Turkish Newspaper Documents with a Videotape Turkey’s Intelligence involvement in Perpetrating an attack on a Syrian Village


Turkish Newspaper Documents with a Videotape Turkey‘s Intelligence involvement in Perpetrating an attack on a Syrian Village

ANKARA, (SANA)-Turkish Yurt Newspaper underlined with documented proofs that the Turkish intelligence is involved in carrying out terrorist attacks in Syria, revealing that the camps set up by the Turkish government on the borders became havens for the terrorist groups which perpetrate massacres against the Syrians.

The Newspaper showed in a videotape broadcast on its website a number of Turkish terrorists, speak the Turkish Language, attacking the police center of the Syrian al-Sha’abaniya village after they infiltrated through the Turkish borders into the village.

Yurt added that the videotapes show the attackers from the Turkish Intelligence entering al-Sha;abaniya village through Yayaladagi city, and the Salafi groups which reside in the so-called the camps of refugees informed the families that members of the Turkish intelligence participated in the attack.

The Newspaper quoted a number of the residents in that area as saying that a number of the armed terrorist groups which reside in the camps infiltrated through the Turkish borders in order to perpetrate similar attacks and massacres in Syria where the Turkish guards didn’t prevent them from sneaking into Syria.

Local source also stressed that Yayaladagi city changed into a haven for thousands of terrorists where the Turkish government do nothing to protect the Turkish citizens.





FROM LIBYA 30/07/2012

FROM LIBYA 30/07/2012


Libya at the moment is a disaster and are suffering greatly. The Libyans now seek only peace and security.

Misuratah currently has the power of the country where there was the rise of a group of Jews and businesses in the war, that is where aggression is more professional and perverse led war workers from around the world, where torture , run and do most of the atrocities.

Armed groups of Misuratah catch people in the streets or they stop the car and take them away and are never heard of them.

For example we know directly that one man died yesterday from the blows he has received in Misuratah, or two days ago  a woman was killed while driving in Benghazi.

In Tripoli there are daily violations by these International Armed militias appear uncontrolled. The tribes requested that joins them to form an army, yet neither the NTC / USA or anyone is interested to return the order. They are mercenaries of the “rebels” who are not supposed to have “work” (apparently), armed to the teeth even with aircraft that keep the chaos in the country, especially in Tripoli. Are mostly in the neighborhood of Buslim and the airport, out to steal, kill, torture, and even fight over anything. Soar with aircraft and heavy weapons on the streets of the city while the supposed “government” does not say anything. Even those who are supposed to have come after the elections do not appear or do nothing.

Misuratah has taken all the guns of Tripoli and its banks are left with ALL the money from Libya and oil. Oil is Libya’s wealth is being stolen by the oil and Misurata. All the treasures of Libya will Misratah.

While constant chaos created by these “international armed militias.” The Libyans hoped that after the vote, to calm down a bit this aggression, but the reality is that everything has continued the same.

An example of a man last Friday in Tripoli, he left his car Volkswagen Passat to the mosque to pray at  two in the middle of the day, when his car went missing  and searched for it he found the men with his car, he was taken and never heard again of him or his car, right in Tripoli at noon. People are protected by law.

Tripoli is full of international militias and is completely destroyed. To make matters worse they burn garbage in the city, within the same city. They breathe the mist of smoke from rubbish and pumps.

Beni Walid NTC in the city. The majority of the city inhabitants are Warfala tribe, the largest in Libya and have created a channel for reporting how the city is what’s going on but was boycotted several times and journalists have been threatened by report phone. They say they were captured and murdered.

We promise “freedom” and yet if you talk about what they do not want to put you in jail if you talk about the Jamahiriyah put you in jail, if you show a green flag they put you in jail. Where is the freedom?.

Organ trafficking in Misratah is standard practice, as this man who has been interviewed and filmed explaining that he was locked in jail Misuratah, then went to the hospital, then released him. I felt so much pain and did not know what was wrong so I went to the doctor and saw that he was missing a kidney. Misuratah He asked what had happened in the hospital, but was told that they had not touched his kidneys until he managed to tell someone the truth. There is a line direct air traffic between Misurata and Malta.

Misuratah acts as independent from the rest of Libya, without the intervention of the tribes or NTC. Everything that happens in Misuratah is insane but a “mystery” who runs. They know that there are Jews, that is Al Qaeda, that there are companies of the war and everything else and we can suppose.  
While the North East of Libya, Benghazi is where it is assumed that started the uprising “rebel” are nothing, absolutely nothing and under constant threat. 

source: leonorenlibia.com

Jordan – 30.07.2012 – Libyan patients all but gone, Hospitals, Hotels still Await Payment

Libyan patients all but gone, Hospitals, Hotels still Await Payment!!!!

Although most of the thousands of Libyans who crowded the Kingdom’s hospitals and hotels over the past year have left, representatives of these sectors say they are still waiting on the Libyan government to pay their bills.

Fawzi Hammouri, head of Private Hospitals Association (PHA), said the Libyan authorities still owe Jordanian hospitals around JD 55 million of the JD 140 million cost of treating more than 60,000 Libyan patients in the aftermath of the North African country’s revolution last year.

The PHA president said the association had asked Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh to contact the Libyan government in this regard but has not received a reply from the premier and that some hospitals are having financial problems as a result.

