Libya, the Libyan last report (01/08/2012):


 The Zero Hour of Liberation is running … The imperialist invaders and the traitors will be crushed …!

Libyan Jamahiriya: Part of cleaning operations and release 01/08/2012

– Dr. Hamza Touhami made ​​an important statement asking all Resistance fighters in all regions of Libya, which started at zero time, the time of the Liberation of Libya has arrived.

It is confirmed that the Resistance fighters are equipped and ready to die or FREE  Libya. Appeals to the fighters from each region to Liberate the city closest to it.

– Zawiya: the enemy of Libya’s ambassador of Qatar, visit the area amid protests from the population who are harassed and bullied by mercenaries and sharpshooters (snipers) … 

* The Bandit “rebel” Halak battalion Nasser threatened to arrest the officials of the platform “Wafa” of the company ENI located southwest of Libya. The “rebels” met with the director of the Italian company and demanded that the company no longer sign contracts with third parties and that will happen by this battalion to sign a new contract. They demanded the company to go through this battalion for the rental of any truck. Still required the company to hire some members of the battalion!!! (I don’t think the west thought they would have to deal with the scumbags! they thought they would deal with the foreign Libyans who lived in England, America, Italy, Germany etc! but  the Guide was clever supplying the whole nation with guns to protect ourselves from NATO and the RATS… well now the WEST has to deal with the RATS and not with the cultivated Libyans who lived abroad and thought they would come to Libya after the destruction and take over as the LIBERATORS and do the dealings that they dreamed of all these years!!!! its a shame that for a few bucks they sold us to the West and yet they got NOTHING…..) 

Benghazi: – Green Resistance attacked the headquarters of military intelligence Beghazi, a loud explosion in the building makes the NTC-NATO rats on high voltage, there is a panic that the Resistance start a fierce offensive.

* Kidnap 7 members of the delegation of the Iranian Red Crescent in Benghazi.

* In the midst of anarchy national security office in the region of Benghazi Houari was attacked by the Green Strength.

* We report an attempted assassination of the traitorous general Khalifa Hafter, unfortunately was not eliminated. The men threw a grenade at his home in the region Fouihete.

* Benghazi deminers have defused a bomb that had been placed beside the air conditioner under the bridge of the Tibesti Hotel. The hotel is used by all Qataris mercenaries and conspirators.

* A battalion commander Mohammed Barani and his “rebels” in Ajdabiya withdrew from the NTC and joined the Resistance in the border with Niger.

* Protesters disagree with the NTC-NATO came in Benghazi demanding the truth about the death of General Younes Abdelfateh ask the emir of Qatar: Who killed General Younes Abdelfateh?. Many rats “rebels,” they lament their participation in this war against the Libyan demonstrated with banners such as: What is the capital of Libya: Tripoli or Doha?, They burned the flag of Qatar in the Tibesti Hotel, which is the seat of Qatar. Qatar flag is burned by protesters …

* It is confirmed that Colonel Suleiman Bouzrida traitor was eliminated after prayers at the mosque in the region Achae Leithi Jadid. A group of armed men in a white car brand Chevrolet stopped to ask their lessons and then someone shot him in the head. It was this miserable colonel Libyan military security and that really helped the “rebels” during the conspiracy against Green Libya.

* In Benghazi Cheikhi Abderezak school, a bomb was discovered.

* They inform us that the main accused of the murder of General traitor Abdelfateh Younes, the bandit “rebel” Aboukatada Afhgani escaped from prison. The bearded men who introduced themselves as battalion commanders came to see him. They gave him clothes to change. He retired the prison uniform and went with them to the front door. The prison guards discovered that his cell is empty and escaped. 

These people who helped him in a white car came from the army “Kowa February 17.”

* Civilians complain that a drone was seen in the skies of Benghazi causing panic and indignation

 * A former national security official was killed after the car bomb exploded in Benghazi region Hadaik Jedi.

 – Zenten: Three members of the family of Ahmed Ben Jomoa Machay were kidnapped by militias Zenten after his return from the city of Chakika.

Yesterday, after Maghreb prayers, rebels attacked the house of a faithful Charir Fouziya. Dispararon the Libyan weapons in the house and then burned. They went to the store after her husband and burned it.

– Taouergha: The Head of Refugee Affairs of the European Union visited the concentration camps Taouergha.

– A group of gunmen attacked the tribe Ouled Sakr headquarters of the safety of fellow Muslims and expelled from the city. Destroyed seven trucks equipped with heavy weapons.

 – Misurata: The theft of human organs in prisons in Misurata, a revealing interview of a victim of this barbarity.

