Head of Tripoli NTC lied about capture of Abdullah Senussi

Head of Tripoli NTC lied about capture of Abdullah Senussi

By Lizzie Phelan

With thanks to E.G. Greene for translating

Once again, reports surfaced yesterday that the former Libyan spy chief Abdullah Senussi had been arrested in Mauritania.

This was despite that head of the Tripoli NTC Abdullah Naker had insisted that Senussi was already in the NTC’s custody. In this video he can be heard clumsily trying to cover his back.


The interviewer Naeema Al-Musrati repeatedly asks Naker how his claim squares with recent reports of his arrest.

Musrati asks: “You said that Senussi was in your custody and no one was allowed have access to him, so what’s your story now that Mauritania say he is with them?”

Naker replies that if he is in Mauritania’s custody, they should produce photographic evidence to which Musrati responds that Naker has repeatedly been asked for photographic and video evidence to show Senussi is in Naker’s custody. “Why don’t you show us?” she asks. “You said you had him Abdallah Naker, where is he?” 

Astonishingly he replies: “Up until yesterday he was with us, I dont know, unless he left last night?”

Naker then continues to betray his contempt of being accountable to anyone when Musrati presses him further: “Maybe your men let him escape then, how do you not know?”  

“Maybe he did,” Naker says, “but its up to the NTC to request Mauritania to show evidence and not me…If I have him, I will not show him until they prove otherwise.” 

No photos or video evidence of Senussi’s alleged capture in Mauritania have yet been published. Repeated claims have been made that Senussi has been killed or captured, including prior to the NATO backed rebel invasion of Tripoli that began on August 20th. The last pictures published of Senussi are from his appearance at the Rixos Hotel on August 21st, when he gave a press conference warning the international media of the heavy presence of Al-Qaeda linked groups amongst the rebels.

Abdullah Senussi in the Rixos Hotel August 21st

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  1. How ill-informed, more than a month agao Hamedi paidfor Senussi and his young son’s bail; and both are now free with Muammar! When will Lizzie collect all her facts before writing a silly article.!!

    • Thank you very much for all this information very much appreciated would you mind from time to time to write an article on my blog?

  2. She also said another stupid thing–that nothing has been heard about Senussi since last year August!! She did not even know that in December 2011 he made a full interview ??? and that he issued statements in March which I have both saved online in a picture post?

    we also have pictures of him from March (before the Mauritania incident) where he is with Muammar in the Desert. Muammar afterwards sent him on a mission to Mauritania to gain the support of the newer government there for the Jamahiriya…That is when, in April or so, as he was coming off the plane that Senussi & son were “arrested”…BUT as we said, both were treated well; and Kawaldy Hamedi, on Muammar’s orders in June, paid their fines and set both of them free. Senussi then said that both he and his sons were well treated in Mauritania; and prior to that in Mali too.

    Pictures were also distributed in Sirte of Muammar and Senussi together in an airplane scene last month (in July 2012).

  3. slight correction: the statement Senussi issued was on 19 Febr. 2012 (not MARCH, as I mistakenly wrote hastily above).

  4. Abdullah Sanusi out of his silence and talks about surprises
    Posted by Greenlibyanews on 19/02/2012
    (In the name of God the Merciful (
    (From the believers are men true to their covenant with God, some have died and some of the wait)

    To the honorable and the heroes of the great sons of Libya who Stro grandest epics of heroism in battle and honor Alfd Constructive for the country
    Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah
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    May peace and God’s mercy and blessings
    Brigade / Abdullah Sanusi

  5. the bail was posted last week by Kawaldy Hamedi and he is with Muammar again right now—as you know Kawaldy
    Hamedi is high rank in the Green Resistance with Muammar—Kawaldy was with Muammar since the First al_Fetah
    Senussi was NOT delivered to RATS/TNC! ALL LIES AGAIN!
    our correspondent from the beach green march through the streets of al-Barrak ……….
    Photos flying leader and Thursday and Abdullah Sanusi …. After denial news delivered Sanusi …

    So they are showing new pictures of Muammar, Khamis and Senussi together aboard aircraft in denial
    of the false news of the TNC saying that Senussi is under captivity with them.
    (date 10 JULY 2012)

  6. early July 2012:
    This may not be among the photos being circulated of Muammar, Senussi and Khamis upon the fliers in Barack Shatti. The report just used this handy picture to illustrate what is
    appearing on Barack’s streets—which is Totally Green with Green flags everywhere and people celebrationg with Patriotic songs as “God is Great above the Aggressor“
    (National Anthem of the Jamahiriya)

  7. SENUSI VIDEO 20 DEC 2011

    عبدالله السنوسي يفضح ساركوزي Abdullah Sanusi exposes Sarkozy

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