The Libyan committees in Jordan have hired a company to audit the bills, he explained, “and this will prolong the payment process further”. (***** I thought the Libyan committees where banned as they where not democratic and belonged to the previous REGIME…. Decide New Stupid Libya What you want!!!! the previous REGIME which YOU stupidly BETRAYED, KILLED AND DESTROYED FOR MERE FEW DOLLARS MORE!!!! OR THIS PATHETIC NEW STUPID MILITIA SO CALLED FREE LIBYA WHICH IS NOT FREE BUT COLONIZED BY ZIONISTS AND ALL OF US WE HAVE TO SUFFER YOUR IDIOCY!)

Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s hotels are also waiting on around JD 20 million that the Libyan authorities owe them for hosting these patients while they received treatment in Jordan.
At a meeting with representatives of the JHA and the Scope Health Insurance Management Co., Ali Bin Jalil, head of the Libyan Patients’ Affairs Committee, did not specify when the payment would be made, but said it would be after the recently elected General National Congress convenes.
The congress is expected to convene on August 6.

He also said that Libya had paid around $230 million of its dues to the Kingdom’s hospitals and hotels.
(Source: Jordan Times, MENAFN)

source: aljamahiria.algaddafi.org/

Dialogue With The Son Of Omar Al Mukhtar After His Return From Rome

Dialogue With The Son Of Omar Al Mukhtar After His Return From Rome

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حوار مع نجل شيخ الشهداء بعد عودته من روما
زيارتنا هذه هى بمثابة انتصار لأجدادنا وآبائنا وانتصار لعمر المختار

Aljamahiria.org / صحيفة الجماهير /

*وددت أن أقول لابن غريسياني والدك أمر بشنق والدي دون وجه حق

*وضعوني في مدرسة بمنطقة الشاطبي في الإسكندرية ومكثت بها خمس سنوات

*أنا سعيد بهذه الدعوة الكريمة وكذلك فخور بالجامعة التي
 تحمل اسم 
والدي المجاهد عمر المختار

*أوصي أنا محمد عمر المختار كل أحفاد عمر المختار وكل الليبيين الذين لديهم مقتنيات وكتب وصور وأي شيء يخص عمر المختار أن يحضروه للقائمين على متحف عمر المختار الذي ستقيمه الجامعة في مدينة البيضاء

*ذكر لي
 أحدهم أن أحد سكان منطقة شحات يحتفظ بمحفظة عمر المختار

حاوره في بيته : عبدالرحمن سلامة

الحاج محمد نجل شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار، الوقور ابن المختار التقيته في حوارين سابقين الأول كان في مدينة درنة عندما كرمت رابطة مجاهديها روح المجاهد
البطل يوسف بورحيل المسماري ، وثاني لقاء كان في بيته بمدينة بنغازي عندما زرته بمعية الكاتب حسين نصيب المالكي وحاورته في شهر رمضان المبارك بعد اعتذار رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي الذي انحنى أمامه وقبل يده أمام مرأى العالم ، وها أنا أحظى بشرف دعوته باسم جامعة عمر المختار وعميدها لحضور حفل التخرج لهذا العام ،فعندما أخبرني رئيس تحرير المجال والمختار الكاتب سالم الهنداويأنني من سيحمل هذه البطاقة وهذه الدعوة الرسمية كانت فرحتي عارمة ، وكيف لا وأنا سأكحل عينيبرؤية ابن عمر المختار وفي بيته الذي تحفه البركة ويعتريه السكون والطهر، وعند دخولي بيته أحسست بكرم المختار الذي وهب عمره وضحى بحياته من أجل الوطن موصولاً بابنه الذي كان احتفاؤه بي عظيماً ، وقابلني بابتسامة رضا وذكرني بلقائي السابق معه وعبر عن سعادته بما نشرته المجال في تلك الفترة ولمح في عيني عدة أسئلة جميعها حول زيارته الأخيرة إلى إيطاليا فبدأ يتحدث عن هذه الزيارة التاريخية قائلاً :

 كان اعتذاراً تاريخياً بحضور الأخ القائد معمر القذافي وتم التصديق عليه من مجلس الشيوخ ومجلس النواب الإيطالي و خطوة مباركة جداً وسعي طيب من الأخ القائد ،وكان اعترافاً بالخطأ واعتذاراً له معنى ومغزى ، وزيارتنا هذه هى بمثابة انتصار لأجدادنا وآبائنا وانتصار لعمر المختار حتى قائد الثورة في هذه الزيارة وضع على صدره صورة عمر المختار عندما أسرته إيطاليا ، وحقيقة هذا فخر لنا وللأمة العربية والإسلامية وكانت رحلة موفقة وبكل المعاني ، ولقد نزلت من على سلم الطائرةعلى مهلي واستقبلنا رئيس الوزراء الايطالي وفي اليوم الثاني ذهبنا لزيارة مجلس الشيوخ والأخ القائد ألقى خطابه هناك ، وكان معنا أبناء المجاهدين وأحفادهم ، و رأينا الإعجاب في عيون الجميع بالبطل عمر المختار وعبروا عن ذلك عندما حرصوا على التصوير معي ومع أبناء المجاهدين ، كما قمنا أيضاً بزيارة مقر مجلس الشيوخ الإيطالي .

