Libya: Last Report from the Jamahiriya (01/05/2012): 1 of May and Gaddafi a Worker of the Truth in Defense of the Exploited and Marginalized…

International workers day: Muammar Qaddafi about democracy in the Industry

“Today we celebrate the first of may, international workers day, but the actual days of the workers is one in which all of the world’s workers are freed from slavery and when they become partners rather than employees…”

This should be the international day of the workers of liberation around the world that deserves the real party.

Which meaning has this celebration of workers around the world have so much time in any part of the world in which succumbed in the servitude of pay that controls their lives and their freedom? Is there any freedom of the person living enslaved on the other? Do there is some meaning to the life of a person when all their material and necessary needs, your daily or monthly income and the lives of their children are possessed by another person?

The freedom of one is not complete until it is completely emancipated from all forms of pressure and oppression from any source are practiced.Is, when one is in full control of all your needs,  you can never be free if any of your needs is owned by others.

The true revolution removes all forms of exploitation behind the society of exploitation including Libyan society far. The foundations of exploitation that deny the Libya of their liberty must be destroyed.

Brothers, the revolution is not a blow to military, or the taking of seats of a group to deliver them to another, but the revolution exposed the foundations of oppression in society and destroys them. Attacks the strengths of exploitation and is able to destroy them. This the revolution.

Exposes the abolition of relations in the field of production, as well as the unfair relationships between people and destroys these relations revolution. This is what the revolution is about.

Any movement for change that does not go beyond taking away some of the seats [of power] or the exchange of slogans and leaves the roots of exploitation in a society without changes, then is a fascist coup d ‘ état, a movement with a limited purpose and there is no historical impact in the life of man.

In each place, the man seeks freedom and willing to die to achieve this. He has been fighting throughout history to live happy, because for the man to be happy it has to be free. He must emancipate those who enslave it in order to be free in his life, in what you eat, what you saw and at home.This is the free man who must live with happiness.

Around the world, there are reformers and superficial attempts to satisfy the workers by allowing them to participate in the management or take any of the actions of benefit or increasing the minimum wage rate.These attempts are illusory and it confined itself to point to mislead workers.

Workers as participants in the management

Aware person does not accept these forgeries, these reformers attempts may not be but a failure.The worker should not participate in the management, should be administrator. So workers from their positions of production should be take charge of management.

If the best position for the workers in the world is now participate management… then first let’s define who is the Manager. He is that it exploits workers and exploited by allowing them to participate in the management. So they should be real productivity for workers should be free.

They are the majority in the world. Must therefore enjoy freedom and happiness. Who said that the workers should live under exploitation all the time? They should be managers, without other partners. False regimens seeking escalation trying to give workers a part of profit, but from where come these benefits?Workers should have the full profit share right, because it is the result of his hard work in the production process.

The production centres to give away any form of social benefits to workers, directly or indirectly, aims to make you to forget your full benefits to those who have every right to.

The worker is the producer and the principle of law is that which produces is that consumes its production… but workers producing and other persons who exploit consume its production, while trying to give workers part of the share of profit and the leftovers.

If workers fail to all the centres of production, and consume their own production, which will continue to be exploited.

The present call for the release of workers comes from Libya, the first  Jamahiriya  in the world.This would be a day of true liberation, brothers, when thousands of people in Libya becomes in  partners rather than salaried workers . This would be the actual day of celebration of the historic workday.

No delegation of Defense of liberty

Resolutions of the Conference of persons for the purpose of raising the minimum wage will be undertaken. In spite of the conferences of persons  been resolved according to the reality and, despite the implementing measures taken by the of the General People’s Committee and other committees, hereby tell that not rejoice about the increase in the minimum wage, or be satisfied with it or with the exchange of benefits or participate in management; but the revolution should be carried out and its progress must continue until workers assume full management of all the institutes in which they work.

The benefits acquired through a resolution or a law is considered as a favor to others that you are given. A free man can not live in one for another, because it will be lower.
However, the benefits to completely owned by the management who are working orobtaining their full participation in production, these can only be achieved by the popularrevolution, not a resolution or legislation as both are subject to change or cancellation by the same body that has established, or a new body which replaces the old.

