Chronicle of the attack on Libya: As imperialism DO NOT care about the welfare of the Libyans they are interested in the oil and the plundering of its natural reserves, cultural and financial. The UN holds a silent complicity! ….

Chronicle of the attack on Libya: As imperialism DO NOT care about the welfare of the Libyans they are interested in the oil and the plundering of its natural reserves, cultural and financial. The UN holds a silent complicity! ….

Libya: So it was oil

after all!

It is evident that the invasion of Libya was all about oil as the oil companies of France and Italian companies struggle with the British and U.S. companies in the spoils of war. 

RT  – Last year NATO bombed Libya, demanding “democracy” in the country. But it is now clear that it was all about oil and not like the Americans and British are going to be democratic about it, and share the spoils equally with France and Italy. 

So … Oil giant Total of France and ENI of Italy is only going to have to wait on the sidelines while the boys hungry for great Americans and Britons take their juicy slices of oil in the first place … Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, BP, Shell … 

It’s no surprise then to read in The Wall Street Journal that the U.S.Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), along with the puppets of Libya “authorities” are launching “investigations” in both companies “financial irregularities” in their shady dealings during the forty-two years in power of Gaddafi. Now who would have imagined this! An Italian oil company involved in bribes? Corruption in high places of the French oil industry? Tsk, tsk! Never seen before …! The U.S. and the United Kingdom would never do that! Ask Enron, Halliburton ask, ask BP …

Clearly, the big oil companies will now be judged by how close or how far they were from that of Gaddafi, and the amount of their respective countries contributed to the war effort last year. Perhaps even in how much and how far and wide who shared his great ill-gotten gains. It seems that now must be completed scorecards … 

It is worth remembering that at the height of the struggle against Libya last year, the “rebels” found the time between his “freedom” to fight the changes, the creation of a new national oil company. As reported by Bloomberg on March 22, 2011, “The National Transitional Council issued a statement announcing the decision at a meeting of 19 March to establish the” Oil Company of Libya, as controlling authority on the production of Oil and policies in the country, with temporary headquarters in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim CEO “of the company.” 

And just like big oil and big finance always dance together, this report then went on to explain that “The Council also said that” designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a Governor Central Bank of Libya, with temporary headquarters in Benghazi. “ 

Like Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, or Abelard and Heloise, oil and money are probably the most universal and paradigmatic duo West. Their love story has been going strong for many decades. 

Oil is a powerful global business powerful. Oil companies can make or break governments and countries.The nationalization of foreign oil company as Iran did in the early fifties can be put to the CIA and MI6 intelligence agencies in the team complete overthrow democratically elected governments and replacing it with “The leaders of the most suitable. 

The oil trade in a currency other than U.S. dollar Saddam Hussein as he dared in November 2002 can be achieved that invaded a few months later. Pointing fingers, even illegal adventures Argentina weak British oil in the Falkland Islands led to the Royal Navy destroyers and sending nuclear submarines in the region super … 

Libya is the world’s ninth largest oil producer and has the largest oil reserves in Africa. Gaddafi intended to introduce a new currency for the Libyan oil and regional levels: the gold dinar which, unlike the U.S. dollar, would have an intrinsic value real.   The Central Bank of Gaddafi, in turn, was completely independent of the global financial crisis of usury-based system currently in the global free fall. Gaddafi was using oil revenues to his own people and not for the U.S. / UK / EU / Israeli war efforts in the Middle East and beyond. 

So, when the Persian Gulf became very, very hot today, the world oil cartel, along with bankers random mega-billions and billions of petro-dollars around the world, had to ensure that their governments would put its army on high alert, as the oil giants scrambled for new sources … 

The focus is increasingly on oil fields that lie in “nicer” parts of the world: the Falkland Islands, off the Brazilian coast, and Libya, which is right in the middle of that easy to attack “is our -bloody-Mediterranean-Sea “North African coast. 

Last year the destruction of Libya was simply a reflection of this type of complex behind the scenes engineering of all key oil, financial, military, media and political actors. It’s the kind of real-time news that rarely appears in the newspapers … just because it’s the Real News! 

For most of last year to the public performance of Muammar Qaddafi by agents of power in the western interior of Libya, ie mercenaries, criminals, thugs and CIA/MI6/Mossad agents, also known as “freedom fighters “– the Western media over and over again how bad Gaddafi was suddenly in the night, how the poor Libyans were clamoring for “democracy” and how the heroic freedom fighters of Libya”, based on, armed trained and financed in Benghazi were fighting to “liberate” Clintonite Libya and impose “democracy” and “human rights.” Actually, these “freedom fighters” exceeded its track, now that Libya is finally “free”, which are asking for the eastern Cyrenaica to separate from the rest of the country. 

It was part of the plan of the civil war in the West in Libya? Last year, after securing the full UN backing through Resolution No. 1973 which allows NATO air strikes to devastate the country and impose the most violent regime change seen in recent times, the NATO-backed by bullies have plunged the country into chaos. 

As the “business of Libya News” says the publication on Tuesday, “About 3,000 people gathered in Benghazi last month to announce that the club (Cyrenaica) was an autonomous region within the federal state. Barca is in the center of the oil industry in Libya, with two thirds of production and three-quarters of the reserves in this country. “It’s one of the three historical regions that divide the country. And while Barca has the most oil, the other two is home to two thirds of the population. So the question now is how the income of rich rich oil reserves will be “democratically” distributed among the population. 

Adrian Salbuchi for RT 


Salbuchi Adrian is a political analyst, writer, speaker and commentator on radio / TV in

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