 هل هذه هى الزيارة الأولى ؟
 هذه هى الزيارة الثالثة 
 ما الذي كنت تود معرفته في زيارتك هذه ؟
 حقيقة أنا عندما جئت لإيطاليا في اليوم الأخير من الزيارة سألت عن أبناء غريسياني فقيل لي أن لديه ابناً كبيراً في السن ، فطلبت منهم مقابلته فقيل لي انه في مكان بعيد عن المدينة التي كنا فيها ، فتمنيت أن ألتقي به وان أتحدث معه وددت أن أسأله عدة أسئلة وأن أتحدث معه بخصوص والده ، ووددت أن أقول لابن غريسياني إن والدك أمر بشنق والدي دون وجه حق ، وأن والدك أحد القادة الذين عاثوا فساداً في أرضنا وقتل الآلاف من الأبرياء ودمر البيوت وردم الآبار ونصب المشانق ،كنت أريد أن أطلب منه أن يرجع نظارة والدي عمر المختار لأن والده غريسياني هو من أخذها ، وأقول له أنه من وضع الأسلاك الشائكة بيننا وبين مصر وهو من قام ببناء المعتقلات ، بالرغم من أنه صرح انه معجب بعمر المختار ، كنت أود أن أقول له إن انتصاراتنا تختلف عن أي انتصارات أخرى لأنها متجددة وكان آخرها ما قام به قائد الثورة عندما أجبركم على الاعتراف ببشاعة ما ارتكبتموه وتعويض الشعب الليـبي عن الخسائر المادية والمعنوية .
 هل هناك وجه اختلاف بين هذه الزيارة وسابقاتها ؟
 هذه الزيارة لها وقعها الخاص ، فأنا كنت مع الأخ القائد في طيارته الخاصة ، فقد كان يتمهل في مشيته على السلم لأنه يعلم أنني لا أستطيع النزول بسرعة وينتظرنيعلى سلم الطائرة وكان ينظر إليّ وكأني أسمعه يقول لهم جئناكم بعد اعتذاركم وبعد اعترافكم ببشاعة ما ارتكبه آباؤكم وأجدادكم حين حلوا غزاة على أرضنا .
 كيف رأيت خيمة القائد التي نصبت في إيطاليا ؟
 كانت خيمة عظيمة وخيمة شامخة وكل الإيطاليين جاءوها ورأينا الإعجاب في عيونهم بهذه الخيمة والقائد عقد عدة اجتماعات بالليبيين المتواجدين في إيطاليا داخل هذه الخيمة ، وهذه الخيمة هى رمز الشموخ ونحن ذكرنا الطليان بالخيمة التي آوت كثير من المجاهدين وذكرناهم بخيمات المعتقلات وذكرناهم أيضاً بالخيمة التيتفاوضت فيها إيطاليا المفاوضات الأخيرة مع شيخ الشهداء والدي عمر المختار سنة 1929 ف في منطقة اسمها سيدي ارحومة . بالقرب من مدينة المرج ، وخيمة القائد هذه خيمة رائعة وحاجة بديعة . 
عندما نعود بكم إلى الوراء هل تتذكرون شيئاً من ملامح وصفات عمر المختار ؟
 نحن هاجرنا إلى مصر وكان عمري حوالي خمس سنوات والحكومة المصرية لديها فضل كبير على الليبيين واستقبلتنا مصر استقبالاً جيداً ، وعمر المختار رحمه الله تزوج ثلاث نساء برعصيات ثم تزوج امرأتين مسماريتين ثم والدتي وهى من آل الجيلاني ، واللاتي هاجرن معنا إلى مصر ثلاثة من زوجاته واحدة برعصية والأخرى مسمارية إضافة إلى والدتي ، وأيضا هاجر معنا عمي شقيق عمر المختار الحاج محمد المختار وأيضا ابن عمي سالم محمد مختار ، وعمي محمد المختار هو أكبر من والديعمر المختار وكان لديه ابن يدعى مختار استشهد في إحدى المعارك ضد الطليان في المرج ، وايضاً كان له ابن آخر هو عبدالقادر واستشهد ايضاً مع عشرة من المجاهدين من قبل الطليان في منطقة المرصص وابنيه الآخرين هما حمد و سالم وهؤلاء الأربعة جميعهم هم أبناء عمي محمد المختار ، وابن عمي حمد محمد المختار لديه خمسة أبناء أحدهم في طرابلس والآخرين في بنغازي ، وابن عمي سالم محمد المختار لديه ابن واحد كان في الجيش ثم أحيل للتقاعد اسمه مفتاح وهو أيضاً ابن أختي ، أما عمر المختار فكان عنده أربعة أولاد توفاهم الله جميعاً منذ الصغر ولم يتبق منهم سواي ، وكذلك لدي ثلاث أخوات واحدة اسمها عائشة وتوفيت في مطروح والأخريات توفاهما الله في مدينة بنغازي سنة 1990 ف وسنة 1998 ف ، وكان والدي رحمه الله عندما يأتي إلى النجع يكثر من النصائح والتراحم بين الناس ويوصيهم بحب الوطن وعدم التفريط في أي شبر منه ، ويقول للجميع عليكم بالقرآن وعلموه للصغار وحتى عندما هاجرنا إلى مصر أوصى أحد شيوخ الأزهر بتعليمنا القرآن .
