Gaddafi corners the clown Sarkozy: Mediapart Cited by the Police to Tell the Truth


Gaddafi corners the clown Sarkozy: Mediapart Cited by the Police to Tell the Truth

Sarkozy has nightmares with Gaddafi

A normal Presidency justice, natural?  This requirement is tested by the judicial treatment of the Libyan secret, Nicolas Sarkozy.  While Mediapart hand, Wednesday, May 16 the Paris prosecutor’s office all documents in support of his claim of false report, only the false accusation that the former president is under preliminary investigation in which we are summoned by the police. We reiterate our request that a judge is appointed independent and impartial.

Mediapart confirms that appeared today before the prosecutor of Paris, forty-five pieces, representing about one hundred pages, to support  our claim false accusation brought against Nicolas Sarkozy on 2 May 2012. These pieces, which publish the list at the end of this post (with links to relevant articles), demonstrate the extent of the work Mediapart in its investigation of the possibility of illicit financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.  Launched in July 2011, this long-term research revealed financial ties forged in secret in 2005 by the entourage of Mr. Sarkozy, then interior minister, with the Libyan regime of Colonel Gaddafi deceased.

The seriousness of the facts revealed by the sections of Mediapart, which reveals strong evidence of corroboration of the illicit financing and consistency of submissions is indispensable to justice the appointment of an independent and impartial, to perform all acts necessary to ascertain the truth.  Our attorneys,  Mi, Jean-Pierre Mignard and Emmanuel Tordjman, had specifically requested that  the Paris prosecutor, François Molins.  Ignoring this legitimate request, prefers to stick to a preliminary inquiry into allegations by Mr. Sarkozy.

It is only in the context of a criminal investigation secret, under the control of the prosecution and without respect for the parties, which Mediapart been cited for the judicial police.  As editor in chief, I asked for Friday, May 18, while the authors of the research, Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske, are Monday 21 and Tuesday, May 22  After being deprived of a public debate on the choice of procedure of Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not placed on the floor of the defamation through the press, is now private Mediapart for the prosecution of human rights defense enjoyed in democratic societies continued to any journalist because of his writings.

Mediapart this procedure refused to limit press freedom, but remains at the disposal of justice that respects the equality of arms.  We are determined to prove we have made ​​in compliance with our rules of conduct,  a legitimate mission of information on a topic public interest  .  So to show our good faith, we will give the police all the articles and pieces in which our investigative reporting, and have joined our complaint for false accusation.

But they refuse to answer questions as part of this preliminary investigation.  And we reiterate our request for an independent and impartial justice, respecting the right of the press is that the right of citizens to know.  Above all, a justice who diligently investigate facts grave discovered by our disclosures and attest that the documents filed by us with justice.

List of documents disclosed to the court by Mediapart

Annex 1:  The article of April 28, 2012 entitled  “Sarkozy and Gaddafi: proof of funding”  .

Annex 2:  Mail the card of Mr. Takieddine of April 27, 2012.

Annex 3:  Interview with Mr. Takieddine the newspaper Libération  , April 29, 2012.

Annex 4:  July 10, 2011 article entitled  ”   The financial secrecy that endangers the Sarkozy clan   “  .

Parts 5:  The article of July 22, 2011 entitled     The Elysee secret negotiations to wash the right arm of Gaddafi   “  , and reference sample (3 pages):

 -. 1.5  Fax dated October 30, 2008 I Azzad Maghur lawyer, Libya.  – 5.2.  Note of 25 June 2008 on the legal situation in France by Mr. Senoussi.  – 5.3.  confidential note of a meeting of 16 May 2009 in the presence of Mr. Herzog and Mr. Gueant.

Part 6:  The article of July 28, 2011 entitled     Sarkozy and Gueant: suspicion of Libya, a large   “  and reference sample (29 pages):

