Fiery Erdogan Slams Assad, Iran

Fiery Erdogan Slams Assad, Iran


Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan addresses the members of his ruling AK Party (AKP) during a meeting at his party headquarters in Ankara July 11, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas)

By: Mohammad Noureddine posted on Thursday, Aug 9, 2012

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed all kinds of condemnations of Syria and Iran. He questioned whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was really a Muslim, which will likely provoke Alawites inside Turkey and abroad. Erdogan also accused Iran of disloyalty, vowing to fight “the enemies of Turkey” until the end.

(Editors note: Now let’s get one thing straight!! who is who putting their nose in affairs that are not theirs? Turkey! not the other way around!!! as to whether Mr. Assad if he is Muslim or not?, I think his more Muslim than Edrogan, who is a ZIONIST SON OF BITCH – ERDOGAN IS NOT MUSLIM BECAUSE IF HE WAS, HE WOULD NOT SEND MUSLIM MERCENARIES TO KILL BROTHER MUSLIMS! AND NONE OF THESE COUNTRIES LIKE SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, JORDAN, IRAQ, PAKISTAN, NEW FREE LIBYA, EGYPT, U.A.E., BAHRAIN AND ALL THE GULF IF I AM FORGETTING A COUNTRY…. THEY HAVE ALL SIGNED A TREATY WITH ISRAEL TO GET RID OF ALL REAL MUSLIM ARABS!)

Following an iftar (Ramadan feast) held the day before yesterday [August 7], Erdogan sent very strong messages to Iran and “the enemies of Turkey.” He said that “the terrorist organization [The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)] is currently in themidst of a battleorchestrated by the enemies of Turkey. However, we will fight the battle against anti-Turkish circles with the highest severity and determination. We will not take a single step back.” Erdogan added that Turkey’s “enemies want to change our priorities.” (since when is the PKK A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION? Just because Erdogan say’s so! please… the Turks in reality they are only 10 million! the rest are Kurds, Armenians and Greeks with Turkish passport!)

Erdogan strongly criticized Iran, saying: “We stood by Iran when no one was at its side. Is it consistent with our beliefs to defend a regime that has killed 25,000 people? The Iranian leadership must first take responsibility for its actions.”(How about you Erdogan taking responsibility for the genocide of the Armenian people! lets not forget and other genocides which you are trying to hide!) 

He added: “250,000 Syrians have left the country [Syria]. Is this not the responsibility of Iran? Yet, before Iran takes responsibility for the situation in Syria, it must first hold itself accountable [for its own]. We always take responsibility for our actions.” (really do you???? when????)

Erdogan criticized Assad, asking: “Can we even say that he is a Muslim?” (what’s your problem? if he is or not? his more Muslim than you that is for sure!!!! He is not a Zionist like you! and does not kisses the ass of Netanyahu! like you do!)

Erdogan denied interfering in Syria’s internal affairs. He launched an attack on Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party, describing him as part of an anti-Turkey campaign. He said that “just like there is the Baath Party in Syria, there is the Republican People’s Party in Turkey.”( yes we believe you the same way you said you did not interfere in Libya please do not try to persuade us! we believe you!!!!)

Kilicdaroglu said in response that the current state of Turkey is depriving him of sleep.

“I am deeply saddened and concerned. I cannot sleep because of the situation in the country, while the prime minister is happy about it,” he said. “The prime minister is blind if he cannot see the dire situation facing the country. He is extremely detached from the current reality.”

In an article written in Hurriyet, Cengiz Candar slammed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for its Kurdish policy. He said that the countdown to the fall of Erdogan and the AKP has begun, and whether it will be a soft landing is yet to be seen.

Candar notes that “two conclusions can be made regarding what is happening. First and foremost, Turkish leadership in the region cannot be achieved through the government’s current policy toward the Kurds. Secondly, Turkey cannot hinder the emergence of a new reality in the region involving Kurds and Syrians, and its possible implications in Turkey.”