 هل هناك حكايات تخص عمر المختار ولازالت عالقة في ذهنك ؟
 نعم عمي محمد المختار رحمه الله حدثنا عن والدي عمر المختار وكيف كان كريماً ويساعد الجميع ليس مع الليبيين فقط ولكن كل مسلم يأتيه قاصداً شيئاً ، كان يسعى لتلبية طلبه ومن ضمن من ساعدهم على مبارك اليمني الذي جاء إلى ليبيا مع الطليان لكنه انظم للمجاهدين مع بعض من رفاقه اليمنيين وكان لا يملك شيئاً من متاع الدنيا لكن والدي ساعده وجعله من ضمن مجاهدينا ووفر له كل ما يريد ، أيضاً من الأشياء التي كان يتصف بها والدي حبه الكبير للقرآن وتعليم الصغار القرآن فهو يعلم أن العلم نور .
 وبعد استشهاد عمر المختار كيف كانت حياتك ؟
 أنا عشت مع عمي ومع أبناء عمي حمد وسالم ، وطفولتي قضيتها في مطروح ومن ثم استدعانا إدريس السنوسي ومكثنا معه في منطقة الحمام في مصر وأنا وضعوني في مدرسة بمنطقة الشاطبي في الإسكندرية ومكثت بها خمس سنوات ، وبعد ذلك كون إدريس السنوسي حلفاً مع بريطانيا واستدعى الليبيين لتشكيل جيشاً وأنا أيضا دخلت هذا الجيش ، واعتقد أن ذلك كان سنة 1939 ف ، ولكن في عهد الثورة أصبح لي راتباً شهرياً ، والأخ القائد أصدر قراراً بترقيتي إلى رتبة عميد وأنا أتقاضى الآن راتب عميد ، كما أنه أمر ببناء هذا القصر الذي أسكن فيه وأنا الحمد لله أعيش في رضا وراحة بال ، وأيضاً من الأشياء الطيبة التي عملها القائد هو انتاجه لفيلم عمر المختار هذا العمل العظيم الذي عرف هذه الأجيال بجهاد عمر المختار ورفاقه الأبطال ، وحتى في إيطاليا نشر وأذيع في بعض القنوات الإيطالية في الآونة الأخيرة .
 الأيام القادمة سيوضع حجر الأساس لمتحف عمر المختار الذي ستقيمه جامعة عمر المختار والذي سيكون أحد أكبر المتاحف في العالم ، ماذا تقول في هذه الخطوة التي ستتيح للجميع التعرف على  إقامة المتحف خطوة ممتازة جداً فأن يكون لعمر المختار متحفاً خاصاً به يجمع كل ما يتعلق بعمر المختار وأن تحتضنه جامعة عمر المختار هذا أيضاً شئ طيب ، وأنا من خلالكم أبارك لهذا المشروع الطيب كما أدعو كل من يوجد لديه شيئاً من مقتنيات عمر المختار أن يحضره للقائمين على هذا المتحف ويتعرف عليه كل زوار ليبيا وكل من يريد أن يتعرف أكثر على عمر المختار ، وهذه دعوة مني لكل من يحب عمر المختار عليه أن يتبرع بما يقتنيه في بيته ويخص عمر المختار من مصاحف أو ملابس أو أشياء خاصة وكذلك مخطوطات أو كتب أو صور له وكذلك للمجاهدين الذين كانوا قريبين منه مثل يوسف بورحيلوالفضيل بوعمر ويوسف الجويفي وعثمان الشامي وعبدالحميد العبار وغيرهم أن يحضرها للقائمين على إقامة هذا المشروع العظيم ، وأدعو الله في هذه الأيام المباركة أن يبارك هذا العمل وأن ييسر خطواته كما أدعو للقائمين عليه وللجامعة وإدارتها بالبركة والرضا ، وأكرر مرة أخرى أوصي أنا محمد عمر المختار كل أحفاد عمر المختار وكل الليبيين الذين لديهم مقتنيات وكتب وصور وأي شئ يخص عمر المختار أن يحضروه للقائمين على متحف عمر المختار الذي ستقيمه الجامعة في مدينة البيضاء .
 ما هى التكريمات التي تحصلت عليها في السابق ؟
 سنة 1952 ف زرت مصر أعطاني محمد نجيب وسام النيل رقم 2 وايضاً عدة ميداليات من اليمن وايضاً وسام من جيش التحرير وايضاً تكريم من مجلس قيادة الثورة.