In Arab countries that used to be progressive in a day or any other country in the world, the workers lost all the benefits gained in the management and the benefit of a law or resolution revolutionary, when the revolutionary government had terminated or replaced. No one can achieve freedom on behalf of another person. One must fight for their own freedom they can also die. 

Therefore all the benefits I just mentioned has to be in a movement of workers and by the popular revolution . However, this movement of the revolution must be fully aware and well organized , because otherwise it would be anarchic. In an anarchism loses his freedom, or allow others to deprive him of his liberty.

The movement of society is the movement of the Libyan people towards historic goals that laying down the foundations of  a new civilization  .

The revolution should be launched from frameworks of practices and policies in order to achieve their goals. The movement of people, as workers, forces must also be well organized to get their own rights who have been longing for reach. Is time of the oppressed and exploited to be released and have their rights through a popular revolution.

The destruction of the oppressive bases, that man is released

Who  has condemned to backwardness and poverty? Who condemned to be a lower class and others to be a upper class? Who decided that they have their needs? Of course,  not of God… God is fair. Can never condemn any of these miseries. Is the society of oppression and exploitation, the foundations of what would be revealed by the revolution that the man may be free. Now is the time so that you can consciously prepared and well organized so that their full participation of the production that you, yourself produces.

These new slogans are established before thinking now This call to freedom, the freedom of workers must be very strong in the Jamahiriya, so that workers around the world can hear it. When the historic mission of the revolution is successful, to take the initiative of get their full rights , then of all oppressed workers will do the same and take up their positions in the management of the production.

Then all poor and oppressed workers in the Arab nation is free. When the human being is Arab, Arab workers are released, which will be the owner of the country… Also constitute a force that is able to meet the enemy and defeat him, once they come to be free and have achievements to defend.

Therefore, as of today the working day will have a different meaning. When workers receive their portion, they consume what they produce, and manage all stages of the production process, then they can celebrate their day.

Workers of the  Jamahiriya Libya  must comply with this objective by Libya can reach their self-sufficiency and the brake of the languages that extend the rumors and contra-propaganda against the Libyan workers of impeding the process of  the achievements of oneself . You must not leave a space in his revolution or give an excuse to the  enemies of workers  .

I am sure never given the opportunity if it starts  the Organization of yourself , from today, in the presentation of a shining example for the oppressed workers in the Arab world. Then the exploitation forces, reactionaries and imperialist and enemies of workers in the Arab world will realize the unique experience of Libya.

I have submitted what I have said before, so assume responsibility. I can assure you that my duty and the duty of my colleagues that have led to the revolution are just to participate with the people to liberate themselves and live a happy life “. “ – Muammar Qaddafi  .

On 1 September 1978, in response to the appeals of the revolutionary, address all Libya workers took factories and production sites the Elimination of the Government bureaucracy and the private, exploitationist administration and establish popular administrations . Libyan workers thus ended the age of slavery and turned in partners of production rather than employees  .

On September 1, 1978, the struggle of the workers of the world was crowned by an achievement world that has been the product of the struggle of the oppressed. This achievement is the real challenge to the forces of exploitation, and represents the end of all those who practice the cruelty and persecution from the middle ages to undermine the efforts of workers around the world.

On May 1, 1982, Colonel Qaddafi called historic on workers around the world. Libyan leader urged workers at the international level to intensify their fight. He stated:

“On this day we call upon workers in the world are suffering of deceit, exploitation, oppression and slavery, to rebel against cruel social relations to the seize factories and production units to control rights to the production and form its “ popular assemblies and committees . (” Not be no democracy without people’s congresses… Committees of all parties ! (‘) The outbreak of the revolution of the workers must sweep the world, the destruction of the forces of exploitation and oppression and raising the flag of the maxim “not salaried partners in the production “, guided by the second chapter of the Green Paper  “.

** Partners and not employees. 
** Solidarity with the workers of Libya 
** that break the system with the third universal theory  .
Refer to the age of the masses .


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Animated flag of Libya.

Animated flag of Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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