Libya – News from Occupied Libya (17 August 2012)


News from Occupied Libya


Libya - News from Libya occupied (17 August 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, the resignation of the Chairman NTC Benghazi after being threatened. (****This is NEW FREE LIBYA GUYS ENJOY! You fought for it! now drown in it!)

At the border crossing of Amsead, the rebel Hasnouni Imad was shot by gunmen. He is in the emergency.(****hope he does not make it!)

The Chairman of Libyan businessmen Abdullah Falah was attacked by gunmen. They threatened him with weapons. They stole his car. (****The Libyans are starving & we have a chairman of Libyan businessmen really what joke? serves him right! you didn’t like the previous regime drown with the NEW FREE LIBYA ENJOY ASS HOLES!!)

A sit-in of Libyan students in the Libyan embassy in Washington to demand their unpaid scholarships. Police were called to evict them. (****Well with the previous regime there was never a delay of payment, really; I do not understand why now we the Libyans should pay for these assholes their scholarships when they did not like the previous regime and they came over to Libya to fight the previous regime, NOW WHY ARE THEY COMPLAINING???? COULD SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME AS I AM AN IDIOT!)