Libya – Libya News from occupied (August 8, 2012)

Libya News from occupied


Libya - Libya News from occupied (August 8, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, two groups of armed men stormed the seat of television and radio Libya Wataniya located Abdelmouneïm Riadh Street and they want to clear out the building where there is the spread of FM radio Benghazi.

The ministry of higher education of the NTC validates sending a few students who have had their bachelor to go ABROAD FOR pursue higher studies at the expense of the state. They are the children of the members of the NTC like the daughter of Minister of Education sent to the United States, the daughter of General Khalifa sent to the Hafter United States and also the daughter of Mahmoud Jibril sent to Germany.(*Now! should I call them Qaddafi loyalist’s??? I don’t think so! because they are choosing who to send abroad like these students their fathers do not have ENOUGH MONEY to spend for their children they have to take it from the state!!! REALLY!!! SHAME ON YOU HAFTER (what about the money your son stole from the bank in Tripoli was that not enough?), JIBRIL(as for you Jibril was the money not enough from the CIA and Europe Agents to feed your family?) AND THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL THE BILLIONS YOU HAVE STOLEN???????)

The journalist Suleiman Douga, the one who has betrayed the Gaddafi family and participated in the conspiracy against the Libyan condemns the selection of ambassadors and consuls of Libya sent overseas and the selection of students who will pursue their studies abroad . He stated on his page Facebook that it is very serious and dirty the image of NTC.