LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (07/05/2012)

The curse of Qaddafi of Libya against the perpetrators goes around the world ….

The Green Army Libya is continuing its task of cleaning every day giving hard blows by using the tactics of attack by guerrilla warfare and retreat. Only in the last four weeks they have seized weapons stores in 19 from the beasts “rebels” of the NTC-NATO in the East and West, the Green Resistance has achieved eliminating 1371 terrorist of NTC-NATO. Was destroyed by the militants in the column, and Nalute Adzhabii Sabha, 263 mercenaries captured of western intelligence agencies. Including the rebels in accordance to the Green intelligence it seems that the “rebels” are losing interest in the media adopted in earlier version. Their objective now is to rob the banks, the sale of weapons and the withdrawal of Libya. Recent evidence suggests that battles the enemy forces from bandits “rebels” are very weak, most of themdreams of escaping back to Europe, Asia, etc.

Green Army in the desert. Video shot in late April

– Sirte:  The Green Strength, calls upon the remaining fighters loyal to the Jamahiriya and Libya in the city of Sirte, to be ready tonight, because the terrorists “rebels” are going to  attack the city to trap all the faithful.

The Sirte population who’s faithful to the Jamahiriya marched against the NTC-NATO upon learning that a criminal Sarkozy was expelled from French Presidency

– Tripoli, four loud explosions rocked the area and Siyahiya Janzour and fighting with small arms in the region ghot Chael.

– Mustafa Abdeljalil is not dead, (***I spoke with the devil yesterday and I asked him why will he not take Abdeljalil? His answer was “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE WILL DESTROY ME! HE WILL GET NATO , A NO FLY ZONE ETC, NO! NO! HIS BETTER ON EARTH THAN HERE YOU KEEP HIM!!! FOR EVER!!! )for now  even hell does not want him, his betrayal and cowardice surpasses all evil, just had surgery for a hernia.

– Dr. Yusuf Shakir talks about Libya and Muammar and curse and fall of Sarkozy’s war criminal

– Declaration of the commanders of the resistance

Important statement issued by the senior leadership of the Libyan resistance 03/05/2012


Green March in support and solidarity to the legitimacy of the Green Libya


– In the heart of millions of true revolutionaries around the world, imposing and noble lives Muammar al-Gaddafi.


– The people of Libya must endure until victory is achieved, is a strong and consistent message ….

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi


Animated flag of Libya.

Animated flag of Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  1. alfatha69 the qatari scum has warehouses in Misrata + Benghazi

    perhaps our brave resistance can “clean it up” before the goons are sent to hell.

    The Lutfallah II Caper… Another Watergate Unfolding?

    Eyewitness, Hassan Diab, is a Libyan researcher who has been working with a group of American and International lawyers preparing a case against NATO to be filed with the International Criminal Court.

    “Hassan and three of his friends actually saw the ship Lutfallah II being loaded in Benghazi, Libya. Hassan claims that it is well known at the docks that Qatar and Saudi Arabia control a total of five warehouses in the area of Benghazi & Misrata and supplied the weapons and money to hire the Lutfallah II container vessel.

    Also rememberour Libyan young lady drugged by the mafia zionist hag. let us Get an identity sketch to the courts

    Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Hears Testimony of Two Victims

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