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The corporate media based in the United States and Europe have already proclaimed the match Western-backed Mahmoud Jibril Elwarfally, the National Alliance of Forces, as the winner of the first elections after the Libyan.  Jibril, who was educated in U.S. at the University of Pittsburgh, without doubt, keep the current policies of the National Transitional Council (NTC), which was installed by the Pentagon and NATO in August-October 2011.

While Jibril served as minister in the previous government, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, was one of the previous defectors loyalists during the lifting of US-supported and funded last year. played an important role in serving as the face NTC’s public rebel who was used by the Obama administration to justify the bombing and the forced relocation of the internationally recognized government of Gaddafi.

Jibril had been forced out as acting Prime Minister of the NTC earlier this year in a dispute between factions.  Although the final results would not be available with respect to the election until several days later, the imperialists have welcomed Jibril as the new “leader” of Libya.

The operation supported by the United States told the international media that “We extend an invitation, continued as before, to other political forces to unite in a coalition under a single banner.  This is a sincere appeal to all political parties meet.  There are extremists. “(The Guardian, UK, July 9)

However, the only political program laid down by the rebel regime NTC is a strong alliance with the imperialist states and the suppression of loyalists who still support the government of the martyred Libyan Muammar Gaddafi .     The NTC was put in power through  a massive bombing campaign, the naval blockade and economic sanctions against the previous government  .

The elections held on July 7 represent a continuation of the same process of regime change designed to bring Libya fully into the fold of Western domination.  Jibril, hailed as a breakthrough moderate or independent politics in Washington and London.

Despite claims that the elections represent an important advance in the history of this North African state, the current back to the polls was low.  Even in Tripoli, the capital, many were left out due to threats violence, lack of information about the candidates involved and the rejection of the process that seemed alien to the people inside the country.

NTC’s government, said the participation rate was 60 percent.  However, it seemed that this was the case of reports by the media correspondents in Tripoli and other cities.

Even if the rebel regime figures are taken at face value, still indicate that 40 percent of the population rejected the polls that put into question the legitimacy of the results.  Libya had not had a political party system since 1952 under the monarchy, where election violence led to the banning of political parties.

Under the Jamahiriya, the system is based on direct democracy through popular committees.

Reflecting the problems associated with the new tax system under the NTC, most candidates were designated as “independent” but the pro-American Jibril was anointed the winners.

What is never mentioned by the corporate media in the electoral process is that the Libyan supporters were excluded from participating in elections.  All former staff members who remained loyal to Gaddafi’s government were forbidden to run and therefore the result tipped in favor of the imperialist-backed parties and candidates.

Seif al-Islam, son of Muammar Gaddafi and his heir, he was denied the right to participate in elections .  Seif was detained by militia Zintan operating outside the authority of the NTC rebel regime in Tripoli.

Thousands of government supporters Gaddafi still imprisoned and exiled.

Former Prime Minister  Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi  was recently extradited from Tunisia, as performed by the NTC rebels in Tripoli.

When members of the International Criminal Court (ICC), visited  Seif al-Islam several weeks ago, they were arrested and detained for over a month until the imperialist states apply pressure for their release.  Although the ICC assisted with the Council United Nations Security in providing pseudo-legal justification for war against Libya,  his staff put on notice not to interfere with broader imperialist designs for this oil-rich nation of seven million people  .

Regional Division strengthened by elections

The events leading up to and during the elections clearly illustrates the political chaos that has defined Libya since the overthrow of the previous government.  The eastern region was the scene of attacks on election offices were smashed at the polls and materials vote were burned.

Several officials of the electoral commission were killed and wounded in the attacks.  The eastern region was less disproportionate number of the representatives of the West, who will sit in the “General Congress of the Nation.” Some of the elements within the east of the country have been calling for the autonomy of the western region in the capital Tripoli is located.

In the south, factional fighting in recent months has created a serious security situation.  In Kufra clashes between Indians and Africans Arabized ethnic groups prevented the delivery of ballot boxes in many areas.

The South was given the least amount of representation in the new parliament.  These developments will only exacerbate existing divisions in the country, which resurfaced during the rebellion against Gaddafi in 2011.

Overall, it was reported that more than 100 polling stations were unable to stage elections on July 7.  The next day, the government NTC said some of these facilities were opened, but these claims remain unconfirmed.

source: Mohamar Al Gadafi



  1. To win… what? The majority of independent (120) will decide the policy in Libyaaccording their views and alliances . Stay tune for big surprises…

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