not have anything to do with it at all more than my relationship with you, and I know him as you know more about you and something.

    The bombings occur for the bombings are not acts of resistance, being villainous style and approach is not resistance, resistance is not related to the bombings, any person claiming to be from the resistance and declares that the bombings of the act of resistance is a liar.

    So that the resistance had announced in its statement of innocence bombings, because the resistance aimed at protecting people do not kill him, either playing style, it is rejected, and any person who works for himself Velinsabh.

    Resistance has its principles and its approach and its leaders and style, a rainy and organization, and has a prominent political personality respected, and has its characters universally recognized, and can not behave in this way, or to be dependent on one person to issue a statement or to say that he blew well and has such and such.

    You should know that the resistance has its cadres, and it is negotiating with major states and governments, and can not be a farce in the hands of a group of boys, So please do not believe anything said to you, and take your precautions, you should know that Facebook pages and Web sites infiltrated can join to any one, under any name, and this is something they do not speak well known by their real names, how confident or sure of what is said is just a name, how do I know who to be.

    Please beware and aware of these errors, and be sure and be sure that the resistance has the leadership, and leadership have an advisory body, and this body tracking politicians in Libya assumed positions of Trustees of the popular committees in general, and ambassadors, and they are people with their value familiar with international politics and they have their relationships, and the Advisory Council now exists to resistance leader and has all the well-known personalities, and the leader of the resistance in touch with all these characters, and consulted with them Anaqchehem and coordinates at a high level, not at the level of people or individuals.

    Resistance is now entered in the negotiation stage with other countries, the stage conditions, stage outlook for Libya, the stage for the formation of a government in exile, and the formation of official delegations to travel and meet with presidents, it is reasonable to be dependent on someone on Facebook pages, impossible so aware and beware.

    The resistance has its existence, and its staff, but not exclusive to a particular person, the resistance is strong, and include well-known personalities that do not need to mention, when announced will be announced in full, and have advisory bodies have connections governments and states, which is not something easy, but not on the person sitting in the room what .

    Young people in the resistance on the ground they had orders to hunt heads, and carry out quality, but the bombings are not of their deeds or their style, this style rule, incompetent and legitimacy.

    Resistance to protect our people do not kill him, the resistance to What Alice Found for the protection of Libya, and the protection of our people and our people from looting and theft, and insulting them and spilling their blood, it is not reasonable to do this. Understanding already Haramiha protector Vasalabi and Belhadj were responsible for the bombings and to teach the people of Libya that this style, not style resistance and you know that this was the method of Almqazemh Tripoli is in for one night to blew 10,000 cars, but this is not a method of resistance, they are not afraid of its people do not kill him.

    We defend the right to, for our people, for peace of mind and security for Chbana even rats of throws his weapon and prepare for his home and perverteth the judgment to the right path is safe, even made up the court and be tried legally.

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