Libya – A teacher shot and killed (July 26, 2012)


A teacher shot and killed 

Libya - A teacher shot and killed (July 26, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Green Libya According to Darna, a teacher was shot dead. Her name is Najiya Astita. Her body was thrown between the trees to Ouedi Naka at the entrance of the city. Her car was stolen.

In Darna, the Muslim Brotherhood have developed a blacklist of 900 police and military for execution. A fatwa has been declared to kill any person who was under the flag of the Jamahiriya.

To Darna, the Muslim Brotherhood have prepared a blacklist of 900 military and police for execution. A fatwa has been said to kill anyone who was under the flag of the Libyan.

A video showing the people of Taouerga placed in concentration camps!




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