Libya – An explosion in Tripoli this morning (20 August 2012)


An explosion in Tripoli this morning 


Libya - An explosion in Tripoli this morning (20 August 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama this morning, a loud explosion has rocked the region Souk Jomoa in Tripoli.

Photo of the car bomb in front the Ministry of Interior in Tripoli.

Armed men attacked an assembly of rebels close to the gas station Shell in Benghazi. Armed men in a police car brand Toyota with license plate 0012 shot at rebels this morning at 6am.
Warplanes flying over the city of Tripoli.



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  1. NOT BEING REPORTED except on
    Source: Rusaifa news, and publish by: Dr. commander
    was seen 160 times, since the date of its publication in 20/08/2012

    20 AUGUST 2012….
    as I woke up morning Zliten people of the city to hear a large explosion shook with all parts of the city and terrified residents and turned out to be an explosion targeting a shrine to one saints there ..

  2. NATO can’t stop Freedom in Libya! Europe will not dictate Libya’s future for very long. Those days of Colonialism are over! No more concentration camps run by the Italians in the desert.

  3. AGAIN, I REPEAT, THE GREEN RESISTANCE has had no connection to the perverse bombings in Libya. That is NOT how the Green Resistance operates. Rather that is al-Qaeda, BelHadj and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    مرة أخرى أقول، كان المقاومة الأخضر لا علاقة لتفجيرات الضارة في ليبيا. هذا هو ليس كيف تعمل المقاومة الخضراء. بدلا من أن تنظيم القاعدة هو، بلحاج والإخوان مسلم.


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    • I will agree with you on that! Usually the GREEN RESISTANCE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY OF ITS ACTIONS, but as I am not a reporter and I am not at the scenes plus my informants are keeping silent for reasons already explained I have no way of verifying if its true or not I am collecting the information from the newspapers who are with us!

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