He continues, “We have always stressed that a change in Turkey’s Kurdish policy, as well as its Middle Eastern policy, would positively affect the internal situation. I will say it frankly for the first time: the hopes pinned on the desire and ability of the government to achieve such a change are running out. The new reality will not change the fact that Turkey is facing a dilemma. It is trying to operate in a swamp from which it cannot emerge to build a regional leadership.” Candar adds that “the Kurdish problem cannot be solved through the current policy. On the contrary, the opposite could happen, meaning that the AKP’s authority may gradually disintegrate.”

Candar states that “Mount Erciyes in Turkey is 3,916 meters high. Today, it appears that Erdogan is still at the top of the mountain, but no longer at an altitude of 3,916 meters, he is now at 3,900 meters. His descent has begun and will continue until 2014 [when Erdogan runs for reelection]. But given its pace, which is unprecedented in the history of the Middle East, a smooth landing cannot be guaranteed.

“Turkish authorities have an obligation to change their policy adopted more than a year ago, and must stop using the PKK and terrorism as excuses for their actions. As long as the authorities insist on this policy, we will continue to criticize it,” Candar writes.

In Turkish daily Milliyet, Metin Munir criticized Turkey’s sectarian policy toward Syria and the region.

“The government is seeking to gain points through its pro-Sunni and anti-Jewish policies. We have started to pay the price for that. Shortly after the start of the events in Syria, Assad became Turkey’s primary enemy,” he said. “Turkey, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, started to arm and fund Assad’s opponents. Turkey did all it could to bring Assad down. It tried to persuade Washington to support intervention in Syria, as it had in Libya. It also maintained that the departure of Assad would be in the interest of Turkey. However, Turkey was not able to achieve this goal. In fact, Assad’s departure is not in the interest of Turkey, but to the contrary. Syria, just like Turkey, is a country with diverse sects and ethnicities. Its population consists of Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Alawites and Sunnis. Under the authoritarian regime of Assad and his father, the unity of the country was preserved.”

Munir added: “Today, however, Syria is being divided, which poses an extreme threat to Turkey. Assad has begun to use the PKK against Turkey. He has handed the north of the country to the Kurds, and furnished them with heavy weaponry. Fighters have come from the Qandil Mountains [in Iraq] to Syria. Assad has transformed the area that extends from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean Sea into a battlefield against Turkey.”

Munir continues, saying: “Turkey must provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, but it should maintain neutrality regarding the Syrian conflict. Although this would be in the interests of Turkey, it has not happened. We have earned the enmity of Assad for no specific reason. He is now hitting us in a painful spot, that is, the Kurdish question. Why should we help Assad’s enemies inflict harm upon us? Do not cry out against the bloodshed of the Syrian people, as we should first work to prevent the bloodshed of our own. As the English proverb goes, charity begins at home.”

For the first time, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior issued a statement on the clashes that have been taking place in the Semdinli and Hakkari regions since July 23. The statement included expressions such as “intensify military readiness,” “ensure full sovereignty” and “continue the fight until the area is cleansed of ​​terrorists.”

According to Turkish newspaper Radikal, “these are indications that the PKK seeks to establish an [independent] zone and will not leave it, and that the violent clashes there will escalate in the coming days.”



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  1. There are some important deficiency of knowledge about Turkey’s internal problems. First , Pkk is a terrorist organziation just like El Qaide ,Taliban ; Pkk behaves just like Benghazi and Misurata gangs . Kurds resemble the rats who uprise Jamahiriya. However Turkish population is the most of Turkey. Kurds are %15 , and the other etnicities are %5. Turks did not make genocide to Armenians , but just they deport them when these people cooperated with imperialist that want to invade Turkey . Th author Cengiz Candar is the man of U.S.A and missionary of American and İsrail politicy of Middle East . Besides some right things are in this article. Akp cooperates terrorists who riots Libya and Syria and supports them. Akp is responsible that the death of innocent people. Turkist authority moves on the same path of U.S.A and İsrail. Most of Turkish people dissaprove this wrong foreign policy. Most of Turks like Gaddafi and see him as a friend of Turks. I m a Turkish, my predecessors are not genocider . Turkish people support Libyan and Syrian people against predators . God bless the right people …

