LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (11 to 14.06.2012)

 The Libyan people who are decent and patriotic to cast hell for the gangs of mercenaries and traitors of the NTC – NATO are eliminated daily as Gaddafi predicted this would be a long war ……….

Sebha:  At least 4 of the NTC-NATO mercenaries were killed and 18 others were injured last night in the Libyan city of Sebha, 660 kilometers south of Tripoli, it is believed that the NTC-NATO mercenaries tried to make a military incursion and were harshly rejected.

The mercenaries and traitors of the NATO-NTC-Al Qaeda =>( It’s Parent’s are CIA + MOSSAD) have developed a plan to protect all criminals with helicopter gunships, missiles grandd, these gangs enemies depart from ports in Libya now terrorizing civilians in mlft, Kuffra Gadhames and operate with impunity, 813 civilians killed in the last two weeks of intense fighting in the Kufra and Sebha areas …..

Libyan civilians VICTIMS of insanity and hypocrisy of the NTC-NATO

Yesterday, at least 8 people were killed and 14 wounded in clashes in the cities of Awames, Mezda and Shaquica, 190 kilometers southwest of Tripoli, between gunmen and mercenary forces of the NTC-NATO, as a medical source.

– Tobruk: the Tribe withdrew its recognition from the mafia group that makes Transitional Council and requests that the offender is sentenced Mustafa Abdul Jalil and executed for the murder of General Yunes traitor.

– Kufra: a plane of the NATO-NTC Kufra came to transport the wounded mercenaries were attacked by militia fighters Tobus. He was about to be shot down by bullets.

The bands of mercenaries and traitors of the NTC-NATO Kufra are demoralized begin to resent the time of the Libyan leader. They begin to recognize that in the NTC-NATO all corrupt agents of imperialism …

The balance of the last 3 days of fighting is of 82 dead and 60 wounded and 51 prisoners in the camp of mercenaries and traitors “rebels” …

 – Ajdabiya: explosion store for supplying heavy weapons to the gangs of NTC-NATO in the area …

 – Mizdah: the beasts “rebels” have brought down the towers of electricity and communication antennas, conditions in the city of Mizdah is totally cut off fears that the mercenaries are massacring civilians.

– Benghazi: A British Ambassador’s convoy was attacked by a projectile, bad luck came apparently unharmed invading his two bodyguards were killed.

Now a huge explosion shook the city of Benghazi in the area of Quiché and the voices of ambulances and fire heard around Benghazi.

Miftah Arfi, former commander of the police in Benghazi, was killed after a bomb attack. His car exploded after driving for a few minutes after leaving a mosque. He was seriously wounded and died in hospital in Benghazi.

– Zenten: Green Resistance fighters Mchachiya destroyed two rocket launchers Graduates. They killed eight mercenaries “rebels” of Zenten. The Resistance fighters move to the area Touama. Even continuous heavy bombing of NATO aircraft on the civilian population …..

In the television channel of the NTC, The President Zenten military said fighting in the city of Chakika has not involved his “rebels” Zenten.

– Derna: Green Resistance fighters attacked  Mchachiya rebels in the city of Darna, managed to destroy a tank.

– Misurata: Unidentified gunmen attacked ¨ office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the western city of Misurata Libya.

Also in Misurata a civilian who was tortured and humiliated by the beasts of the NTC-NATO and then was released by the Resistance entered  the port of Misurata where mercenaries were distributing supplies and materials sent from abroad was able to eliminate about 33 rats “rebels” and injured a few more …., after an intense firefight was martyred.

– June 11th was the anniversary of the expulsion of the base by U.S. forces of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya.  A historic cast for eternity …

– Amnesty International reported today that Italy and the bandits of the NTC-NATO signed secret agreement  in April to limit illegal immigrants flow.

– Bandits NTC-NATO canceled its Law No. 37, which sought to punish Libyans for the glorification of a martyr Muammar Al Gaddafi, the law was designed to disguise the atrocities being committed by the terrorists of NTC-NATO

 – Zintan : Brigade 14, which was assigned to protect the borders of Algeria and Libya, seized government vehicles number in Tripoli on Monday. These include cars belonging to the protocol department and police vehicles. The Zintanis say they have made due to the inability of government to solve their economic benefits.

An Interior Ministry source, the total number of cars held by the brigade at 33. He said there were ongoing negotiations between brigade members, government officials and the military to facilitate the return of vehicles.

Being carried out in the quarterfinals of the brigade of Tripoli, near the airport road. It was reported that were captured after the group left the border area between Algeria and Libya, and went to Tripoli to demand their money. First went to the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, then the Prime Minister’s Office. Not receiving what they consider a satisfactory response to their demands, they decided to take the law into their own hands.

– Tripoli: Abu Zaid Omar Dorda , head of external intelligence Gaddafi recently underwent more humiliation this week.

Kidnapped and tortured by bandits NTC-NATO last September, faces six alleged offenses: conspiracy to kill, armed people to kill civilians, civil war planning, denying people their freedom to protest, illegal and abuse of authority and mismanagement of public funds.

With high spirits and challenging, the Dorda firmly denied saying “that the defendants should provide evidence that their lies testify in court.”

His lawyers, all Jadu – Salim Said Malhouf, Daw Mansouri and Ali Aoun Amr Salem – asked the court for an adjournment to allow more time to prepare his defense. The judge ruled in favor, agreeing to meet again on June 26, 2012.

The hearing, held at the former Military School of Tripoli, which has been reconfigured as a courtroom to try former regime figures, attended by many relatives of the defendants, including his children, his brother Abdullah and some of his cousins. Several civil society and human rights organizations were also present as a large number of journalists subservient to the international bourgeois press, Dorda came into court with the help of two canes, is to remember that he broke his legs when he was released by the windows of a second floor when he was tortured by the mercenaries of the NTC-NATO.

Before becoming one of Qaddafi’s intelligence chief, Dorda served as Secretary General People’s Committee (prime minister) between October 1990 and January 1994 and then later as Ambassador of Libya to the United Nations, 1997-2003 . Between 2004 and 2006, was minister in charge of the railway project, then Minister of Housing until 2009.

LIBYA AND DESTROYED BY SPLIT bestiality of imperialism

source:  Mohamar Al Gaddafi

English: Flag of the Khadaffi's resistance in ...

English: Flag of the Khadaffi’s resistance in Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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