Libya, the Libyan last report (04 to 07/07/2012: Manipulation, Fraud and Indignation in the electoral circus mounted by the imperialists. Was a total failure

Manipulation, Fraud and Indignation in the electoral circus mounted by the imperialists. Was a total failure


The democracy of the UN-sponsored pumps bare the hypocrisy of capitalism, puppets and minions of the NTC-Al Qaeda does not represent anybody, common criminals are purchased by the West. Elections in Libya? COVERED by warlords NATO-Al Qaeda? Why the Salafists, or does it by having 32,000 U.S. mercenaries in Benghazi? all mounted circus has proved a huge failure but full of violence and destruction. Only a matter of time all enemies will be severely punished in Libya by the laws of the Great Jamahiriya

– Declaration of the Libyan national popular movement calls to boycott the fraudulent elections.

“We call on all Libyans … boycott the charade, so-called elections, and to fight against their conduct, for our beloved country Libya  – .. For all and for all”

Declaration of the Libyan national movement popular elections – is a farce.

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful!

Believe in the Libyan National Movement, which sets targets for their achievement, and tends to him and invites the public to participate in this sham exposure of Libya.

From our origins and history of our Great nation, and his Great sacrifice, and, standing in the face of a Conspiracy Against our country, the bleeding of our children, conspiracy, destruction of the infrastructure of our country, we call on Our People, who care for This country, to combat electoral farce, and not buy into the word “government” brought from the sea, and participated in the systematic bombing of its legitimacy, have no popular support, whose supporters only a handful of people with a criminal past.

 Add to this that Islam, law, reason, logic demands that the honest people of Libya maintains a boycott of the elections, “” for the following reasons:

criticism of Islam and the rights under conscious politicians and lawyers, including:

Recognition that illegal “authority” and not entitled to make today such rock acts as such “elections”.

– Lack of confidence in the distribution of electoral mandates and areas of representation, in violation of the population, when in some areas and densely populated settlements is much higher than the density of population in the other with the same number of mandates .

– Transition to the notion of “national identity” and the lack of attention to the problem of the concept of the identity of persons with dual citizenship, and lack of decision of the Libyan people about it.

– The lack of logic of elections in the country, the balance between federal and unitary system, and therefore should not hold elections until the issue of federalization and coordination with all Libyans, at least not because of the calls from supporters of federalism in the eastern part of Libya to boycott the elections.

 ● The lack of legitimacy and authority armed criminal gangs who seek to legalize their status and oppression of our people who are losing their power, that is no longer a mystery to everyone.

 ● The daily practice of law, alienation, marginalization and racism “government” groups that seek to create political legitimacy for themselves and their accomplices, to hide their crimes related to violation of human rights and the Libyans.

The lack of a political process in Libya, aimed at eliminating the armed forces and the return of government agencies, military, police and the judiciary, the establishment of security and achieve true national reconciliation, for all without exception and exclusion, regardless of political ideology or social status, with an urgent need to immediately release all those in illegal prisons.

Based on the foregoing, we call upon all Libyans, Libya in the East and West, North and South, on behalf of the honest people in the Libyan grassroots movement: calls to boycott the elections a farce, and even fight to the end against his conduct, to Libya being beloved homeland for all and for all.


The Libyan National Democratic Movement.

Burned ballots as a symbol of outrage

to the electoral farce, contempt for democracy imposed with bombs and destroying 
more than 120 polling stations are closed without explanation 
what lies invented now, the cynical will say that a success? 

Dr. Hamza Toumani talks about the farce of elections in Libya

False democracy in Libya

– Sabha: strong explosion at a weapons storage facility in rats “rebels” in this time fire trucks rushed to the scene

Brack Shatti: Tribes pro Gaddafi opened fire last night until now the criminals of NTC-NATO are in Airport Brack Shatti. Brack’s people decided to fight Shatti

– Benghazi: this morning, a car bomb exploded near Salmani. This car belongs to the commander of the mercenary forces of the “February 17,” Ahmed Barnaoui. There were no injuries. The attack occurred outside his home near Benghazi Salmani.

In another incident, a NATO helicopter carrying the NTC – election leaflets was shot down all the occupants dead.