 هل لديك شيئاً من مقتنيات عمر المختار ؟
 لا يوجد عندي أي شئ من مقتنيات والدي لأن إيطاليا أخذت كل مقتناياته وملابسه وحاجياته الخاصة أخذت ثيابه وجردته وايضاً بندقيته ونظارته ، وحتى غريسانيعندما بدأ في التحقيق معه أخرج له نظارته وقال له هل تعرف هذه فأجابه إنها نظارتي وقعت مني أثناء حربنا معكم في إحدى المعارك ، وقال له ايضاً أنا عندي غيرها فاحتفظ بها غريساني ، ونحن لازلنا نطالب من السلطات الإيطالية في تلك النظارة ، نظارة عمر المختار ، وبالتأكيد المتاحف الإيطالية تحوي أشياءً لعمر المختار ، ومن المقتنيات التي سمعت أنها موجودة في ليبيا فقد ذكر لي أحدهم أن أحد سكان منطقة شحات يحتفظ بمحفظة عمر المختار.

 حدثنا عن أسرتك أنت ؟
 أنا تزوجت عام 1942 ف وتزوجت من إحدى بنات عمي من قبيلة أمنفة آل بريدان وتزوجتها في مطروح وجاءت معي إلى ليبيا ، ثم تزوجت من امرأة أخرى هى ايضاًبنت عمي وهى من مواليد الإسكندرية وهى مازالت موجودة معي الآن أما زوجتي الأولى فتوفاها الله سنة 1985 ف ، وايضاً كان يعيش معي احد أبناء عمومتي وأنا تبنيته منذ أن كان عمره ثلاث سنوات وتوفي رحمه الله وكان اسمه مسعود المختار وعاش معي عمره كله وأنجب أربع أبناء أحدهم معي الآن والآخرون يعيشون فيزاوية عمر المختار فأحدهم ضابط في البحرية والآخر اسمه خير الله وكان معي في زيارتي الأخيرة لإيطاليا وهو حقيقة يرافقني في معظم رحلاتي الخارجية فقد رافقنيإلى ألمانيا وتونس ومصر عدة مرات أما عبدالرحيم فهو موجود معي في البيت وايضاً أخته غالية وهى ممرضة موجودة معي إلى أن تزوجت ، وأنا بيتي مفتوح للجميع وأحاول أن أساعد الناس بما أستطيع .
 عمر المختار ولد في جنزور إحدى قرى البطنان فماذا تعني لك هذه المنطقة ؟
 نعم هذه المنطقة التي شهدت الأيام الأولى لعمر المختار أعتز بها كثيراً وكان أيضاً جدي المختار يعيش في هذه المنطقة ومعه أحد الغراينة وذهب للحجاز لأداء فريضة الحج ومعه زوجته جدتي عائشة  وعندما تعب ومرض هناك وقبل أن ينتقل لوجه الله أوصاه وقال له أوصيك خيراً بأبني محمد وعمر والغراينة قاموا بالواجب تجاه والدي وعمي ، وأنا من حين إلى آخر أقوم بزيارة طبرق أثناء المناسبات الاجتماعية فمنذ أشهر كنت في زيارة لطبرق كما زرت منطقة جنزور ومررت على الكهف الذيولد فيه والدي عمر المختار ووجدت عليه سوراً جديداً وايضاً هناك مبنى آخر يبدو انه استراحة لكنها لم تستكمل بعد ، وأتمنى أن يكون هناك اهتمام أكبر بهذا الكهف المهم .
 بماذا توصي أحفاد عمر المختار ؟
 أوصيهم بالحفاظ بجهاد عمر المختار وبسيرته العطرة وبحماية هذا الوطن وبمكتسبات هذا الوطن وبالاهتمام بالعلوم وبالتعلم وأن يحافظوا على مرافق الدولة ويطوروا أنفسهم حتى يثبتوا للعالم أن أحفاد عمر المختار هم امتداد لعمر المختار .
 هل تحفظ شيئاً من أشعار لعمر المختار ؟
 عمر المختار عمره كله قضاه في الجهاد وأنا أحفظ بعض الأبيات التي كان يرددها للمجاهدين أثناء الجهاد حاثاً إياهم ومشجعاً لهم ومن هذه الكلمات :
أجواد راكبين الخيل على وطنا ما انمايلوا
 ، وأنا معجب جداً بقصيدة أحمد شوقي والتي قالها في رثاء عمر المختار وهى من القصائد الرائعة التي قيلت في عمر المختار .
 نسمع من بعض شركات الإنتاج أنها تفكر في إقامة مسلسل لعمر المختار 
 أنا أيضاً سمعت أكثر من مرة هذا الكلام لكن لم يأت أحد منهم للحديث معي بشكل رسمي بهذا الخصوص ، ومن يريد أن يقوم بهذا العمل عليه أن يأخذ المعلومات من أهله وأقربائه ، وحقيقة الفيلم أبدع فيه العقاد رحمه الله وأيضا الفنان الأمريكيانطونيو كوين ، وأخبرك أن أحد أبناء عمي حمد المختار اسمه مستور موجود في أمريكا الآن وعندما سمع به ابن انطونيو كوين جاءه وتعرف عليه واستقبله استقبالاً طيباً وقال له أبي هو من قام بدور عمك عمر المختار ، وأحب أن أترحم على روح المخرج العقاد الذي توفى من سنوات وأنا ذهبت إلى السفارة السورية وقدمت واجب العزاء لأهله وهناك من يقول أنه اغتيل وإذا تسبب أي أحد في وفاته هو وابنته فالله سبحانه وتعالى حسبه .
 هل هناك تواصل بينك وبين أبناء وأحفاد المجاهدين ؟
 نعم معظمهم يزورونني وأزورهم في الأعياد والمناسبات فمن الذين يزورونني باستمرار بحكم أننا جيران أبناء موسى الفضيل وأبناء عبدالحميد العبار ، وجميعهم سعداء بالزيارة التاريخية لإيطاليا وأيضاً أكدوا عدة مرات أن مواقف القائد تجاههم مواقف عظيمة .
 كلمة أخيرة :
 أشكرك يا ابني عبدالرحمن وأنت من قبيلة مجاهدة قبيلة حبون وأعرفك أن المرأة التي أرضعت والدي عمر المختار منذ ولادته وحتى فطامه هي من قبيلة حبون من منطقة البردي وأنا لا أتذكر اسمها الآن ، وأتمنى لك مستقبلاً طيباً وجعلك الله ذخراً لهذا الوطن.


