ONLY NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY THE WAR IN SERBIA!!!!!! Tons of gold in the Black top


Tons of gold in the Black top


Pine – A Canadian company “Avala risorsis” estimated to be at three locations on the Black top, there are reserves of at least 130 tons of gold.

“The deposits of gold in the Black top are among the richest in Europe and are among the highest class,” said Justin van der Torn, general manager of research “Avala risorsis” for the “Evening News“.

The Canadian company will in the next three years to invest more than half a billion dollars in two open pits mines of gold on top of Black Mountain, between Bora and Žagubica. “In the area of the Black Bigar found the top 38 million tons of gold ore, from which it is possible receive almost 48 tonnes of the precious metal, “ said general manager of research at the Canadian company for the “Evening News.”Studies have been completed and the second crnovrškom Korkan site, where preliminary results were even better than the tufa, and are expected soon and the results geological research in the third location Kraku Pestar. “We have reason to believe that these three sites are hidden reserves of at least 130 tons of evil that, “ said Van der Torn. case studies demonstrate economic feasibility of exploitation, “Avala risorsis” plans to the top of the Black,  with an investment of at least $ 500 million, two open pits and associated mining and metallurgical plants, in which were several hundred workers.

The investment cost for three years

“If the opening of gold mines, and the state of Serbia will have a huge benefit, since it belongs to the five percent “royalties fees” (fees for the use of mineral resources) of the total gold production, “ said Van der Torn. In addition, the Serbian would receive an additional 10 percent profit on behalf of various taxes. in “Avala risorisu” expect to be an investment of half a billion dollars to open the mine back in two to three years from the date of activation of mines. Everything else will work with profit. Canadians in Geological Research Žagubica so far invested more than $ 50 million, which is one of the largest projects of its kind in the world. results obtained by showed that the deposits of the precious metal, in its mineral composition is almost identical to those detected in the U.S. state of Nevada, during the gold rush.

(****I like how the invaders think they take everything from one’s country and give peanuts to the people it’s a shame something that like this big belonging to the Serbian Nation which is a big Treasure to benefit the Canadians private company which I do not believe its Canadian but a multinational = Zionist which wants to conquer everything not caring for all the blood they have spilled!!! Only now it’s explained to me why they bombed Serbia and why they wanted us all to believe that the leaders of Serbia where war criminals and should go to Hague to be trialed! Its time to wake up and take all the WEST LEADERS AND PUT THEM TO TRIAL NOT ONLY AS WAR CRIMINALS TO HUMANITY BUT THE WORST TERRORIST OF HUMAN KIND!) 



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    • No need to thank me, I was trying to figure it out for years but could not understand the reason! I knew from the beginning that this war was a set up! but I could not understand the reason! As the Former Yugoslavia was a close society I never bothered to learn its geography and its treasures so I was blind on behalf of its resources! I apologize for not being not so well informed! Muslims & Christians really have nothing against each other and I am ashamed of what the Muslims have done against the Christians! There is no excuse for both sides even though the Ottoman empire is the one at fault changing everything that all Muslims believe. I personally apologize on the behalf of the democratic Muslims who think before they act and worship God’s and the Prophet’s teaching’s on what has been done to you.

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