 – 6.1.  letter of invitation to Libya Mr. Sarkozy, interior minister, June 22, 2005 (in Arabic).  -. 6.2 surround the private secretary of Mr. Gueant, chief of staff for Mr. Sarkozy, addressed to Mr. Takieddine.  -. 6.3  Mr confidential note Takieddine preparing Sarkozy’s visit October 6, 2005.  -. 6.4  Note of Mr. Takieddine in a preparatory visit to Claude Gueant in Libya. -. 6.5  Letter of 10 September 2005, Mr. Sarkozy confirmed his visit to Libya on October 6, 2005.  -. 6.6  Letter of 23 September 2005 Mr Gueant confirm his arrival in Tripoli from 30 September to 2 October 2005.  -. 7.6  Letter of 15 November 2005 Hortefeux, minister for local government on a future visit to Libya.  -. 6.8  Presentation Software CryptoWall society i 2 e (Amesys)  -. 6.9  Set of six payroll, payment of commissions by firm i 2 e (Amesys) foreign companies Mr. Takieddine.  to 6.10.  undated note of a meeting with Mr. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi and Mr . Senussi  . 6.11 – Fax series of 20 July and 29 August 2007 from the Secretary General of the Elysee to Mr. M. Gueant Takieddine (11 pages).  -. 6.12  Mr Takieddine confidential note of 23 April 2008 concerning the various files of Libya.

Table 7:  August 12, 2011 article entitled      The arms dealer, Gaddafi’s nephew and beaten prostitutes in London   “  .

Pieces of 8:  August 18, 2011 article entitled     The emissary of the Sarkozy clan in Libya paid in total secrecy      parties and referenced (38 pages):

– 8.1  by mail on 13 and 17 June 2008 in reference to a proposed partnership between the Libyan national oil company TOTAL.  -. 2.8  Notes 9 and 25 June 2008 Mr de Margerie, Total CEO Ghanem, the Libyan company counterpart.  – 8.3.  Letter dated 3 December 2008 the Director of Global Oil and Gas Co. North, the total.  – 8.4.  Fax 12 December 2008 refers to the full cooperation of Libya and North Oil and Gas Global Co.  -. 5.8  Confidential letter of December 19, 2008 Lord Pouyanné, CEO of Total, the North Oil and Gas Global Co.  – 8.6  .  Booklet 20 pages, dated July 2008 on cooperation in TOTAL LIBYA.  – 8.7 . Confidential letter of 20 January 2009 Lord Pouyanné, executive director of the North Oil and Gas Co. the world total  -. 8.8 Calendar confidential “TOTAL LIBYA” Mr. Takieddine.  – 8.9.  memo written by Mr. Takieddine.  – 8.10. Memorandum of Understanding of 27 August 2009 between the National Petroleum Corporation and Total signed by Mr. Chokri Ghanem and Mr. de Margerie.  – 8.11.  Letter of 17 September 2009 Northern Oil and Gas Global Co. sent TOTAL  – 8.12.  Letter Pouyanné 30 September 2009, Mr, executive director of the North Oil world total and Gas Co.

Pieces of 9:  18 September 2011 article entitled    Delivered by the clan of Sarkozy, the French 4 × 4 that protects Gaddafi   “  , and pieces of reference (10 pages):

– 9.1.  eight-page extract of the contract “Program for Homeland Security” company i2e (Amesys) and technical descriptions on the sale of four quarters Gaddafi regime secure.  -. 2.9  Slip counter 18 December 2007 the company i2e on payment of a fee of 990.720 euros to an offshore company of Mr. Takieddine.

Parties No. 10:  October 6, 2011 article titled     Evidence of French intelligence network in Libya   “,  and part references (18 pages):

– 10.1.  Extract 18-page contract “Program for Homeland Security” company i2e (Amesys) and the technical descriptions of the “current network analysis”, foreshadowing the system “Eagle” spy in the country to the Internet.

Annex 11:  December 17, 2011 article entitled    Justice survey of Libya’s spy network   “  .

Annex 12:  the article of March 12, 2012 entitled    Presidential Election 2007: Gaddafi was financed Sarkozy     , and quoted parts:  -. 12.1  . Hearing of Mr. Brisard by the National Financial Investigation Division (DNIF), October 18, 2011  – 12.2.  list of notes given by Mr. Brisard.  – 12.3.  Memo Shows of December 20, 2006 – 12.4.  new hearing Jean-Charles Brisard of October 18, 2011, at 14h 30.  – 12.5. Appearance by Mr. Didier Grosskopf of October 19, 2011  – 12.6.  Tickets for MM.  Takieddine Grosskopf and a common movement in Tripoli in May June 2006.

Exhibit 13:  Article of March 15, 2012 entitled     Gaddafi-Sarkozy: Our new revelations   “  .

Exhibit 14:  Article 16 March 2012 entitled     Gaddafi-Sarkozy: Mr. Brisard, under pressure, he wrote   “ .  Exhibit No. 15:  Article of April 10, 2012 entitled     The Libyan refugees spied accuse France in Paris  ”   , and some mentioned (10 pages):

-. 1.15  Note 13 June 2007 headed the direction of the Libyan intelligence to spy on a petition from residents of the opposition in Paris, in Arabic and translated into French.

