Libya – News from the Green Strength (August 4, 2012)

News from the Green Strength


Libya - News from the green strength (August 4, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, this morning at dawn, a suicide car bomb targeted the headquarters of the military police of the army of NTC in the heart of Tripoli near the mosque Abourkiba.

A caricature of the rebels on the plane of the NATO war that killed thousands of Libyans.

The Resistance Fighters threw grenades at a checkpoint located on the airport road.

A convoy of heavy weapons from rebels Zenten goes to the city of Mezda as reinforcements to the rebels of Kantrar. Their mission is to kill the young of Mezda.

The youth of the tribe Ouled Boussif have closed the south entrance of the city Mezda to prevent the rebels from returning Zenten.