– Zawiya: Zawiya tribes and their allies have said they shut down oil rigs until the beasts of the NTC-NATO resolve the problem Kufra. The platforms in question are:

The oil rig Nafora 

– The Amal oil rig 

– The rig Wantar Chell

 – Ajdabiya: In polling station was burned, all material was destroyed amphorae 

 – The devastation and destruction fishing in Libya: Libya has a lot of Mediterranean coast and fishing boats were operating Libyans enough to feed to Libya so that the fish was excellent and very varied in Libya.

The first problem was when NATO bombed the Libyan fleet to destroy all boats. It was petty and cruel in order to raise the siege of the population to leave them without food, without water, gas, etc..

Now the Libyans are concerned that a British fishing boats taking advantage of the situation Libya and violating the sovereignty of the Libyans have entered Libyan territorial waters as aggressive fishing practice that has destroyed the fishing and some experts speak to the Libyan coast to take up to 30 years recovered from the wreckage.

This is the functioning of democratic countries human rights defenders are not enough to destroy a country with bombs, cause a coup, seize their wealth in a few months now and destroy their food sources that the Libyans were able to use and maintain throughout history. It took about a month in the country west to take possession of its archaeological heritage, your money, oil and now destroy its coast and its fishing. 

Where are the media? Where are the international laws? Does not belong coastal countries as well? What if Libyans boats were  to fish the English coast? …

– Brega:  There were no fraudulent elections. A group of Libyan civilians have remained closed for two days several oil ports in protest at what they see as a marginalization of the eastern region, reported that the NTC-NATO is corrupted and is not a legitimate entity and Representatives

 – The murderer of Vietnam and “political” John McCain U.S. arrived in Libya to monitor the fraud along with his henchmen traitors and mercenaries of the NTC-NATO, this guy should be arrested and prosecuted for war crimes, is a sick conspirator , enemy of peace.

  Young Torture in Libya

– A member of the local Board of Benghazi, Abdullah confirmed that the Maghrebi head of state public services was removed from office on the recommendation of the Office of Audit and Control. He said a steering committee to oversee the company. The group consisted of five members, two of the three companies and beyond.

A Council official, Khaled Al-Dzhazui there are many violations of municipal services. This led to the overgrowth of all waste from streets. 

A separate issue Maghreb said on Monday held a joint meeting of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and Security Supreme Committee for organizing the necessary “security measures” in the elections to the National Conference of Benghazi.

– Melinda Taylor’s free, now we will help Saif al Islam Gaddafi: A challenging Melinda Taylor has condemned the Libyan authorities for the arrest of her and said her client, Saif al Islam Gaddafi, will never receive a fair trial.

Australia’s attorney in her first public comments since being released three weeks in Libya, said the fair trial rights of Saif, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, had been “irrevocably damaged”.

Mrs. Taylor, 36, was arrested with three other lawyers Criminal Court (ICC), after traveling  to Libya as a lawyer for the son of Gaddafi.  She was accused by the Libyan authorities of espionage and passing documents encoded at Gaddafi.

However, Ms. Taylor said that the papers were legal documents and codes of elements were presumed innocent, including personal doodles and Gaddafi’s nickname, “Saif engineer” can easily be found online.

“Regardless of the issues relating to my personal conduct, the rights of my client, Mr. Saif al-Islam, were irrevocably harmed during my visit to Zintan,” Ms. Taylor said in a press conference in The Hague after meeting with her husband Geoffrey and daughter Yasmine.

 “It’s the defense position that these recent events have underlined that it will be completely impossible for Mr. Qaddafi to be tried in an independent and impartial in the Libyan courts.”

She said she was treated with dignity by their captors, but Libya gave no legal justification for her detention.

 “During these 26 days of detention that never were given an order or decision on the legal basis of our arrest or detention or search and seizure of confidential documents from the ICC,” she said.

 She was warned that there would be no contact with the outside world, but finally allowed consular visit monitoring and five-minute call with her husband and daughter.

“Among other things, the Libyan authorities deliberately misled the defense as to whether the visit with Mr. Qaddafi could be monitored. They also seized documents that were covered by professional secrecy and protection orders of the ICC” said.

Mrs. Taylor and her colleagues at the ICC were released by the rebels in the western city of Zintan after the court of  The Hague-based apologized for the incident and promised to investigate the lawyer and his colleagues.

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi source: libia-sos.blogspot


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  1. “Election results haven’t been officially announced but Alliance party members say they’ve already entered coalition talks with Islamist Party leaders.”

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