A police officer Omar Salem belonging to the tribe Warfali was kidnapped by militia Misurata Furthermore, in Misurata, NTC President and his deputy have resigned.

– Tripoli: In Tripoli, near the hospital Hadaba and Khadra, a group of rats “rebels” kidnapped Misurata two young Libyans. They were forced to remain in their underwear. They were filmed with their laptops and then retreated. 

These are the victims: 

Mr. Khaled Messaoud Fassile Zarouk

Mr. Tahar Chibani

– Darna: a teacher was shot dead. Her name is Najiya Astita. Her body was thrown through the trees to Ouedi Naka at the entrance to the city. Her car was stolen. 

We report that in Darna, the Muslim Brotherhood have prepared a blacklist of 900 military and police for execution. A fatwa has been said to kill anyone who was under the flag of Jamahiryia .

– Kufra: The leaders charged that Tobous 17 people were killed by mercenaries of the NTC-NATO over the past two days, denied by other sources.

– Traitors and conspirators to Libya, these common criminals in the service of imperialism will be deleted

Raphael Luzon


Entrepreneur Jew Raphael Luzon returned to Britain after being imprisoned in Benghazi: Raphael Luzon, a former Libyan Jew, returned to the UK safely on Sunday after security forces in Benghazi imprisoned and interrogated him for several days.
Luzon said his ordeal began in Benghazi on July 22 when “suddenly a friend sent me a text warning me to be careful that security forces are looking for me,” he recalled. “I immediately called the Italian consul who came to my hotel, but when I went to the lobby to meet him he was surrounded by 12 to 15 armed men.
They didn’t let the consul speak, they put me in the car and took me outside Benghazi.”
Luzon, who said he was in the country for business, was kept behind bars at a military camp outside the Mediterranean city without being told why.
“I felt my life was in danger for the first 24 hours because no one knew where I was or what had happened to me,” Luzon said. “In the morning high officials came. One of them, a general shouted at my captors saying they should have brought me food and water.”
(what Drama!!!! really!!!!)

“What really counts is popular sentiment, I am convinced nothing has really changed over there as far as the Jews are concerned,” he wrote in an email to the Post. “[The Libyans believe Jews are] undesired greedy ogres to be ridden of in Palestine and, of course, in Libya.” (they are not wrong at thinking that about them and by the way NO ONE KICKED THEM OUT OF LIBYA STOP LYING YOU TOOK IT UP YOURSELVES TO LEAVE LIBYA now you have no rights as long as you are stepping on the rights of Palestine)

Meanwhile, he added, “at the moment I do not advise any Jew to go to Libya.”

– Tajura: the body of a young woman was found on the beach in Tajoura. She was killed by three bullets. Taken to hospital. The doctor believes that the legal age of 17. She had no identity documents.

– The Corruption of the new “Libya Democracy”: The buildings under construction by the previous government and were about to be delivered to the Libyans, that is planned delivery to the Libyan families in late 2011. The NATO bombs, heavy weapons and armed groups international violations of private property have destroyed many of these buildings.

The saucy criminal to steal more and more from  Libya of the Libyans is that one “person approaches the NTC and alleges that the site has been constructed which a particular building was theirs and that the government of the Jamahiriyah removed it …?. reasoning completely absurd if we consider that these houses and flats they were gifts for the Libyans and are Libyan ALL being built in north-south and east to west including the smaller towns in the desert. However, the NTC accept this “intelligent reasoning” and surrender the property to this “person” who has claimed such a thing. All Libyans know is false, but any signs of being against is interpreted as a sign of being “gadafista “and therefore punishable, so nobody says anything against such theft to the Libyans.

Buildings under construction in Tripoli a week before the attack on Libya.

– Tribute to the hero paradigm of humanity and revolutionary MODESTY: A bronze bust of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, was created to save the image in the heart and the memory of this indomitable man.Its main purpose in life was in charge of social protection of each home. His dream was to unite and make Africa a poor blooming oasis. If there are saints in Islam, Muammar Gaddafi will certainly be among his face. Eternal memory HERO! … The pedestal consists of 3 types of natural stone: 1) Malachite. 2) White marble. 3) dark green serpentine nobleman. Carved malachite flag of Libya. (We have posted on YouTube where you can find a closer look at the bust from all sides:

– Return the television channel of the Green Libya with their latest shows online. This allows to break the media siege by the invaders and give more support to the resistance to free the country from predators, as traitors and mercenaries.

You can connect the following link:–aljamahiriya-tv-libya-live-stream


– Bani Walid: Brutal NATO bombing against the university Bani Walid – Second plant. A criminal achievement of the “revolution” of criminals rats NTC-NATO.

source: Mohamar Al Gaddafi