Libya – Libya News from the Occupied (June 5, 2012)

Libya News from the Occupied


Libya - Libya News from Occupied (June 5, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, Egypt, in Cairo, Egyptian Libyans and supporters have  a set-in outside the UN headquarters to show their support for the people of Libya and the Jamahiriya Libyans jailed in Libya (see photo).


Tunisia plans to place a fence on its borders with Libya precisely the side of the border crossing Raes Jdire to prevent the violations of borders by the rebels.

In Benghazi, the death of Marwan Faydi, one of the police commanders of NTC after a stray bullet (version NTC). He was with an official delegation on the road to Benghazi, arriving at a checkpoint Kouarcha. He was shot.

A tribute to the Green Strength

English: Flag of the Khadaffi's resistance in ...

English: Flag of the Khadaffi’s resistance in Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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