Here a translation – translated with help of GOOGLE translator;


* I wanted to say to the son of your father Griciana my father is hanged unjustly

* They put me in a school district Shatby in Alexandria and stayed out of five years
* I’m glad this kind invitation, as well as proud of the university that bears the name
My father Mujahid Omar Mukhtar

* I recommend Mohammed Omar Mukhtar Omar Mukhtar all descendants of all Libyans who have Holdings, books and pictures and anything for Omar Al-Mukhtar Ahoudrōh that those in charge of the Museum of Omar Al-Mukhtar University, which will be marked in white

* One of them told me that a population of Cyrene area retains a portfolio of Omar Mukhtar

Interviewed in his house: Abdulrahman safety

Haj Mohammed, son of Sheikh Omar Mukhtar of the martyrs, I’m sober I met him in the selected dialogues former first was in the city of Derna when the Association honored the Mujahideen militant spirit
Hero Joseph Borahil cuneiform, and the second meeting was in his home city of Benghazi when I visited him together with the writer Hussein’s share-Maliki, was interviewed in the month of Ramadan, after the withdrawal of Italian Prime Minister, who bowed before him and before his hand in front of the sight of the world, here I am I have the honor of calling on behalf of the University of Omar Mukhtar and the dean to attend the ceremony graduation this year, when he told me the editor area and chosen by Salem Alhendaoaonni of will carry this card and the official invitation joy was overwhelming, and how not to and I Saekhal my eyes to see the son of Omar Mukhtar in his own house, which lined the pond and full tranquility and purity, and when I entered his house, I felt the generosity of the chosen who gave age and sacrificed his life for the home is connected to his son, who was Ahtfaah me great, and met me with a smile and satisfaction of reminded me of are obviously the former with him and expressed his happiness with published field at that time suggested in the eyes of several questions, all about his recent visit to Italy he started talking about this historic visit, saying:

– Was an apology historically in the presence of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi has been ratified by the Senate and Italian Chamber of Deputies and a blessed step too and the pursuit of good from the Leader, and was in recognition of the error and apologized to him the meaning and significance, and visit us this is a victory for our ancestors and our fathers, and a victory for Omar Al-Mukhtar until the leader of the revolution in This visit put on his chest a picture of Omar Mukhtar, when his family Italy, and the fact that pride for us and the Arab and Islamic nation and was a good trip and all the meanings, and I went down from a ladder plane Mhli and’ve met Italian Prime Minister On the second day we went to visit the Senate and the leader gave a speech there, We had the mujahideen sons and grandchildren, and our admiration in the eyes of everyone hero Omar Mukhtar and when expressed keen on photography with me and the children of the Mujahideen, as we have also visited the headquarters of the Italian Senate.

– Is this the first visit?
– This is the third visit
– What do you know would like to visit you this?
– The fact that I when I came to Italy on the last day of the visit I asked for sons Griciana told me that he had a son, too old, I asked them to meet him and was told to me that in a place far from the city where we were, Vtmanat to meet him and talk with him and I wanted to ask him several questions and talk with him about his father, and Oddt to say to the son of Griciana that your father is hanged my father unlawfully, and that your father one of the leaders who went on a rampage in our land and killing thousands of innocent people and destroyed homes and fill the wells and installation of the gallows, I wanted to ask him to return the glasses and my father Omar Mukhtar because his father Griciana is taken, and I tell him that he put barbed wire between us and Egypt, from the construction of detention camps, although he said he was impressed by the age of the chosen, I would tell him that our victories are different from any victories, the other because it is renewable and, most recently What the Leader of the Revolution when he brutally forced you to recognize what Artkpettmoh the Libyan people and to compensate for the loss of physical and moral integrity.


– Is there a difference between the face of this visit and its predecessors?
– This trip has signed on, I was with the leader in Tiarth own, it has been slow in his walk for peace because he knows I can not get off quickly and waiting for me on the ladder of the plane and was looking at me as if I heard him say to them, brought the following Aatmarkm and after your recognition brutally committed by fathers and grandparents when they stayed at home invaders.
– How do you see a tent set up by the leader in Italy?
– The tent is great and a tent tall and all the Italians reach it and we saw admiration in their eyes to this tent and the leader held several meetings of the Libyans who are in Italy inside this tent and this tent is stepping up and we are reminded Italians tent, which harbored many fighters and reminded them Boukemat detention centers and reminded them also tent that negotiated the Italy, the recent negotiations with the parents of martyrs Sheikh Omar Mukhtar (1929) P in an area called Sir Arhomh. Near the city of Meadow, and the tent this tent a great leader and the need for exquisite.