Annex 16:  April 28, 2012 article entitled  ”   Libya, the urgency of a formal investigation   “  .

Annex 17:  April 29, 2012 article titled     Sarkozy-Gaddafi: news, their disinformation   “  .

Proof # 18:  April 30, 2012 article entitled     Saleh Bashir is protected by France: the tangle of power   “  .

Proof # 19:  May 2, 2012 article titled  ”  Sarkozy-Gaddafi: the Elysee caught by witnesses   “  .

Exhibit 20:  The free transcripts of Sarkozy’s statements of 29 and 30 April 2012.

Exhibit 21 AFP dispatch of August 19, 2011 on the destruction of the residence of Mr. Senoussi, head of Libyan intelligence.

Part 22:  Dispatch from Reuters March 22, 2012 regarding the arrest of Mr Senussi.

Annex 23:  Hearings on 5 and 6 March 2011 Mr Takieddine.

Annex 24:  . The examination of Mr. Takieddine of October 12, 2011  Exhibit No. 25:  Article of May 3, 2012 entitled  ”  50 million Sarkozy: Former Prime Minister of Libya confirmed   “  .  Exhibit No. 26:  Article 4 May 2012 entitled ”   Gaddafi, Sarkozy knew the Tunisian justice   “  .  

Annex 27:  . The examination of Mr. Takieddine of May 10, 2012  

Parties No. 28:  Article of May 11, 2012, entitled  ”   Following his election, Sarkozy proposed nuclear plant Gaddafi     and refers to part (7 pages):

– 28.1.  The transcripts of the telephone conversation of May 28, 2007 between Nicolas Sarkozy and Gaddafi in Arabic and French.

Parties No. 29:  Article on May 15, 2012 entitled    Libya: Sarkozy to ingratiate himself with Saleh’s family    , and pieces of reference (2 pages):

-. 29.1  Boris Boillon note of 30 June  2008  -. 29.2  Muriel Mathieu mail June 20, 2008

Proof # 30:  Mandate of July 6, 2006 Mr. Abdallah Senussi Thierry Herzog, for me to represent you in the case of UTA DC10.

Annex 31:  Evaluation of Mr. Takieddine visit to Libya on 11 and 12 April 2005.

Proof # 32:  Draft letter to Mr. Takieddine Hortefeux.

Annex 33:  Evaluation of two pages of Mr. Takieddine of September 7, 2006

Part 34:  The translation of an invitation from the Libyan authorities on October 22, 2005, addressed to Mr. Hortefeux

Annex 35:  Letter dated May 17, 2005 by M. Takieddine Brochand, director of the DGSE.

Exhibit 36 undated note on the establishment of a think tank Franco-Libyan

Annex 37:  Summary of January 26, 2006 Mr. Takieddine an appointment with Mr. Alain Juillet, economic intelligence advisor to the Prime Minister.

Exhibit 38:  Note Confidential January 23, 2007 on “the flying club contract” of 12 Mirage F1 of the Libyan Air Force.

Proof # 39:  confidential notes of June 11, 2007 referred in particular to industrial cooperation between France and Libya in the areas of arms and nuclear.

Exhibit 40:  undated confidential memorandum on a visit to Tripoli by Claude Guéant.

Parties No. 41:  confidential note 11 June 2007 refers to a visit from  “The minister Hortefeux”  in Tripoli.

Annex 42:  Evaluation of 11 July 2007, citing  “important points”  file Franco and Libya.

Annex 43:  Evaluation of 3 September 2007 refers to “following the case of nurses  and the establishment of a Crown corporation Franco-Libyan arms.

Exhibit 44:  undated note on  “the elements of the language of a letter from the president leader”  .

Part # 45:  My letters sent by Mignard and Tordjman to the Prosecutor of the Republic, Mr. François MOLINS


(Editor’s Note: This is the reason why General Abdel Fatah Younes was murdered! as he knew too much the same goes for the son of Qaddafi Mutassem Qaddafi, and lets not forget of-course Mr. Ghanem that he suddenly drowned in Austria! they all knew too much. The people who are still alive and should die as it will burn the WEST are: Saif Qaddafi, Khamis Qaddafi, Dr. Abuzeid Dorda and             Mr. Baghdadi al Mahmoudi.)