    • It seems we have learned a different history my brother there was a genocide of the Armenians even if you do not want to accept it you just have to open some other history books other than Turkish! as for the Ethnicity of the Turks I will have to say with certainty that you are only 10 million and the rest are other ethnicity bear in mind that I know a lot about Turkey and its history, from beginning of time as well the Ottoman empire and later, I may add that the Turkish foreign policy is fantastic but that does not mean that all of you who live in Turkey are Turks! As for the PKK sorry I do not agree with you that they are like the Al Qaeda cuz Al Qaeda is paid by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad while PKK is on its own. Al Qaeda is used by the west when ever they want to bully a country or to terrorize their own country they use them while PKK has only been in Turkey. If I am not mistaken they are asking for a piece of land which Turkey is refusing to give! while Syria & Iraq where giving them… so who was causing the problem? anyway as Usual Turkey always cries wolf!!! and in the end no one will believe her!
      Erdogan wants to built again the Otoman empire by betraying all the Arab nations FIRST HE BETRAYED LIBYA & NOW SYRIA NEXT IRAN you think anyone else is going to believe Turkey again? Not EVEN THE PALESTINIANS!

  2. Brother , we are on the same path what the Erdogan is not Moslem and he is working for Big Middle East project of imperialism so called Arap spring in real Illuminati terrorism. But you say Pkk is a different organization and dont resemble to Al Qaida ,Taliban and etc… Pkk is a terrorist organization who kills our soldiers , polices, engineers , teachers and the babies in its swaddling clothes. They are killing civilians with the bombs and suicide attacks. Pkk is a bloody terrorist organism which European countries , U.S.A and Israel supports with their weapons and fro instance American and Israel army officers and commanders train Pkk militias on in their terror camps Pkk has justed killed an innocent girl who is 17 years old by burning her in the people transport bus throwing molotov coctail in it. Her name was Serap Eser. Pkk is a neo-nazi organization that are hypocrites and allege they are freedom fighters just like Free Syrian Army terrorists . Brother ,perhaps you dont know these realities but it is just time to learn. We are not 10 millions in Turkiye as Turks , we are 60 millions and are crushing majority in our country , we have a big and honourable history. We did not make genocide to Armenians. But western imperialist countries allege that Turks made genocide in 1915 to Armenians. No genocide , just we deported them because of they betray our country and cooperate with the enemy which want to take our country from our hands. We are all Moslem, we must be careful that to our words ; we Turks see Gaddafi a big leader of the world and we certainly comdemn Nato invasion of Libya. Our government authority cant represent Turkish people. We condemn their policies . We support Bashar Assad against to terrorists. Because he is defending his country and struggle with terrorist just like us. Because Pkk killed our 5000 people and still continue its damnable agressions. Pkk , Taliban, Al Qaida, they are all made up of America Israel and western countries. They are all terrorists and serve their owners , to Zionists and Illuminati. Brother , you must search the historical events more and more , for example you must know Khojaly massacre that Armenians killed our brothers ; Azerbeijani people. If you want to know what they do to our Azerbeijani brothers in Khojaly massacre , just ask to them. Armenians are the real genociders , not Turks. At the end of my words , i specify that our authorities can be faithless and make historical mistakes to their fellows , but we must not do what they do. All Moslems are friend to themselves except the betrayers to their countries and their brothers. Long live Jamahiriya, long live Syria , long live real revolution and long live our friendship that will not finish to the doomsday. May Allah be our helper …

    • I will re check what you say about the Pkk as for the rest I agree with you! May Allah give us strength and wisdom to walk this path which is with hardship.
      I wish you and your family A Happy Eid after the Ramadan!

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