Libya – Libyan RATS mercenaries arrive in Syria (August 13, 2012)


Libyan RATS mercenaries arrive in Syria


Libya - Libyan mercenaries arrive in Syria (August 13, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, Sirte, rebels attacked the houses foreign workers, the majority of Pakistani Muslims. They stole the contents of their homes. A disgruntled worker struck one of the rebels but they have responded and they tortured the worker and information about the death of two Pakistani workers. 

A rebel reinforcements arrived on the scene and arrested all the workers.

The photo of the rebels RATS and Ahmed Mohamed Lebe, from the town of ZawiyaThey are currently in Syria to kill the Syrians.

A young Libyan tribe Kdadfa was killed by rebels of Ouled Slimane who wanted to steal his car.

Photo of a rebel wanted by Salma Abouzouda resistance

The arrival of the battalion commander of the rebels Abdelbaset Haroune Syria. He is mercenary who has a mission to kill the Syrians.



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  1. Shame on the Rats! And now the whole world sees America’s reluctance to impose a no-fly zone over Syria…. Could it be Obama & NATO regret the strategic catastrophe of knocking out peaceful, stable, prosperous Gadhaffi— in favor of these Rogues who torture, rape & kill randomly…. obsessively….

    NATO has destabilized the entire Middle East… Very stupid for a world dependent on oil resources…. Very stupid, indeed!

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