 When we return you back Do you remember anything of the features and qualities of Omar Mukhtar?
– We emigrated to Egypt and I was about five years and the Egyptian government has a great credit to the Libyans and received us Egypt’s well-received, and Omar Mukhtar Allah’s mercy he married three women Brasaat then married two women Msmaratin then my mother, one of the Al-Jilani, and who have migrated with us to Egypt, three of his wives and one Brasah and other cuneiform Add to my mother, and also emigrated with us my uncle’s brother, Omar Al-Mukhtar Al-Hajj Muhammad Mukhtar and also my cousin Salim Muhammad Mukhtar, and my uncle Mohammed of choice is greater than Aldeamr chosen and he had a son, Mukhtar was killed in a battle against the Italians in the meadow, and also had a son Another is Abdul Qadir He also cited with ten of the Mujahideen by the Italians in the region of leaded and two others are the Hamad and Salim and they all four are the sons of my uncle Mohammad Mukhtar, and my cousin Hamad Mohammed Mukhtar has five children one of them in Tripoli and the other in Benghazi, and my cousin Salim Mohamed Mukhtar has one son was in the army and then referred to the retirement of his key which is also the son of my sister, and Omar Al-Mukhtar was he has four children Tovahm God and from an early age was left of them the others, as well as I have three sisters and one daughter Aisha and died in Matruh and other Tovihama God in the city of Benghazi years 1990 P and 1998 P, and my father was God’s mercy when it comes to Alndja a lot of tips and compassion between people and address them patriotism and not to waste any inch of it, and say to all you Koran and taught to the young and even when they emigrated to Egypt recommended that one of the elders of Al-Azhar taught us the Qur’an.
– Are there any stories related to Omar Al-Mukhtar and still stuck in your mind?
– Yes, my uncle Mohammad Mukhtar may God have mercy on him told us about my father, Omar Mukhtar and how he was generous and help everybody not with the Libyans only, but every Muslim to come to him as meaning something, he sought to meet his request, and among those helped them to Mubarak, Yemeni, who came to Libya with the Italians, but he joined the Mujahideen with some of his fellow Yemeni and he does not have a thing of the pleasures of this world but my parents helped him and made him part of our fighters and gave him everything he wants, also of the things that was characterized by my father’s great love of the Qur’an and teach children the Koran teaches that science is the light.


– After the death of Omar Mukhtar How was your life?
– I lived with my uncle and with my cousins ​​Hamad and Salim, and my childhood I spent in Matruh and then Astdaana Idris al-Sanusi and stayed with him in the bathroom in Egypt, and I put me in a school district Shatby in Alexandria and stayed out of five years, and then the fact that Idris al-Sanusi alliance with Britain, called the Libyan to form an army and I also entered the army, and I think that it was in 1939 P, but in the era of the Revolution has become for me a monthly stipend, and the Leader issued a decree promoted me to the rank of brigadier and I I get now pay Dean, as he ordered the construction of this palace where I live and I thank God I live in the satisfaction and peace of mind, and also of the good things that their leader is the production of the film Omar Mukhtar this great work that he knew of these generations jihad Omar Mukhtar and his heroes, and even in Italy, published and broadcast in some channels of Italy in recent times.


– The coming days will be placed the foundation stone of the Museum of Omar Mukhtar, who will be marked University of Omar Al-Mukhtar, who will be one of the largest museums in the world, what do you say in this step that would give all the recognition – the establishment of the museum is an excellent very the be for the lifetime of the chosen museum of its own brings together everything related to age chosen and embraced by the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar is also something good, and I, through you, bless this project good as I call on all of there has a bit of Holdings Omar Mukhtar to attend to those in charge of the museum and recognized by all visitors to Libya and anyone who wants to know more about Omar Mukhtar, This is a call from me for each of the likes of Omar Mukhtar him to donate what he is keeping in his house, and for Omar al-Mukhtar from books or clothes or special things as well as manuscripts, books or pictures of him as well as for the Mujahideen who were close to him such as Joseph Borahil and holy Buamr and Joseph Jawafa, Othman Al-Shami and Abdul Hameed Alabbar and other to attend to those in charge of setting up such a great project, and I pray to God in these blessed days to bless this work and to facilitate the steps I also call for the owners and for the University and manage the pool and satisfaction, and I repeat again, I recommend I am Mohammed Omar Mukhtar all descendants of Omar Mukhtar and all Libyans who have Holdings, books and pictures and anything for Omar Al-Mukhtar Ahoudrōh that those in charge of the Museum of Omar Al-Mukhtar University, which will be marked in white.
– What are the honors which it obtained in the past?
– P of 1952 I visited Egypt Muhammad Naguib and gave me Sam Nile No. 2, as well as several medals from Yemen and also the Order of the Liberation Army and also the honor of the Revolutionary Command Council.

– Do you have something Holdings Omar Mukhtar?
– I do not have anything for the possessions of my father because Italy took all Mguetnayate and his clothes and belongings of took his clothes and stripped him and also his rifle and his glasses, and even Gressani when he began to investigate him remove his glasses and said to him Do you know this answered it my glasses occurred to me during our fight with you in a battle , and said to him, also I’ve got other Vaanfez by Gressani, and we’re still demand from the Italian authorities in those glasses, glasses Omar Mukhtar, and certainly museums Italian contain things to Omar Al-Mukhtar, and collectibles that I heard they are in Libya has said to me one of them to a population area of ​​Cyrene maintains a portfolio of Omar Mukhtar.

– Tell us about your family are you?
– I got married in 1942, P and married one of the cousins ​​of the tribe Omnfah Al Bredan and marry her in Matruh and came with me to Libya, then married to another woman is also a girl my uncle who was born Alexandria, which is still present with me now but my first wife Vetovaha God in 1985 P , and also had been living with me one of my cousins ​​and I Tbenith since the age of three years and he died Allah’s mercy and was named Massoud chosen and lived with me all his life and fathered four sons one of them with me now and the others living in the corner of Omar Mukhtar Someone officer in the Navy and the other named good God was with me in my recent visit to Italy, a fact that follows me in most of my travels State has accompanied me to Germany, Tunisia and Egypt several times while Abdul Rahim is present with me at home and also his sister’s expensive, a nurse found me to be married, and I my house is open to everyone and try to help people as I can.
– Omar Mukhtar was born in a village in Janzour Batnan what do you mean this area?


– Yes, this area which witnessed the early days of Omar Mukhtar I cherish it very much and was also a serious choice live in this region, along with a Algraana and went to the Hijaz to perform Hajj along with his wife, “my grandmother Aisha” and when fatigue and disease there before moving to the face of God had commanded him and told him, I advise you to better my son Mohammed, Omar and Algraana have duty to my father and my uncle, and I am from time to time I visit Tobruk during social events since the months I was in a visit to Tobruk, I also visited the area Janzour and passed to the cave where he was born my father Omar Mukhtar and found it the new wall and also there is another building seems to break but has not yet been completed, and I hope that there will be greater attention to this important cave.


– What do you recommend to the descendants of Omar Mukhtar?
– I recommend maintaining jihad biography of Omar Mukhtar and fragrant and the protection of this country and the achievements of this nation and the attention to science and learning and to maintain state facilities, and develop themselves to prove to the world that they are descendants of Omar Mukhtar extension of Omar Mukhtar.


– Can you save anything from the poems of Omar Mukhtar?

– Omar Mukhtar spent all his life in jihad and I memorized some verses which were repeated by the mujahideen during the jihad urging them and encouraging them and these words:
Ajwad horse riding and what Anmayloa tons, and I am very impressed with Ahmed Shawki poem and in the lament uttered by Omar Al-Mukhtar, one of the wonderful poems that have been said at the age of the chosen.


– Hear from some of the production companies they are considering a series of Omar Mukhtar
– I also heard more than once this talk but did not come one of them to talk with me formally in this regard, and he wants to do this job he has to take the information from his family and relatives, and the fact that the film created a Akkad, Allah’s mercy and also the artist Alomrakiantonio Quinn, and tell you that a my cousins ​​Hamad chosen his name hidden is in America now and when he heard him the Son of Antonio Quinn came to him and know him and he was received well received and said, My father is from the role of uncle Omar Mukhtar, and I love that relentless spirit of director Akkad, who died of years and I went to the Syrian Embassy and presented condolences to his family and there are those who say that he was murdered and if any one cause in his death and his daughter is God Almighty by.

– Is there continues between you and the sons and grandsons of the mujahideen?
– Yes, most of them visiting me and visit them on holidays and events, who is visiting me constantly that we are neighbors by virtue of the holy sons of Moses and the sons of Abdul Hamid Alabbar, all of whom are happy historic visit to Italy and also stressed several times that the attitudes towards them the positions of a great leader.
– A final word:
– Thank you, my son, Abdul Rahman and you are of the tribe striving tribe Ahbun and know you that women who breastfed my father Omar al-Mukhtar from birth until weaning is one of the tribe Ahbun of the papyrus and I do not remember her name now, and I wish you a future and good, and God made you an asset to this country.

source: http://aljamahiria.algaddafi.org/aljamahiria—dialogue-with-the-son-of-omar-al-mukhtar-after-his-return-from-rome

How Amnesty International and the NATO Cover Up of War Crimes in Libya March 2012


How Amnesty International and the NATO Cover Up of War Crimes in Libya March 2012

By Christof Lehmann — nsnbc. Yesterday, on 19 March 2012, Amnesty International was calling on NATO to “investigate the killing of dozens of civilians during it`s air campaign last year and to provide reparations to the people affected”. Amnesty further stated that “adequate investigations must be carried out and full reparation provided to the victims and their families”. NATO rebutted Amnesty International`s call for an investigation and compensation for the “dozens” of civilians, and in doing so, NATO has entered an elegant propaganda dance macabre. A propaganda dance macabre, designed to dominate and more importantly direct the public and political discourse away from the true dimensions and proportions of the war crimes that were committed under NATO command as well as command responsibility.

The “human rights organization” that is branding itself as “watchdog” is obviously attempting to make even well intended humanitarian minded members of the worlds public belief, that NATO`s Operation Unified Protector, authorized by UNSC Resolution 1973 has resulted in 55 documented cases of named civilians, including 16 children and 14 women that were killed in air strikes in the capital Tripoli and the towns of Zliten, Majer, Sirte, and Brega. The amnesty narrative must make the heart of every NATO propaganda expert jump faster. Possibly, Amnesty is positioning itself for a Nobel Peace Price, where it would be in perfect company with Barak Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger and other humanitarian avatars. After all, Amnesty International USA has Suzanne Nossel at the helm. A Hilary Clinton aide for International Organizations Affairs.

Reality Amnesty-Style is depended on the all important methodology. With the correct methodology it is possible to reduce a genocide to 55 documented cases …

Read More at: http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/amnesty-and-the-nato-cover-up-of-war-cr…

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